Unscripted: Milenko vs. Ace Stevens vs. Yemrez Reqonic vs. War Zone

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    Four wrestlers, one opportunity. They don’t even know what title shot they will be fighting for but that is already enough for competitors to go all out. The fans will vote to decide on either a Mayhem, Elite Openweight or Eurasian Championship Match for the winner of this contest. The four competitors; Milenko, Ace Stevens, Yemrez Reqonic and War Zone competed in a tag team match this past week. It was Stevens and Reqonic who got the best of that situation but Stevens made it clear afterwards that no alliances were forever, it was still everyone for themselves at Unscripted. Who will win? What title will be chosen?

    RP Deadline Tuesday 14th November 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    The camera turns on and shows us a grainy black and white video of Milenko walking around The Dark Carnival muttering to the Crystal Skull he always has with him.

    Milenko: Not my fault, it's not my fault we lost. I got distracted by War Zone's bumbling incompetence in dealing with Yemrez and that disgusting New Yorker took advantage and almost broke my arm.

    Milenko continues to walk and mutter to himself as he rubs his arm. As he walks he comes across a lone carnival barker dressed like a disheveled clown. Milenko smiles a twisted smile as he walks towards the man. As he reaches him he holds the crystal skull in one hand as he throws his other arm around the man's shoulder.

    Milenko: Hello Edgar how are things going today?

    Edgar smiles at Milenko and the camera picks up the fact that the man has no tongue. In fact it looks like it was removed by a straight razor of some kind.

    Milenko: Edgar were you aware that I have a match coming up at Unscripted this Sunday? It's a Fatal Four Way match against Yemrez, Ace Stevens and War Zone.

    He doesn't show any emotion until he mentions War Zone at which point his eyes narrow and he actually starts shaking with rage.

    Milenko: Yemrez and Stevens are all about fighting fair and finding out who the better person is but you and I know that isn't what wins matches don't we Edgar?

    Edgar nods his head and walks with Milenko as he aimlessly wanders around.

    Milenko: If you thought me cutting out your tongue was bad just watch what I do to the other three. People seem to forget Triple Threat and Fatal Four Way matches are automatically No Disqualification and who better to take advantage than the disciple of the Lord of Terror and Rage?

    Milenko doesn't care that Edgar can't answer him because he hears something answer him which is evidenced by the fact he tilts his head to one side like he's listening to someone.

    Milenko: This is why I love talking to you Edgar. You're one of the most insightful men I've ever talked to. To answer your question yes I have a plan for both Yemrez & Stevens. They'll probably be more worried about War Zone because he's the bigger man and they will wear themselves out trying to talk down that walking slab of granite. If he manages to actually take them out like he failed to do last time then I step in and finish the job by taking War Zone out like only I can and make him feel true bone chilling terror.

    As he talks Milenko's face lights up and he gets more animated not even noticing Edgar is trying to pull away.

    Milenko:. That's not even the best part though. This match will be a #1 contenders match but we don't know for which of the three lower titles. I would love nothing more than to beat either Randy Studd or Vox and become a two time Mayhem Champion but the Eurasian Championship has its own appeal. The last two people who have fought Titus for that title have come so close only to crash and burn. Where Wren and Anthony Mancini failed I 'The Great' Milenko would succeed and I would make history.

    Milenko pauses and looks over at Edgar for a few seconds before continuing.

    Milenko: Yes Edgar I'm aware that he may not be champion after Unscripted. If I'm sure I can beat Titus why would you think Mark Keaton or Xander LeBelle be any problem at all?

    Milenko raises his left hand like he's going to smack Edgar upside the head but stops and stares at the skull in his right.

    Milenko: You're absolutely right. How could I forget about the Elite Openweight Championship. Callie Clark and her skintight cosplay outfits. I wonder what she would wear if we faced each other.

    Milenko gets a lustful look in his eyes as he thinks about Callie trying on various outfits. After a minute or two Milenko whips his head around and glares at Edgar.

    Milenko: Thank you very much Edgar. I am aware of the fact chances are good Matt Tastic will become champion but I hope he doesn't. I mean who would you rather face. Beautiful Callie Clark in one of her outfits or Old Man Tastic dressed as a sayian?

    He waits for Edgar to answer but instead looks over at the skull in his hand.

    Milenko: Of course the answer is Callie Clark. I don't care if Tastic is the most decorated Hall of Famer in the company, he's ugly and I don't want to look at him.

    Edgar uses this time to slip away while Milenko is talking to the crystal skull. After a few minutes of talking Milenko turns around to see Edgar gone. He frowns and continues muttering to the skull as he searches for Edgar as the camera feed suddenly cuts out.
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    The Narrator presents
    Ace Stevens
    "Ace’s Day at the Zoo"

    "How many toddlers could you beat up?"

