The Shield Triple Threat As Wrestlemania 32's Main Event or Not?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Hard Hit Prince, Oct 31, 2015.

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    There is not a better and more organic storyline to main event WrestleMania 32 than Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. However there are a lot of other backup plans already in progress for the big stage regarding the three individuals (or so it seems of course).

    It's incredible how a year and half later people still remember and love The Shield. They were an incredible fresh concept and they delivered on a weekly basis the best six-man tag matches in the history of wrestling. All of them are talented and it doesn't really matter who's better, as all of them, are really good in their own right. In fact, so good that 2015's WWE as seen all of them fighting in main event spots for the biggest title the company has. Ambrose/Rollins were the youngest main eventers in years, Reigns main evented WrestleMania 31. All of them are connected and it's really a question of when more so than "what if".

    But, like I said, there've been various rumors that completely scratch this potential big story. Something like Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho or Randy Orton; Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar II or John Cena and last but not least, the almost guaranteed Seth Rollins vs. Triple H.

    For a back up plan, I can't really say that I am displeased. All the matches seem to have a lot of potential on card, but for me, it will be disappointing if WWE doesn't give the guys that main event spot that they so rightfully deserve.

    But what do you want the most? The Shield Triple Threat or The Shield in various singles matches with big names?
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    While I personally would enjoy a Shield 3-way, I believe WWE management feels each guy (or at least Rollins & Reigns) are big enough attractions on their own to warrant singles matches rather than use up 3 featured guys in one least, for the biggest event of the year.

    Dean Ambrose, while arguably a lesser light than his fellow ex-Shield buddies, can handle an event by himself if the program written for him in the months before is compelling enough.

    So, while I would think a 3-way might be fun at a lesser show, WM32 needs star power in every match and packing the three of them in one contest makes the rest of the card weaker.
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    Very much in agreement here, despite how badly I want this Triple threat to happen at 'Mania. I suppose when you consider the above point, you have to consider the rest of the card. That being said, when you consider their "a list" talent, who are more or less locks for the big event;

    Triple H
    The Undertaker

    ... and potential wildcards, in match or in segment;

    The Rock

    ... plus any multi man contest, a ladder match or André the Giant Battle Royal, there might be enough attractions that we can't disregard the possibility of a Shield Triple Threat just yet. Fingers crossed, I'm hoping.
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  4. Wrestlingaholic

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    I will probably be way out here, but my personal belief based on how storylines are currently progressing is that Rollins will defend (and lose) the title to Daniel Bryan, but Reigns and Ambrose will square off against each other.

    The Shield 3-way will be a ppv main event, but not just yet...
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    I would've thought it would be great, but as it has become increasingly apparent that a HHH v Rollins match is in the making, I don't think it's gonna happen.

    I think if anything, there is a slight chance that Reigns wins the belt sometime between now and then and Ambrose turns on him to set up a feud between the two of them for WM.
  6. Stan Hansen

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    I still think this is too soon. They don't need to have this match, yet. Save it for down the road.
  7. Jeff Deliverer of Mail

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    If they were to plan a Sheild Explosion main event at Wrestlemania ( which they really should ) these guys need to stay away from each other until a month or two prior.
    These guys have been fighting each other too much since the Shield broke up making the special main event level feel of The Sheild triple threat....less special.

    They have to cool it until a couple months before...then tear down the house at Mania.

    With wrestlers like Kevin Owens, John Cena , Fin Balor, Samoa Joe , Wade Barrett , Neville , Chris Jericho , Triple H , Undertaker , Brock Lesnar , Sting , New Day , Dudley's , Cesaro , Del Rio , Lucha Dragons , Divas , a large farm team called NXT they can dig into and Randy Orton plus others....filling out the rest of Wrestlemania won't be a problem at all. ....Wyatt Family....
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    My goodness I sure hope not. I really am against that match as a Mania headliner. I hate triple threats and always have been a fan of traditional 1 on 1 main events for the "Showcase of the Immortals". It looks too much like Reigns will beat Rollins soon for the title...if not at Survivor Series, then at the Rumble or the December ppv. Cena will probably win the Rumble and those two will face off.

