The US tournament Bracket revealed

Discussion in '[Hidden] World Wrestling Entertainment' started by Psykohurricane55, Dec 28, 2017.

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    So the bracket for the tournament have just been announce and let me tell you that i'm a little underwhelm by the announcement

    So the first round consist of

    Bobby roode vs BAron corbin: We already know that Roode won that match he will be facing the winner of the Zack Ryder vs Mojo Rawley match.

    on the other side of the bracket Jinder won against Tye dillinger and he will face the winner of the Xavier woods vs Aiden English match.

    So that the tournament bracket that have just being announce. I fell they pretty much telegraph who's getting in the finals of the tournament with this lineup because the only 2 guys that actually make sense in this tournament are bobby roode and Jinder Mahal. Everybody else feels like fillers because they needed 8 guys and only had 3 credible name to put in the tournament.

    In the end, i feel they either put the belt on Jinder which would be a really good move because it's a better position for him then being WWE champion or they will have roode win which will lead to another Ziggler match because Ziggler will show up at the end of the tournament claiming he never relinquish the championship and this was all management's fault because they we're trying to keep him down yet again. But if they go that route, why do a tournament in the first place, you could have just done Corbin vs Roode for the vacated title and have ziggler show up the following week and set up the match.
  2. Jack-Hammer

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    While it's not all that likely to happen, I think Xavier Woods is every bit as credible as anyone in the tournament. Woods has the in-ring ability and the personality, most definitely the personality, as he's been part of one of the best acts going in wrestling for the past couple of years in the New Day.

    As I said though, it's pretty unlikely considering that all of Woods' biggest moments have been as part of a tag team, though I think it'd be cool for a New Day member to bring a singles title into the group; I wonder if WWE would have them go the route of doing the Freebird Rule even though it's a singles title.

    As far as telegraphing the finalists, most tournaments really have only a small handful of guys who most fans see as having any real chance. For instance, of the 20 guys involved in New Japan's G1 Climax, which is pretty much viewed as THE top wrestling tournament of the year, there were really only about 4 guys who most would realistically "buy into" winning: Kazuchika Okada, Kenny Omega, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Tetsuya Naito. Not that there weren't great wrestlers in the tourney but if you looked at the list overall, these were really the only four guys that had the buzz going on. Most of the others were either guys who'd been entirely Junior Heavyweight stars, tag team guys, life long mid-carders, guys who're really just starting out in New Japan or on loan from ROH.

    What I see happening is that Roode and Jinder wind up in the finals, Roode has things going his way and he's managed to take the Singh Brothers out of the equation. However, Dolph Ziggler pops up after being gone all that time and costs Roode the match with the result being Jinder's run as champion already getting off to a massively underwhelming start. If given the choice, I prefer Jinder at this level any ol' day of the week than being back in the main event picture but the fact remains that Jinder Mahal still sucks no matter where you put him. In or out of the main event, whether it's in the ring, on the mic or as a character, Jinder is, at his very best on his very best day, an average pro wrestler with a million dollar physique.
  3. BestSportsEntertainer

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    Woods vs English and Ryder vs Rawley? Dang that's underwhelming to say the least.

    Either way these matches mean nothing. We're still getting Jinder vs. Roode in the finals.

    Jinder is still awful, but at least he's out of the world title scene for now.
  4. George Steele's Barber

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    Ugh, could WWE make the result of this tournament more obvious? Clearly we are going to get Woods and Roode in the finals. Roode is going to cheat to win in the process turning heel. Roode will go on to feud with New Day for the next three months with Corbin, dropping the Lone Wolf gimmick, at his side as his henchman. Roode will go over Woods and Kofi multiple times until Big E gets another singles title win at the Mania pre-show.

    So predictable.
  5. Navi

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    I have no idea why Sami Zayn hasn't been inserted into this tournament. It seems like the perfect way to put a title on him without giving him the top belt. He could use Owens to help him win and as a thank you, Zayn helps Owens win the WWE Championship belt.

    With Styles, Nakamura, Orton, Owens on the SD roster, it doesn't look like Zayn will ever get a shot at the top prize. Putting the secondary title on him would be a good way to give him at least one title run in the WWE.

    As it is the outcome here is very predictable but then these tournaments usually are.
  6. Y 2 Jake

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    It doesn't make sense for Ziggler to relinquish the title and come back so soon.

    So I guess he returns in the final to interfere.
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  7. Spencesc11

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    What the other half of the bracket should've looked like....

    Roode vs. Corbin

    Zayn vs. Big E

    Nakamura vs. Neville

    Mahal vs. Dillinger

    Great way to get Neville re-introduced in a match vs. Nakamura.

    Could have Zayn vs. Nakamura in the Finals (that would be fun to watch)
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  8. The Samoan Heritage

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    I really am not interested in the storyline direction here. I have never cared for Ziggler, and Roode hasn't done anything for me, since coming to wwe.
    My other gripe with this tournament are the crappy matchups. There isn't a single match of the tournament were you can say, "well, if they are given enough time, the match could be good/great."

    What I would love to see is for Xavier Woods to win the tournament, and New Day eventually use the freebirds rules with the U.S championship.

    Also wouldn't mind seeing Jinder Mahal as U.S champion. He just came off a reign as wwe champion and the promos have the potential to be great. Only downside would be the less than championship quality matches.