    "Consecutively or simultaneously?"

    "Simultaneously, obviously."

    "20. Somewhere in that region."

    This is the delightful choice of conversation for Ace Stevens and his long time friend, Marty, as they approach the entrance of Carnegie Zoo in in the Bronx, New York. Ace had never been to a zoo before and Marty figured that a day with the animals would take his mind off things before the all-important fatal four-way match at WZCW Unscripted.

    "Zoos are great, man. You’re gonna love it. But to make it extra special, you’re gonna want to take this."

    Marty hands Ace a mushroom.

    "Magic mushrooms? Are we in the 70s?"

    "They’re sweet as, man. Pillboi’s older brother is selling them cheap on the corner of Bleaker."

    "I don’t know. I’m supposed to be a professional athlete and stuff now."

    "Um, listen up, dudhead. They’re vegetables. It’s not like I’m handing you a magic Double Down."

    Ace takes a notebook out of his back pocket and quickly scrawls "magic Double Down" under the sub-heading "Inventions".

    "What was that?"

    "Uh, nothing. Okay, gimme half of one. I don’t want to end up losing my shit in the bat forest."


    13:08. Ace is losing his shit in the bat forest. The bats are swirling around the trees at an extremely fast pace, squeaking and flapping as they do.


    "They’re bats."

    "Look at that one."

    Ace points to the only bat that is still. As its counterparts whizz around the woods, this one remains stationary, staring at Ace.

    "Yo, mister zookeeper man. What's going on with that one?"

    "Oh, we call him Lenny. He's a bit of a loner. Just sits there, looking creepy."

    "I'll say."

    Ace waves frantically in an attempt to get Lenny's attention.

    "Hey! You want some Faygo, buddy?" asks Ace, waggling his Detroit-based drink of choice at the mammal.

    "Sir, I wouldn’t do that if I was you. Faygo is his, uh, weakness."

    "What? Really? Dumbass Jugga-HEY!"

    Before Ace can finish his thought, Lenny snatches the bottle from Ace’s hand in one fell swoop.

    "Oh no you don’t!"

    As the bat escapes, Ace gives chase. He pushes fellow zoo patrons out of the way and hops over the small fence that separates the footpath from the bats’ habitat.


    Our somewhat disorientated protagonist begins to shake Lenny’s tree. A bounty of leaves float to the ground. But alas, no Faygo. The commotion, however, startles the hundreds of bats who swarm Ace. The Brooklyn-native tries to fight them off but it is no use. Ace screams, but they only come out as muffled yells as he falls to floor. Marty can only look on helplessly. Sipping his Faygo.


    We join Ace and Marty roughly thirty minutes after being ejected from the bat forest. Back in daylight, the duo have since seen black widow spiders ("unnecessary number of legs"), blue tits ("lol") and penguins ("the best thing ever"). They are now standing at the bear enclosure. As a number of kodiak bears mill about, undoubtedly delighted to finally be away from the dangers of the forest, Ace is examining his numerous bat bites.

    "Marty, Marty..." Ace whispers. "I think I might be Batman."

    "I don't think so, buddy."

    "Well we don't know for sure..."

    As Ace trails off, a certain bear catches his attention. It is slouched in the corner, seemingly depleted of energy.

    "Marty! Look at that old bear."

    "How the hell do you know it's old?"

    "Look at them big old balls, buddy! Saggy af."

    "That's Terrence" says a nearby zookeeper, overhearing Ace's admittedly loud conversation. "And you're right, he is old. He likes to take other bears under his wing."

    "HE CAN FLY???"

    "Oh, no" responds the zookeeper., only just realising the level at which Ace Stevens functions. "I mean he looks after them. At the moment he's formed a bond with Tommo."

    She points at an absolutely huge bear, easily topping ten feet in height.

    "Tommo is the biggest bear of any kind in the zoo. He's got a bit of a temper on him. He was actually transferred here from San Diego Zoo after an altercation with a smaller African bear."

    "Well he don't look that tough. Look! He's sniffing his own shit!"

    "Well yes, while Tommo is big and tough, we do admit that he is particularly, um... deficient. Mentally-speaking."

    As the zookeeper begins to detail Tommo's stupidity, two young, spritely bears move over to Terrence, who is resting peacefully in the shade of a palm tree. They begin growling and pushing at the old bear, with their still sizeable paws.

    "Okay, this isn't going to be good. Please excuse me."

    The zookeeper rushes away, hurriedly talking into her walkie talkie.

    "This is gonna be good!"

    The two bears continue to pick on the elder statesman of the enclosure until Tommo takes notice. Seeing that his mentor is in trouble, he moves from his pile of faeces to face the attackers. At ten feet tall and 1800 pounds, his obscenely muscular frame intimidates the bullies.

    "Roid bear! Roid bear!”

