Titus To Take Part In A Pick Your Poison Match

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    Well, well, well, Meltdown and Ascension kicked off the road to Kingdom Come in style, huh? So many incredible matches were announced and were not even halfway through the PPV cycle. Already, the card is shaping up and there is one dream match that pops out to everyone.

    At the show of shows, Titus Avison will put his championship and his amazing streak on the line against Hall of Fame superstar John Constantine. In a match that is sure to steal the show, two WZCW legends will clash in a well anticipated clash.

    But before that happens, Titus will have to face the unknown this Ascension as Constantine picks an opponent, with the idea of softening the EurAsian Champion up a little before the big match.

    Who will the Power Trip choose and, more importantly, will his ploy work? Find out on Ascension.

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