The US title feud.

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    I'm a huge fan of the way the US title feud is currently being written.

    Roode acts like a face but is far from full blown face.
    Orton is very much of a tweener with heelish edge. He hasn't talked much but the crowd has loved every moment he's been on the screen.
    And then there's Jinder who's transforming from the foreigner heel to a manipulative selfish heel. He's improved his mic skills as well because he talks like a human being right now.

    And although they've been using the top 10 list as a cover, more personal issues have begun to emerge.

    I haven't seen this being done for a while now. And I'm looking forward to where it goes.
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  2. AegonTargaryen

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    Yes it's true. I haven't even watched SDL or seen the highlights but read the results and the first thought I immediately had was "Wow, Jinder's actually being a CHARACTER, for the first time ever, there's some depth".

    I'll surely check this particular segment from SDL out. May be even follow this feud, and the Orton-Roode match.

    I don't remember caring for an Orton match or feud, or even ANY feud, especially from SDL in a long long time, since most of the matches are either repetitions, or just random throwaway first-timers with no build or intrigue whatsoever, such as when Nakamura beat both Cena and Orton on a random episode of SDL.

    Though I still feel Orton vs Roode should've been saved for WM, as a first-timer, and been given a slow 2-3 month build leading to Orton RKO'ing him outta nowhere(or even turning heel) leading to the WM encounter. But anyway.
  3. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    I find it cringe-worthy for some reason, but I'll wait to see where it goes. Maybe because I don't really get where they're trying to go with this, or maybe because everytime I see Jinder and Randy in the same ring together, I get nightmares.

    But let's see where this is headed.
  4. Vintage Punk

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    Orton is being portrayed how he should be as a tweener like how Austin used to be before he was just ultimately over with everyone. Jinder will be a heel no matter what and I'm glad he's not in the main event picture but rather mid card title pic which is much better. The thing with Roode is that he was so much better in NXT as a dick like heel which he should go back to.

    What I wish they'd do is make Roode that heel he was in NXT, Orton stays tweener, Jinder the other heel in picture as he is, and bring in Tye Dillinger and Rusev as the babyfaces. Hell if you got one more mid card guy then setup a ladder match for US title at Mania. That would be great way to get all those guys involved and be in an exciting competitive match!
  5. Rulk25

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    Take your pick plently of mid carders they could add in
    Corbin, Dolph or Mojo
  6. Jack-Hammer

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    I've also enjoyed it overall. Adding Orton into this picture for the time being has really helped this program because Jinder Mahal simply doesn't have it. I will say that he's gotten somewhat better on the mic because he's moved out of the "you people hate me because I'm different" mold that dictated much of his woeful WWE Championship run but he's just not interesting enough to carry a one on one title program at this point.

    I dig the notion of seeing guys like Cena and Orton in the midst of mid-card title programs. Cena's US Open Challenge may have been the best thing to happen to the title since its use in WWE and it also helped to really reinvigorate Cena himself as he was putting on some of the best matches of his career. I'd very much like to see him in the Intercontinental Championship picture at some point. As for Orton, if I'm not mistaken, this is really the first time Orton's been involved in a mid-card title feud since his days as Intercontinental Champion starting way back in late 2003 and it's a refreshing change. As of right now, I don't think I ever want to see Orton going after the WWE or Universal Championship again, he's just flat out DOA when it comes to the main event spot in my eyes.

    While I don't think Roode is at his best with his current role, he's still doing a solid job with what he's got and he's being a good babyface champion. I don't think he'll have all that prominent a spot for WrestleMania as there's just so much to fit in and other programs that are going to take priority so I feel he definitely needs to remain champion for a good while longer.
  7. Ceen

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    In Fastlane, WWE says Orton vs Roode, but we all know is gonna be Orton vs Mahal vs Roode... I like Jinder to take the fall and protect Orton vs Roode for WM. The only bad thing is that there are too many multiman matches booked...
  8. Spencesc11

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    I think Roode vs. Ziggler at Mania makes more sense. Dolph says he regrets his actions and will take back what is rightfully his. This feud could build a lot of heat for Mania for a midcard strap. I would take Orton and put him as Shane's partner vs. Owens/Zayn with D. Bryan as the special guest referee. It looks like D. Bryan is clearly not wrestling in WWE anytime soon so that match makes the most sense for Mania to.
  9. Hard Hit Prince

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    On paper it could be a good storyline, but it really isn't. On paper you have two babyfaces, Orton and Roode, trying to better the other and Jinder Mahal trying to make it about them and silently steal the gold. However, it's the meat that interests me on a week to week basis and this TOP 10 thing doesn't interest me at all.