    Reigns needs to be pushed now, and the only way they can take him to the next level as a face (with the crowd behind him) is to put him against Cena...who everyone hates.

    Rollins looks like he's taking on Triple H unless the Rock comes back (which recent rumors are pointing at). If not, then who knows...maybe Austin? (If he came back) WWE did put them in the ring together in the 2k16 commercial. Who knows?
  9. Vanilla Midget

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    There was a time where I found the prospect of the match exciting, but now it seems kind of more adequate than anything. It should have that Rock meeting Austin feel or even closer, Michaels meeting Triple H. I think it doesn't because we don't have enough psychic distance between these guys and their last meetings.

    Ambrose fought Rollins all spring/summer and Reigns is set to face Seth in just a few weeks at Survivor Series. Ambrose could turn on Reigns (possibly but unlikely aligning with Rollins) and set the triple threat in motion, but I wonder if WWE has other plans.

    Obviously there's huge upside in that the match pays off a lot of long form storytelling. It pays off Rollins betrayal of the Shield, it pays off Seth stealing the main of event of Mania 31 out from under Roman, and it pays off the bromance between Ambrose and Regins. If too guys are put together, good logical wrestling storytelling tells us they have to implode. But we're talking about WWE.

    Ambrose becoming frustrated by Reigns capitalizing from their partnership while Dean is left off of cards just makes sense from a storytelling perspective. WWE may just have Roman win and begin Seth on the path to a face turn.

    I like the idea of Roman winning the Rumble and redeeming himself against the top heel in the company. That top heel should not be Sheamus, but WWE could book it that way.

    The last time a hot fresh face won the Rumble and went on to beat the top heel was 10 years ago when Batista won to beat Triple H. In 2006, Mysterio went on the challenge a face in Angle. Undertaker faced a babyface Batista in 2007. 2008 to 2011 the winners failed to capitalize at Mania. I wouldn't describe Sheamus or Cena as being either hot or fresh in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Then Batista and Roman went back to back in failing to capitalize.

    It's been 10 years since what most view the concept of the modern Royal Rumble being; the hottest babyface winning to challenge the top heel. That formula has not been implemented as many times as it has, but it does have that basic formula of pro-wrestling embedded in it.

    This year I believe it's time for a face to win the Rumble, then challenge the heel to win cleanly at Mania. The Rumble has been kind have tainted in recent years. Of the last 10 winners, we've gone 50/50 for Mania win losses of Rumble winners, let that sink in.

    I wouldn't mind if Dean and Roman both won the Rumble, or if Roman wins and Dean weasels in. I more than anything want to see the Rumble return to prominence that it had through the 90s and early 2000s. Considering how poorly the Rumble has been received the last two years consecutively, perhaps it's time to reconsider the concept of how the WrestleMania main event is decided.

    The Shield triple threat could be good, but as others have said, maybe there are bigger plans. I doubt this match will be billed as the main event, co-main event possibly. Lesnar, Cena, Undertaker, and even a long shot in Ronda Rousey, have all had their names circulating. Austin will not be involved. I have my doubts the Rock will, as much as WWE would love Rock vs Brock.
  10. LiarsDice

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    If they hadn't been interacting so often since the break up, it would be awesome, but Dean and Roman have barely been apart, and Roman still wears the Shield attire and uses the Shield entrance music.
    They need to make the Shield aspect a thing of the past. Keep them all away from each other, emphasise their individual characters and storylines, and then down the line, have all three of their respective storylines converge in a chance encounter. THEN build to a match between them.

