Victimhood is the new privilege?

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    So, this has been bothering me for some time. Now before I get into the small rant I have, here's what's been grinding my gears.
    About a week ago, this happened


    Let me translate this for you. The boy shooting this video points out that the CCD joint they visited had cockroaches in their food which they were trying to cover with menu cards. When the focus went to the female employee who herself was shooting something, she slapped the boy saying, "Why are you taking my picture?" Well of course in this day and age, these kinds of videos have to go viral, so did this video. As soon as the video came out, CCD decided to close shop there and shift to a different place, citing this being a temporary arrangement for tourists. The woman in question was also taken off duty, but not actually suspended as she complained that the customers who filmed the video were being abusive. After a couple of days, the woman pressed charges against this boy for sexual harassment and invasion of privacy. As of now, the case is under investigation.

    According to the boy, he went to the cafe with his friend and ordered coffee. after ordering his drink he noticed that the refrigerator in that outlet, which contained all the food items, had cockroaches and other bugs in it. After bringing it to the notice of the employees, he cancelled his order and got his refund. He claims that instead of taking corrective steps, the employees continued to serve other customers from the same contaminated fridge. They allegedly placed menu cards over the part of the fridge to hide the cockroach infestation.

    This led to him telling other customers about the infestation. This apparently made the CCD employees get angry, who then asked him to leave the store. As claimed by him, the employees even hurled abuses and one started to record a video from her mobile phone. This spurred him to start his own recording of it and when he records it, the above incident happened.

    However, the woman has an entirely different account. According to one of the activists, she and CCD pressed charges to strong arm the boy so that the video doesn't go viral. In fact, CCD thus far hasn't taken any action against the employee and just took her off duty, and not suspension.

    Now, you might be compelled to categorize this as an isolated case, but this is an increase in such cases in India where woman cries foul just to get out of a sticky situation and sticks the man into a baseless case. The rape laws here are overwhelmingly in favor of women and doesn't even acknowledge male rapes in its verbatim. And this brings me a to a much larger issue.

    These kinds of cases have diluted the meaning of rape in general. When everything you do is deemed as inappropriate and offensive, and you can prosecuted for basically anything, and everything can be categorized as rape. Which brings me to another issue of modern day feminism.

    Before I get into it, I want to make this clear that I'm all for gender equality. In fact, in a country like India, where female infanticide is still a major issue and the rural women are still struggling against societal norms, upliftment of these women is very much required. However, modern day feminism doesn't even focus on these subjects. They are more interested in redefining rape and whine about rape culture, and shut anyone with an opposing view. While real activists are still struggling draw everyone's attention to these very grave and real issues, modern day feminism is more into bending laws to suit a specific gender than making them equal across the board. One example is that in India, rape charges cannot be pressed against women. In fact, it doesn't even recognize if male rapes. And then there is censorship on anything and everything. These feminists want privileges and want to paint every woman as a victim instead of individuals who are capable of rational thought.

    Western society isn't fairing any better where these modern day feminists shift goalposts as soon as someone doesn't agree with them or presents data against their set ideology. This victimhood, if anything, is detrimental to women who actually need help. These rich and extremely privileged feminists are more worried about trivial matters like video games and representation than actual issues. They love playing victims and want everything served on a platter. They want to automatically believe any rape accusation and 'innocent until proven guilty' is thrown out the window.

    Is victimhood the new privilege in modern urban society where you can play victim and get whatever you want? Whatever happened to equality
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    Unfortunately, victimhood is the new privilege.

    It's a damn shame that we live in a society now where we literally have to walk on egg shells around people. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't get online and see someone be offended or victimized by someone or something else. Funny story; I was on YouTube the other day watching an old clip from Eddie Murphey Raw (Stand up comedy concert film) and in this clip he was talking about gay men. The clip was funny as hell. Scroll down to the comments and all I seen was people saying, "If you laughed at this then you're a homophobe. I'm gay and this is offensive. Eddie Murphey is a homophobe". All I could think was, "You've got to be kidding me. It's gotten to the point to where now people can't watch old videos and movies from the 80's without being offended"? The sad thing is, is that they can't.