    I did like the Jinder promo, telling Roode how he's scared of Orton and Roode really avoiding the answer, so that was fine. It's a weird dynamic, but a babyface may be scared to lose his championship against a bigger star and I would like to see that explored.

    It will, however, be way more basic than that. Jinder will have a match with either of them, or both of them, to get inserted into the title picture because one keeps interfering in the other match, so Jinder will have the advantage and the angle will be: "Can Jinder steal the gold? Are Roode/Orton able to focus on the title instead of each other?". Meh.

    It also doesn't help that the feud is being used to build the Shane/Bryan stupid story.
  10. Vanilla Midget

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    I’m also enjoying Orton here. He’s a known quantity in an unknown situation. He’s never held the US title and hasn’t held a midcard title in nearly 15 years. Putting him here isn’t innovative by any stretch but it has just enough freshness to give it an edge.

    I don’t see Mahal entering the match, but I see him getting involved and leading to the triple threat for WrestleMania. Jinder has improved vastly over the last year and is better here than the main event.

    Roode is an excellent talent but you have to wonder why he’s still a baby face, this feud aside. The character was designed to be a heel. When Roode debuted on SDL, the announcer were putting over how rich he supposedly is, and how he has the nicest clothes, accessories, and transportation.

    Now he’s face, and that’s all in the background to being gone. He’s just a guy in a robe shouting “glorious” all the time. Who are we rooting for, silly robe man?

    Now when silly robe man was a talented who was also a rich a-hole and full of himself, we had a character. A character we’ve seen over and over again, but a simple enough one to understand.

    Bobby needs more reasons for us to get behind him, or he should be a bad guy who is slowly developing those reasons.

    Now is not the time for a heel turn, but it ought to be in the cards for 2018. Maybe coupled with a move to Raw?

    For now though, Roode is he babyface in a feud with tweener Randy and a heel Jinder Mahal finally developing his character beyond evil foreign guy.

    These appear to be the players for WrestleMania. This is a good spot to be in now for all three, even if Roode should turn heel for a spell sooner than later.

    I don’t see Mahal being officially added to the mix for Fastlane. Though the more I think about it I could see a title change occurring so the foreign heel can take the US title into Mania. Whichever the case, Roode should be the one coming out on top of this.
  11. Cub McCallister

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    I'm intrigued to see where this goes, I like Roode Vs Orton for Fastlane,I think Mahal should be on commentary and later cause a double DQ in which Roode retains.

    In the week leading up to Wrestlemania Roode should continue his open challenge for the US title going up against guys like Dillinger, Corbin, Ziggler, Xavier Woods in which both Orton & Mahal cause chaos which leads to a Ladder match for the strap at Mania.

    It should be Roode Vs Orton Vs Mahal Vs Ziggler Vs Corbin Vs Dillinger Vs Woods. It would be a nice opener for Mania in which Roode retains again, after Mania he starts to develop a more cocky attitude and then starts to turn heel, possibly going up against Tye Dillinger for the title or someone from NXT.

    Ziggler could make the case that he never lost his title so is cashing in his rematch clause and several others could stake a claim to want to have a title shot. It's just a way to get everyone on the card, make the title mean something like Miz is doing so with the IC title on Raw.

    This is a nice way to build Roode up as a credible US champion, which also builds and protects several others in the process.

    I'd like to see the US title be defended in a ladder match at Mania, with the IC title being defended in a fatal 4 way with Miz, Balor, Rollins & Strowman with possibly Strowman getting the win. One can only hope though.

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