    Tommo lets out an almighty roar before striking one of the bears with his enormous paw. The bear tumbles down the grassy hill and into a ravine. Immediately, Tommo turns his attention to the second bully. He lifts the bear up into a military press position, before launching him like a lawn dart at a group of concerned Kodiak bears.

    "Holy crap! Roid bear on fire!"

    As if the universe heard Ace's statement and sought to immediately contradict it, Tommo trips over his own pile of faeces. This sends his huge, heavy frame tumbling down the hill and into the same ravine.

    "What a dummy."


    Ace is staring at a snake. The snake is staring back. It is an impasse, - tense and quiet. The two are separated by a single sheet of glass.

    "Dude, people are looking."

    "But the, the snake."

    "What do you mean "what"? Just look, dude. Its eyes. I... I can see it all. In those perfect ovals of glassy shiny obsidian, I can see the entire spectrum of the human condition."

    "Oh. Okay..." replies Marty, humouring his friend's venture into the realm of the intellectual.

    "I see joy, I see misery. I see the anger of a thousand burning suns. And I see the twin expressions of need and determination. They're like little next door neighbours, living in perfect symbiotic harmony. I see wars won and wars lost, and the scars of future conflicts are already beginning to appear."

    "She's a beaut, ain't she?"

    "It's a snake."

    "That ain't just a snake, mate. It's a Baltic Pirate snake. From the dark forests of Estonia. See how she's not flinching? Very disciplined they are."

    The zookeeper taps the glass loudly, the snake doesn't move an inch.

    "Fearless too" he adds, before walking away.

    "Right, you haven't moved from the snake for five minutes. Let's get outta here."

    "Shhhhh! It's speaking."

    "Of course. Wouldn't be a trip without a talking animal..."

    "Dude, I can't hear it."

    Ace leans in closer, to hear the spits and hisses of the reptile.

    "Shoes size us."

    "What, buddy?"

    "Choose Titus."

    "You got it, dude."
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    They tried to find him.

    After losing in embarrassing fashion to the Soviet power of Estonia and the city of New York, War Zone went into hiding; not to be seen for the rest of the night. Many wondered what had happened to him. Had War Zone gone back to the gym? Was War Zone being deported back to the Pentagon? Perhaps he had finally realized that despite his infinite amount of strength that maybe...just maybe, he was in over his head?

    Troy and Kimberly, bless them; they tried to find him. But to no avail. They called his name and looked all around the backstage area. But nothing. Not even a glance. Not even a notion.

    Not even a sound.

    And yet, even so...he lived.

    In the darkest of dark alleys, where no man would ever dream of going; laid a cold, shivering husk. This was War Zone. At least, it was supposed to be War Zone; licking his wounds yet another loss.

    War Zone:
    Fools, every last one of them.

    Ever since coming to WZCW, just about everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. He came in with such promise, with a built physique and a nasty streak a mile had. But loss after loss chipped away at his armor like no weapon nor soldier had before. Even with the acquirement of Troy Excellence and Kimberly Katherine Rollins, he still failed to maintain a head of steam.

    And on the midst of what would soon be his biggest opportunity yet, War Zone took a cold, hard look at himself and felt something he had never felt before...doubt.

    War Zone:
    What if they’re right? What if I really am just some temperamental sham who doesn’t care about his fellow man?

    The horrid memories came flooding back to him, like if it came on command. All the times he was told not to beat on other soldiers, the times he attacked his generals out of frustration, the countless number of ‘updates’ he was given. Was all of this a lie? Was he just some dumb big guy who was in way over his head?

    Was he...a fraud?

    War Zone:

    Something held onto him that day. Something that he always knew he had, but never thought he needed came back to him.


    The reason he was sent to WZCW, was to prove to his soldiers, Mr. President, everything and everyone in Washington that they were wrong to cast him away and abandon him. Every single living creature who wrote him off, called him a bust, sung his epitaph, every last of them were wrong.

    And for the first time in his life...he smiled. A very twisted smile. And as he did so, he started to flinch.

    War Zone:
    Damn them...damn them all.

    He damned Milenko; the hysterical man who talked to skeletons for his failure to back up tough talk with brute force.

    He damned Ace Stevens; the warrior who came from nowhere in a valiant attempt to once again rule the world like he once did.

    He damned Yemerez Reqonic; the poor Estonian who he knew inside that her nice girl facade was only a mask to hide the true scars the hammer and sickle wrote on her.

    He damned Kimberly Katherine Rollins; the aspiring actress turned seductive secretary for being...well, Kimberly Katherine Rollins.

    He damned Troy Excellence; the man who started his redemption, but if provoked would inevitably lead to his downfall.

    But most of all, he damned himself. Because deep down, he realized; that all he had done since coming to WZCW was fail the man he looked up to for so long; Mr. President.