    I hate the society that we live in now. Where it's easier to get labeled as a racist, homophobe, sexist, etc then it is to have a normal conversation.
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    People can't even differentiate between an argument and a healthy discussion. People often assume discussions as arguments.

    Now onto the OP. Sadly, victim hood has been a privilege since pretty long time especially in India. And it's damn shameful.

    The thing is that an innocent male has more chances of getting punished by the law than an actual criminal. Like take any rape case. You won't get the actual criminal punished until there's a lot of hype about it in media. Police doesn't care unless they are made to care. Mostly, police doesn't but there're still honest policemen here.

    The fact is that a female can get you jailed easily when you haven't done anything wrong. But when a female actually suffers from something cheap like rape, the criminals are saved as much as possible by the system itself, thanks to their relationship with higher-ups. So, innocents get jailed easily while it's the opposite in case of criminals. And I'm sure that victim hood is mostly played by women here who actually ain't the victims.

    You can't get justice until loads of people start supporting you. Remember Nirbhya case? Such cases make me question if humanity is still alive or not.

    Still, there are plenty of problems with us as well. These MNCs like CCD, KFC, etc have been caught several times but it continues. People don't voice their right perspectives strongly and if they do, they will face the consequences.

    It'll continue unfortunately until we all start voicing the right. Most people here are like, "Humko kya lena hai, uski beti ka rape hua hai, apna toh nahi!" But don't remember that "Kal vo rape tumhari beti ke sath bhi ho sakta hai". :shrug:

    It's sad and unfortunate but we're responsible.
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    I think people have always had a state of mind where if they're caught in a sticky situation, they'll often resort to very passionately playing the victim.

    I remember a friend of mine venting about how while driving on the highway someone hit him from behind. He was hit by a Filipino woman that he and I knew as a friend before that incident. She lost her mind immediately, and started cussing him out and insulting him. He called the cops, and when the cops arrived she started lying to them telling them that my friend was drunk and high and threatened to rape her. Turns out, she was driving without insurance and had had her license suspended a week earlier for a DUI.

    Something happened to me more recently that seems to relate to that kind of attitude. Where I work, I have to park in a parking lot that's shared with a hospital. I was leaving work one day. I got into the driver's seat, and wanted to check and see if I had something in my trunk that I'd need later. This entire time, I'm parked next to a van that's to my left, that has its engine running. I check the trunk, sure enough what I needed was there. Suddenly I hear "Hey Man!" to which I respond "You're fine." in that I assumed the guy was about to ask if he could back out.

    This guy immediately flipped out "NO IT'S NOT FINE! YOU HIT MY CAR MAN! THAT'S NOT FINE!"

    I had to pause for a moment to gather what this fucking idiot was telling me. I looked at his van and he had some denting and scrapes on the outer area of his wheel well, my car didn't have any damage whatsoever.

    I looked at him, a scrawny fuck with glasses who was wearing a badge on his uniform that showed that he works in the hospital. I said "My car didn't move, all I did was go in and out of it."


    I have OCD by the way, and the main thing that was riling me up was that this guy was referring to his van as a car. Also; flattery might get you everywhere with me, but I'm not strong enough to move a fucking van with my left arm pushing it via my car door.

    I carefully opened my door to show that where it would have made contact (without making actual contact for obvious reasons) was an area where his van wasn't damaged.

    I said "There's no way I could have hit your car."


    Satisfied that -- even though this little bitch was trying to bait me into beating the shit out of him -- he had just admitted that he was full of shit, I just said "Okay" and promptly got into my car and drove away.
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    Something I forgot to mention.

    It doesn't really help the case when celebrities get away with doing crimes. It, in fact, worsens the situation. People start thinking that if a celebrity can get away while doing heinous crimes, then why can't they or why shouldn't they? Partiality is a big menace as well.