    With that said^^^, I will be just fine with whomever wins the long as it is not Mojo. If they do decided to go the obvious direction, hopefully they don't have Roode win the championship/tournament, only for Ziggler to return and beat him at their ppv match. PLEASE NO HOT POTATO WITH THE CHAMPIONSHIP.
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  9. Vintage Punk

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    Eh pretty easy to determine who's going over who except maybe for the title match. Mojo over Ryder because a heel needs to go against a face in Roode (WWE logic) and Woods over English (even though English gaining popularity w/ the whole Rusev Day stuff). Then Jinder over Woods and Roode over Rawley to setup Roode vs Jinder. I think they'll go with Roode to push him with the title. If he wins then I hope we would get true open challenge opportunities with Roode defending. But you never know, WWE does like to push the evil foreigner with the title concept...
  10. Psykohurricane55

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    While it kind of obvious that they're going with Jinder vs Roode in the finals, i feel it would have been a great way for them to actually elevate Mojo Rawley into a important mid card heel. I feel like they have something with Mojo as a heel and if i had to pick between Mojo and Corbin as a big no nonsense midcard heel, i would pick Mojo. To help him you would have to beat the 2 biggest names in the tournament in Roode and Jinder and go with Woods and Mojo in the finals which is a really weak final.
  11. OYDK

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    There's no way Jinder doesn't go to the finals after just losing the WWE title. Not unless somebody costs him the match for whatever reason. Still, I'm not sure this is as obvious as everyone thinks it is. WWE loves to throw out seemingly predictable scenarios and then swerve us simply for the sake of swerving us.

    At the same time, I'm not seeing any decent match-ups besides Roode/Jinder here. Either way, Ziggler's coming back so this will all be a moot point.
  12. TakeTheSting

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    Jinder winning the title absolutely makes sense from every point I see. You know Vince loves the anti American winning the U.S. title. I would like to see a Roode win it too but like everyone’s saying Dolph will probably show up and it will end in a no contest.
  13. Terry Gyimah

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    Jinder Mahal The Modern Day Maharaja they still have faith in him and we know how WWE loves to reward superstars who they have faith in? They basically gift wrap them titles and that is what I see them doing as far as them basically giving Jinder Mahal the WWE United States Championship.
  14. Radical

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    I love the idea of tournaments in wrestling but I hope I'm not disappointed by the follow-through.

    I know in pro wrestling tournaments you can pretty much project the finals and probably the winner, that's often the case. But, what I HOPE is that there are storyline progressions NOT JUST with the main stars in the tournament. And hopefully fairly significant storyline progressions.

    You can still treat a WWE tournament like a sporting event competition and STILL have interference or hotly contested matchups or teasing team friction or new alliances.

    I could give a bunch of examples of how they could do that with the match-ups they have but I'm sure most of you could too. It's just a matter of if "Creative" is going to do something ... creative or not.

    As for the winner, may be Jinder so he can continue this Champion run he's been on. Not a fan of another 'America-hating foreigner' as US champ gimmick again. Mahal's gimmick needs to be MUCH deeper than that to be more interesting. If they are going to make him US Champ give the fans MUCH more reasons to hate him rather than just being a 'guy from India' who has '1.3 billion supporters' that are not Americans.

    Make Jinder despicable. Make him DEMAND respect and have others kiss his feet. Have him beat up and FORCE a few people to show him respect and bow before him and kiss his feet. And have him ruthless in attaining this 'respect'. If he loses a match he needs to react strongly and viciously and maybe even manipulatively. Try to coax others with money to take out those who he has issue with, etc. Because this is the type of character who needs deeply defined reasons and then examples of his evilness to be worthy of being a heel champion.

    Because you know what? Baron Corbin is a so-called 'heel' champion and if you look at his words and actions, yes he'll do a back stage or ring attack sometime and insult the fans sometimes ... it's alright ... but it's what I would call "heel-light" actions. He does enough for fans to have some reason to boo him and since he started in WWE he's always been heel and fairly dominant so at least he has some of that going for him.

    But Jinder? He has a mountain to climb still and if they are still going with him as a championship contender they NEED to go in full-tilt to develop him as a despicable heel or just stop.

    Now, if Roode wins, that's interesting too. I guess they are keeping Roode as face right now because he's entrance gives him such a pop and he really hasn't done anything to be booed for. I'm sure he'll be a great heel turn once it happens but if he wins and it is so Ziggler can come back and face him he'll have to stay babyface as Ziggler will be the heel.
  15. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    Nobody wants to mention how Xavier Woods being there, feels soo out of place? Because it really does. I would watch for Xavier to have a big moment in this tournament.
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  16. #hamler

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    This would be the most interesting of outcomes for me personally. The New Day has pretty much owned the entire tag team division since they were first established in 2014. Their feud with The Usos this past year featured some of the best tag team wrestling in years. There is little doubt the New Day will continue to flourish as a tag team but a little break from the division isn't the worst idea.

    I'd have Xavier slide past Jinder Mahal and Bobby Roode to win the championship and see how the freebird works for a singles title. Ziggler, Roode or Mahal can all lay claim to the title a little later on after we see Xavier and the New Day bring something different to the United States Chanpionship. It's certainly the most entertaining outcome.
  17. Wolf Pac

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    Jinder wins to keep him relevant and doing something for a while before he drops further back down the card and becomes a jobber again. No way he doesn't win after coming off his WWE Title reign. And WWE loves the evil foreigner holding the home country belt angle.

    Roode likely wins it off him later in the year.

    Xavier would only be interesting if it leads to New Day breaking up and having a Triple Threat over the belt at Wrestlemania. Don't wanna see them hold the belt and have some LayCool type shit angle with the belt.

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