US Army Calls For A DAPL Reroute; Standing Rock Victory

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    Word from North Dakota Governor -

    So, 2016 isn't all horror and chaos. There has been much controversy in the past several months over the unethical choice to build an oil pipeline through Lake Oahe, a burial site for the Standing Rock Sioux. There were also concerns the pipeline would harm the drinking water nearby and damage other sites of significance to the Sioux Nation. Many came out of the woodwork to show their support to the people protesting, from US military veterans to the various peoples of the world. This controversy was made even more unusual by the major news media's silence up until now on the argument.

    The below quote may have had something to do with the story gaining media attention.

    So, small win for the little man? Just a short solution to a bigger problem? Can we not have something to be happy about with 2016 coming to an end? Discuss.
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    It's a big victory as it pertains to the efforts of those who stood their ground, but they need to have more big victories in the future if they intend to prevent a pipeline from being installed beneath the Missouri river.

    I lean in favor of the protestors and Standing Rock tribe. Mainly because a previous pipeline was rerouted for the same main reasons that the Standing Rock tribe wants this pipeline to be rerouted. If it wasn't a big deal then to reroute a pipeline amid water safety concerns, it shouldn't be this time either.

    What I think is going on is that there's push-back among those who don't take the traditions of Native Americans very seriously, and they're personally offended by the notion that they won't be allowed to do whatever they feel like.

    North Dakota only has one State Representative apparently, Rep. Kevin Cramer. This year he won re-election to the lower house by defeating a Standing Rock Sioux tribe member Chase Iron Eyes. Just saying; there seems to be a political tug of war at play between Native Americans and White people.

    Rep. Cramer is not shy about explaining that this was a lawless occurrence in that the easement agreement had been stewed over for longer than should have been allowed, an interview with him can be listened to here where he seems to casually gloss over unlawful actions taken against protestors.

    If the Standing Rock tribe wants to be able to savor this victory after January 20th, they need to work from now until then to put up as many road blocks as they can in regard to a potential reversal of this decision.
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    That in and of itself is a HUGE reason for the conflicts between Native Americans, European settlers and their descendants. What it boils down to quite a bit is good old fashioned bigotry, in some instances, because so many Americans did, still do and will continue to do in the future that their belief in their own superiority trumps any position Native American tribes take on just about anything.

    An unpopular truth is that the European ancestors of Americans, or I should say the ancestors of many of us, were ultimately an invading and conquering nation. It pisses some people off but the truth's the truth no matter how much it might hurt. I know that the media has painted a much different picture during the 20th century with half the John Wayne movies or the majority of other Western movies & TV shows; it's been done so successfully that many Americans believed and continue to believe that's how things really were. The most common image of Native Americans in popular American media during the 20th century was as half naked, warlike savages who killed white settlers left and right.

    This pipeline would've gone through land they consider sacred and it should be rerouted if it's what the tribes want. Shit, we've taken damn near everything from them already so I'm not at all surprised that some people feel that this should be old hat to them by now.
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