    For example, Salman Khan. Or Sanjay Dutt. People were celebrating like Salman has brought a gold medal when in reality, he was saved even after murdering. When Sanjay Dutt was arrested, people and most media coverage was about Bollywood losing bunch of crores due to his arrest. Media wasn't about punishing the criminal, rather Bollywood would suffer a lot. Totally mean and dumb.
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    You know, this is something that I have become very aware of over the last few months especially. Like many people in this thread, I will start off by saying that I am in no way a sexist or a misogynist. However, women that read this thread are probably gonna get a little but upset by what is said.

    But like I said, much akin to the WWE, the world seems to having a little Women's Revolution for itself and it's starting to get loathsome and boring. I say that in full confidence that someone, somewhere will be getting offended at the mere notion. And should I say it out loud at the wrong place, then my name would be dragged through the mud.

    Bur before women the world over grab their pitchforks and come to my flat in the dead of night, let me first clarify something. I am a white male who was born in a developed country. The United Kingdom is one of the most advanced and democratic states in the entire world. We legitimately have the best of everything and we have the opportunities to learn, work and better ourselves constantly. I was born into a world, in a generation, where people were treated as equal – it is legitimately all I have ever known. Perhaps at board room level, there is still a gap in women's wages but how many people are on the board room level? I was brought up to respect everyone, regardless of sex, age, creed or colour and that is exactly what I have done all my life.

    The problem exists, at least with me, because women don't see it that way. In a lot of women's minds, white males are the enemy. They are the very group of people that have kept them down for so long and now they want their justice. When they are marching, they see someone like me and think that it is my fault they have been oppressed. Bullshit! In fact, many of the women who fight for social justice and march in these things don't know the meaning of oppression. And I mean true oppression. I've seen so many videos of these kinds of people and have even met them in real life. And all the while I am just thinking 'direct your hate at something worthwhile'. I am not burying my head in the sand and pretending their isn't inequality left in the UK because there is. But sexism definitely isn't one of them. And if it is, then other factors like health and wealth inequality is far worse at the moment.

    As an aside to the point, I was raging at WrestleMania. The match with the least build was booted from the main show. The SJW's were up in arms over it and the WWE caved – putting the Intercontinental Championship on the pre-show instead. The same IC match that was head and shoulders better than the women's match and had a better build. I'm not salty that the women's match was put back on the main card because of pressure. I am angry because it didn't deserve to be there.

    And really, this is what this all comes down to at the end of the day. People these days have a sense of entitlement that never existed before. People will always find something to moan about and they have been brought up to think that they can't do any wrong. When something untoward happens, then it damn sure wasn't their faults. And if it is the fault of a company, then you better believe you are getting hit with a law suit quick style.

    And that doesn't just go for women either, men are just as bad right now. It seems like everyone wants to believe that their shit doesn't smell and that they are better than everyone else. Personally, it is the worst trait someone can have and I just love seeing people getting called out for it. There is no better feeling in this world than seeing someone get what they deserve.

    But the truth is, everyone feels like a victim because we have allowed the world to get that way. We have pandered to the weak and now everyone wants a piece of the pie. It's a sad state of affairs but that is, indeed, the world that we now live in.
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    Mostly yes, it became too easy to play that card because society allows people to play it and make the case about it.

    In my country there is somewhat amount of gypsy population. They go to school, some of them make useful part of society while others just stay in their communes and beg for money or do some work like collecting and selling copper. Most importantly, they had their rights boosted and they know about it. Boosted to the point where they get extra points for faculty just because they are gypsies. I dont mind that much because most of them dont make to faculty. What I do mind is their behavior in school. Most of them dont learn, dont even try to learn or dont even go to school (they are required by law to go, but you cant make them to go) and if you try to reprehend them because of behavior or even complain about them to parents they yell "racism". And its not just them, lots of kids are like that now. They (kids) sued one teacher to Ministry of Education because she called them "delinquents". I mean, how dare she say that word to little angels like them. :rolleyes:

    Point is, society teaches them how they are special and have some rights. Not about obligations and how those rights dont need to be pulled every time you are offended about something that has nothing to do with those rights. Your case could be solved much easier if they just

    a) Left the joint and never came back
    b) Complained and they got free food and drinks (like some joints do if these cases happen)

    But no, one had to get cellular to record it and other had to get cellular to record him, hit him and complains because she is a women.