    The problem is they already gave the Shield reunion thing away for free on RAW a few weeks ago, which pretty much resets the timer to zero, as far as I'm concerned.
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  11. ShinChan

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    I am totally in for this main eventing the Wrestlemania but not 32..... Maybe 33 or 34..... Now its too soon..... And these shield guys are feuding/ feuded a lot in singles match.....
    For now they should be separated for atleast 3-4 months so it increases the credibility of this gonna be awesome match
  12. Messiah

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    It definitely won't be the top match on the show. I don't feel it would draw as much as WWE would like, somebody like The Rock would main-event, or Brock Lesnar.. If that match would happen it would likely be a top 3 match, but it won't be a main-event.
  13. Kodo Sawaki

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    I would love it. 3 former stable members and buddies competing for the ultimate prize in the industry. Match writes itself...

    Trouble is, its not gona mainevent Wrestlemania 32. Some smaller PPV or even some other Mania maybe, but not Wrestlemania 32. They want biggest Wrestlemania ever and attendance record so that means huge names to sell. That means, Rock, StoneCold, Taker, Lesnar, Rousey and anybody else that can be there. Shield triple threat is not big enough to mainevent that thing.
  14. Issa Genesis

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    Exactly, if WWE was smart they would do Cena/Reigns for the WWE Championship (Cena heel turn?! Or passing of the torch hand raise moment? Either way a classic moment in a classic match)
    Rollins/Triple H /w/ HBK as ref
    Stephen/Rousey (or just a Ronda Rousey segment)
    make Stone Cold the host. And that has the potential to sell out the show as well.

    Mainly if they have a strong lower card such as
    Bryan/Owens for the IC Title,
    Cesaro/Del Rio for the US Title,
    Paige/Charlotte/Sasha for the divas title, and
    Usos/Hardy's/Dudley's/New Day TLC for the tag titles
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  15. kadroan

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    I want The Shield in various single matches with big names.

    Reigns vs. Rollins (c) as one of the WM main events and Ambrose vs. Cena (c) for the US Championship (we all know Cena is going to beat ADR for the title when he comes back).

    The reason I say that is for one I doubt we'll ever see another triple threat WM main event match since it's rumored Vince was so against doing it at WM 31. It feels like it's bad timing for a Shield triple threat at WM. They could have did it at Summerslam since Ambrose was recently chasing the WWE WHC and Reigns been trying to get back into it, they'd just have to find Bray someone to target, Orton? And that would have worked.

    Ambrose hadn't acted like he even wanted to win the WWE WHC, he just seems to be so into supporting Reigns.
  16. OYDK

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    I really don't think this happens to be honest. This seems to be one of those scenarios where the IWC has this clear cut vision in their head, that Vince Mcmahon just doesn't share. I've said it for a long time and I still think this, I doubt Vince Mcmahon sees a Shield triple threat as big enough to headline Mania. Perhaps if it weren't for the WWEWHC than I can see this coming to fruition, but with names like Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Taker, etc. appearing, it doesn't seem likely that these 3 will headline Mania 32 right now.

    Anyways, I'd rather see them in 3 singles matches than thrown together this year. I think it will add much more to the Mania card and we can get the triple threat match at a time when it makes more sense. If Dean Ambrose had been handled better my answer probably would have been different but I can't see him near the main event of Wrestlemania this year.
  17. rge2010

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    WWE are not going to try and break records and promote Rollins vs Reigns vs Ambrose as their Main Event at WM32. The three Superstars and the match is simply not big enough. Sure, promote as a co Main Event but this Mania is too early and too big for this to headline. It's a nice match with a nice story behind it.

    Brock vs Rock - biggest match WWE can do
    Taker/Sting vs Wyatt/Strowman - Taker and Sting tagging would be epic
    Cena vs Bryan - Throw in the Bellas, have Cena tease the heel turn
    Rollins vs Reigns vs Ambrose - nice match with a cool story behind it

    If they can somehow bring Kurt Angle in to fight Del Rio then you have a very solid card.


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