Vince McMahon and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

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    From the moment Vince McMahon wakes up things just do not go his way. As he gets up, he is attacked by a wild echidna that was put into his bed.

    When he gets out of bed, he slips on his own vomit and bangs his head on the toilet while the water was flushing.

    At breakfast, his daughter, Stephanie, reaches into her cereal box and finds a loaded handgun, while he ends up with just cereal and a bullet wound.

    In the limousine on the way to work, he doesn't get a prostitute.

    His best friend, Jean Levesque, doesn't like his new booty dance(which is actually just the can-can), criticizes him for talking too loud, and eating all the pizza.

    His other friend, Leati Anoa'i, deserts him for his third best friend, Adam Scherr, and there is no dessert in his lunchbag.

    The doctor tells him he has herpes(and thus Vince isn't the only one who has herpes) and he has to come back next week so it can be fixed.

    The elevator door closes on his face.

    Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado pushes him into a mud pit.

    When Michael Cole says he is a crybaby, he punches Michael Cole in response, and Kevin Dunn punishes him for being muddy and for trying to punch Michael Cole.

    At the bong store, they're out of Vince's choice of bongs (blue ones with red stripes), so he has to buy a plain white one, which he refuses to use.

    At his daughter's office, he makes a mess of things when he fools around with everything there (the copying machine, the books, and the telephone), getting to the point where his daughter tells the other wrestlers not to let him into her office anymore.

    After the show, Titus O'Neil grabs him in an unkind manner and hits his chest against Vince's.

    At home, they have lima beans for dinner (which he hates); there is AJ Styles on TV (which he also hates).

    Bath time becomes a nightmare (the water being too hot, getting soap in his eyes, and his marble going down the drain).

    He has to wear his Razor Ramon pajamas (which he also hates).

    At bedtime, his Bray Wyatt night light burns out and shouts "RUN!"

    He bites his tongue.

    Linda takes back a pillow she said he could keep.

    The cat chooses to sleep with Linda.
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    You still drink, huh? :suspic:

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