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    Real Name: William De La Vega

    Gimmick Name: Vega

    Nickname: None

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 175 lbs

    Hometown: Unknown

    Billed From: New York City

    Hair Color/Length: Shoulder length, wavy, dark brown.

    Eye Color: Brown

    Facial Hair: Messy goatee, often goes days without shaving.

    Ring Attire: Black leather pants with black combat boots, a white unbuttoned dress shirt, and fingerless black leather gloves. He often takes the shirt completely off at some point during his match.

    Backstage Attire: Same as his ring attire, except he'll also probably have a drink or cigarette in his hand.

    Alignment: Face

    Main Gimmick: Former thief & assassin struggling to live a reformed life.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:
    Vega still thinks like a villain, so although he is trying to live a positive life, he often reverts back to his sinister ways both in life and in the ring. Cheating is still commonplace for this former criminal, but at least he's trying.

    2. Vega has cut off all ties to his past. He has not been seen nor heard of since his last appearance in WZCW years ago.

    1. Superb Balance and Coordination:
    Vega can walk along the narrowest of ledges with ease. This comes into play with his maneuverability on the turnbuckles, ropes, apron, ladders, guard walls, etc.
    2. Defensive Movement: Because Vega rarely has a size or strength advantage in an altercation, he is extremely adept at avoiding damage when possible. His reaction speed is superb, easily being able to dodge opponents strikes with simple moves of his head and body. For more threatening attacks, he isn't too proud to avoid his opponents by swiftly exiting the ring through the ropes or smoothly hopping over barricades.
    3. Counter Strikes: Vega utilizes his prowess in defensive movement by taking advantage of the openings his attacker's missed strikes leave. He isn't the strongest fighter, but his ability to accurately land well-timed counter attacks makes his strikes much more dangerous and effective.

    1. Drugs & Alcohol: Vega has always had an affinity for cigarettes and alcohol, but it seems he has developed even worse habits since his departure from WZCW years ago. What exactly, and how bad he's gotten are yet to be seen.
    2. Size & Strength: At 5'10" & 175lbs Vega will rarely have the size advantage. Furthermore, he doesn't care much for gyms, so he'll rarely have the strength advantage either. Because of this, his offense relies more on strikes, defense and counters than grappling.
    3. Attention ****e: Since Vega has practically lived his entire life in anonymity, he appreciates that the WZCW Universe is the only place he can openly stand in the spotlight. He often cares too much about the crowd paying attention and responding to his actions and not enough about his opponent.

    Sample Picture of Wrestler:

    Brief History: Little is truly known about Vega. He is a former criminal who has boasted about being a master conman, burglar and thief. He has lived in multiple lavish locations around the world under different aliases, inventing a new identity and history every time. Vega has openly spoken about killing people in the past whether it be in self-defense, for pay, or simply pleasure.

    During his first tenure in WZCW, he was able to focus all of his evil and sociopathic tendencies into the Mayhem Division. After becoming Mayhem Champion and enduring the longest reign in the title's history, the championship was retired, and the division was done away with. Soon thereafter, Vega's success in the company began to suffer. Feeling lost and lacking a sense of direction anymore, Vega disappeared without much fanfare and has not been seen or heard of since... until now.

    Entrance Music: "Intro" by The Xx

    Entrance Description: The lights fade into darkness. The soft sounds of "Intro" by The Xx begin to play as smoke slowly begins filling the entrance ramp. The lights flicker on for brief moments as bass drums pound like a beating heart. That is when we can begin to see the shadowy silhouette of Vega playfully moving his body to the music. Just as the drumline kicks in, two spotlights shine down on Vega from opposite sides of the arena. He stands there in the center of a foggy glowing "V" formed by the lights, basking in them, seemingly lost in the moment.

    Eventually, he slowly saunters his way down the aisle, almost staggering down as he contorts his body in different ways to take in as much of the crowd and moment as possible. Vega walks around the ring and approaches the crowd on the camera side. He gracefully hops onto the guard wall and stands there on top of it near the fans with his arms out wide, soaking in the crowd noise as if he feeds off of it.

    After a few moments of standing in glory, he hops off the guard wall and walks up the steel steps at the corner of the ring. Vega walks across the apron and spins around so he's facing the crowd again with his arms draped over the top rope behind him. He smiles confidently before lunging back, flipping backwards over the ropes and into the ring. Once inside, he stands in the center he holds out his hand in the shape of a gun and takes aim.

    Primary Finisher -The Kill Shot: (<<Link) Kenny Omega's V-Trigger. He uses it similarly to Omega in the sense that he'll have many different variations and levels of effectiveness. If Vega doesn't connect flush or with full momentum, it could take multiple strikes to finish the job. The strongest variation of the move is usually when his victim is against the ropes and Vega sizes them up by turning his hand into a gun and taking aim. He pulls the trigger, and takes off running in the opposite direction, bounces off the ropes to achieve maximum velocity as he runs back and delivers a deathly Kill Shot to his opponent. Often Vega will have to drag the victim's lifeless body back into the ring for the pinfall.

    Secondary Finisher - Flying Kill Shot: Springboard V-Trigger. Vega can springboard traditionally from the apron, from the turnbuckle by walking to the center of the top rope as if it were a tightrope, or by countering an opponent's toss or throw towards the ropes by gracefully landing on them instead. This variation of the Kill Shot is his one of the strongest in his arsenal.

    15 Most Used Moves:
    Walking the Tightrope (Signature Move):
    Vega loves walking the top rope with ease like a tightrope. He does it for various reasons. To set up flying strikes, to counter enemy attacks, or to escape precarious situations. Sometimes, he'll walk from one turnbuckle to another along the top rope either to escape an opponent's attack or simply just to show off.
    Fluid Defensive Movement (Signature Move): More than being known for a series of maneuvers, Vega is remembered better for his unique ability to avoid damage by fluidly moving out of his opponent's way. He is able to gracefully move around his enemies and smoothly enter and exit the ring to the point of frustration for anybody trying to strike.
    Flying Triangle Choke (Signature Move): Vega is able to execute this maneuver from a multitude of positions, whether it be off his feet, springboarding off the ropes or jumping off while walking them like a tightrope, countering a high toss or throw, etc. If Vega needs to put somebody to sleep, and for some reason can't hit his Kill Shot, he will revert to catching them with this maneuver.
    Springboard Manuevers: Vega loves to springboard off the ropes and use a various amount of attacks such as elbows, knees, forearms, kicks, hurricanranas, or even flying submissions like the triangle or guillotine.
    Stiff Kicks in the Corner: On occasions when Vega is in a tough match and finds himself frustrated with his opponents resiliency, he unleashes a barrage of stiff roundhouse kicks to the victim's head while he's trapped against the turnbuckle. Vega won't stop until his opponent has gone limp and falls to the canvas.
    Counter Punches & Counter Kicks
    Jabs & Leg Kicks to set up other moves.
    Quick Superman Punch
    Various Martial Arts Punch & Kick Combinations
    Various Muay Thai Combinations
    Various Types of Elbow Strikes
    Muay Thai Clinch Knee Strikes
    Spinning Back Elbow
    Flying Armbar
    Drive By Kick

    Sample RP:

    Main Event - Unscripted 2014
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