    It was at that moment, War Zone made a solemn promise not just to himself; but also to Mr. President.

    War Zone:
    It’s time. The nukes must be launched. There is no turning back from what is about to happen. We, (stops and thinks about what he is about to say) no; I must mutilate my opponents with fire and fury like which the world has never seen. And never will again. And if I fail to achieve my goal… (beat) Then maybe I don’t deserve my badge. Maybe I don’t belong in the WZCW…Maybe, i’m not ‘The Ultimate Soldier’...maybe...just maybe...I never was to begin with.

    And he sat there, all alone in that dark, cold alley; where no living soul would dare touch him or find him. And as his doomsday clock started to tick, the world around started to twist and turn as War Zone now understood his limits and his shortcomings. And now it was the time to prove everyone wrong…

    May god help them if he does.
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    ~Chapter 12: The Calling~

    7 Days Before Unscripted
    11:59 PM

    We see Yemrez Reqonıc sitting in a very small room devoid of any light. Totally dark, yet it didn't seem to trouble Yemrez even a bit. She's obviously against all kinds of darkness. But she never ran away from the darkness. Instead of running away like a coward, she was taught to face the darkness and then conquer it. She was taught by none other than her Goddess Pikne, the Goddess Of Lightening. Now, it's the perfect time for The Calling. The evil reigns in WZCW signify that. And Yemrez felt the need. Every Championship in WZCW was held by someone who used evil tactics rather than the sheer talent and determination to win the title. And that's why Yemrez had decided for The Calling.

    The Calling wasn't easy by any measure. It's too hard for any individual out there. But Yemrez had always yearned to conquer what's hard. Easy could be done by anyone. Hard? Not just anyone. Recalling all her struggles as well as success, Yemrez closes her eyes and then starts focusing on Goddess Pikne.

    Bunch of minutes pass away. Then hours. And then a whole day. Yemrez was totally engrossed in her effort for The Calling. She wasn't aware of the passage of time. No hunger. No thirst. It's like Goddess Pikne gave her enough will and determination to go through it. Another day passed. But still no signs of success. Yemrez never stopped, however, her body was showing some effects now. It's easier said than done, no? And then passed another day. 3 Days. 72 Hours. 4320 Minutes. 259200 seconds. Yemrez's body felt a lot weaker now. She felt as if she'll be unconscious soon. But then, a ray of hope glittered in the darkness. Goddess Pikne had arrived. Yemrez had successfully executed The Calling. And she was happy like never before. She had tried plenty of times in the past. But everything has to happen on a perfect time.

    ??? - Open your eyes, Yemrez.

    Yemrez slowly opened her eyes. The dark room was totally enlightened now. Darkness had withered away. But she couldn't see the Goddess herself. However, a figure started taking a shape. And then, Yemrez got to see her Goddess for the first time in her life. An achievement not even 5 people could attain in this huge world of 7.5 billion people.

    Goddess Pikne - You have done the unthinkable, Yemrez. And I'm proud of you.

    Yemrez immediately ran towards Goddess, touching her feet with tears of happiness in her eyes. She wanted to speak a lot, however, she was speechless.

    Goddess Pikne- You needn't speak, Yemrez. I know why The Calling was made. I know everything. And I must applaud you for the perfect timing.

    Yemrez nods in agreement with a couple of tears still visible in her eyes. She was still in the awe of the greatest moment of her life.

    Goddess Pikne- I know that the evil is more successful at this moment, but just like always, the darkness will fall and the light will rise. Listen to me carefully.

    Yemrez listens her goddess with all the patience she has.

    Goddess Pikne- All you need to do is be more serious and focused. Increase your focus on WZCW everyday. Each and every day. You need to if you actually want to stop the rise of the evil. Be more fierce. More aggressive. Focus on wrestling. Focus on your opponent. Renovate your attacking arsenal. The head is the most important part of anyone's body. Concentrate your all attacks where it's most important. You must be more fierce. At least more than the evil forces. No more quiting like tapping out. No need to stoop to cheating because that's what evil does. No more need to do aerial flashy attacks like Upshot. I know that you love it but it has cost you multiple matches. So, just get rid of it as well as other flashy moves. Don't miss on any opportunity to curb the darkness. Let's make The Calling the beginning of the end of the darkness. You can do it. And you will do it. Because you need to. Because you're the only Pikne's Angel. To attain Euphoria.

    Saying so, Goddess Pikne disappears leaving Yemrez to gasp everything she said. Yemrez started introspecting and contemplating each and every word said by Goddess Pikne.

    A Day Before Unscripted
    7 PM

    Yemrez goes live on WZCW.com. However, she doesn't answer any questions. She just spills her heart out before another big match at Unscripted.

    After saying that, Yemrez ends the live video and feels relieved.
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