    See where I am getting? It was much better when people werent taught how they are special. At least this kind of situations could be resolved peacefully and without drama from each side.
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    You, like just about any male in a well developed country, are perceived as sexist because despite the fact that there are rock solid truths in your statement overall, it's not "politically correct." Political correctness wasn't supposed to be a bad thing but like so many other examples of good things, it's been pushed to such an absurd degree that it's used as a weapon to hamstring people. The result is that we literally have millions upon millions of men especially throughout the civilized world who cringe like beaten dogs whenever a woman vents her frustration over it because we'll be perceived as sexist if we don't agree or coddle her about it. About a month ago, I was picking my teenage cousin up from the gym where he works out; I went inside to see if he was ready and there as this hullabaloo going on inside regarding a woman. This woman was ranting to the manager that she was tired of being stared at or getting whistled at by various patrons; now said woman was in her early 20s, about 5'5" probably around 120 lbs. blonde hair, blue eyes, lovely face and figure. She was also wearing what amounted to a pair of solid white booty shorts that that barely covered her bottom and a matching tube top that was a good size or two too small. Now my 16 year old cousin wasn't one of the ones being complained about and I guess that maybe the fact I was still in my corrections officer uniform, I was perceived as having some degree of authority. :shrug: Anyhow, I spoke up and asked the young lady if anyone had made any lewd comments that she heard, she said no. I asked her had anyone asked if she charged people for sex or anything along those lines, she said no. I asked if anyone had tried to touch her in anyway, shape or form and she said no. So then I asked, in my exact words, "Then what exactly are you complaining about? In case you haven't noticed, you're an attractive young woman dressed skimpier than a UFC ring girl and you're in a gym surrounded mostly by young, virile men who, by your own words, haven't done anything except look at you and let out an occasional whistle." She replied, now blushing as red as a ripe tomato, that wasn't the point and I told her "No, the point is you came to a place that's designed for and marketed as a place of exercise and physical fitness and you wanted to be the center of attention. Congratulations, mission accomplished." My entire conversation with the young lady would be considered by many to be sexist because I didn't see things her way; agreeing with the female perspective in near every aspect of life is quickly becoming the formula for being a feminist and if you don't agree, then you get labeled misogynist pig. I'm not a misogynist pig, I'm pro choice, I feel that women should make every bit as much money as men do for doing the exact same thing for a living, I feel that sexual predators, almost all of whom are male, should be given much harsher punishments, I'm even all for women breast feeding in public, doesn't bother me at all. But if I see an attractive woman, especially one who's walking around in what could basically be considered underwear, Imma look, Imma appreciate the sight before me and I won't feel sorry for doing it.

    It's true that inequality does still exist, especially in the United States. I'm a white 37 year old man, I personally know jack shit about inequality because I've never had to personally deal with it in my life. We have problems that I believe will be solved, it just won't be in my lifetime because the wheels turn much, much slower than they did once upon a time and, from a political standpoint, the US is probably more divided now than at anytime since the Vietnam War.
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    I was talking to my friend about this a few weeks ago. People are making stuff that in the grand scheme of things are small problems into bigger things than they actually are.

    There's a guy on my Facebook who identifies as non binary (neither male or female) and he was going on some rant about some advert for his and hers colognes saying they didn't cater to people like him. Loads of his friends were agreeing with him saying 'they don't understand us' and some people pointed out it's only cologne, they weren't out to get him and he doesn't have to support it and that stuff like that happens. These people got chewed out for saying that stuff. I was just reading it thinking 'All this over his and hers colognes. Jeez'

    The problem with making mountains out of molehills is that when something does come along that you should make a big deal about, quite a few people will disregard it as the same old stuff, similar to The Boy Who Cried Wolf story.
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