The Reign(s) of Lashley

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    Considering their match at Extreme Rules on Sunday, does the outcome mean more than it might appear on the surface?

    Essentially, there’s been rumblings that Roman Reigns may no longer be locked in as the next great thing. When you consider his losing streak to Brock Lesnar, there could be some credibility to the rumors.

    That being said, is Bobby Lashley being positioned to become the next great thing? If he beats Reigns, does that mean Roman’s “push” is over? Or is it simply changing things up so Lesnar has a different challenger?

    Of course, Braun Strowman does have the Money (Monster) in the Bank briefcase, so he’s eventually going to get a title shot. But I don’t think anyone believes he’s the next great thing Vince wants to build the company around. But he could be.

    Long story short — if Reigns loses on Sunday does that signal the beginning of the end of it truly being his yard?
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    It's becoming difficult to tell what's going on with the Raw main event picture, but I'm not sure if that's by design or due to a combination of incompetence due to Vince's man crush on Lesnar becoming so out of control that he's waiting for a very, very specific moment. The last time I read anything concerning Lesnar, there was still nothing locked in for SummerSlam and every report I've read suggests that's all down to Vince as Lesnar doesn't show up until Vince wants him.

    It's all but guaranteed that Brock Lesnar will be Daniel Cormier's first opponent for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. I've had to eat a little bit of crow as I stated last week that Lesnar, even if he went back to the UFC, wouldn't be anywhere near the championship picture again but I was wrong. I underestimated how little regard Dana White has for the integrity of the sport considering all the doping that's gone around, his willingness to tolerate the antics of Connor McGregor, some of which actually resulted in a female UFC fighter sustaining injury, letting someone who has no business fighting on a UFC ppv, AKA CM Punk, on the card because of name value alone, etc.. Anyhow, Lesnar will be challenging for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, though it'll probably be sometime next year as Lesnar has only just entered the USDA testing regiment; I've read that it'll probably be January before the fight comes about and, if that's the case, I'm actually wondering if Vince is somehow trying to hold off on things to wait and see whether or not Lesnar wins the UFC Heavyweight Championship so he can incorporate the whole thing into another storyline that he hopes to orchestrate into another mega moment for Roman Reigns.

    As I alluded to, it's difficult to know what the main event plans are because nobody else seems to know them except Vince. We haven't laid eyes on the WWE Universal Champion since the Greatest Royal Rumble nearly 3 months ago and anything I've read on the subject doesn't provide any degree of solidity as to when Lesnar will be back. You'd think that SummerSlam would be the logical choice but we've seen Vince completely piss in the face of logic at times when it concerns plans for Brock Lesnar. For all we know, Vince may actually try keeping Lesnar away until his fight with Cormier is over so he can see just how big of a moment he can try to manufacture for Reigns next. In this day and age, not seeing a main event champion compete for months at a time just doesn't work. The industry has changed, people are connected to media in ways never dreamed of 30 years ago and it's hard to turn off what you're used to seeing. In New Japan, title defenses, especially main event title defenses, are somewhat rare as the IWGP Heavyweight Champion might defend his title once every few months but he still shows up to wrestle, most often in random tag matches but at least he's on the card for fans to see. That's not the case with Lesnar and it hurts the championship, in my opinion. The last time we saw the main event champion on Raw actually wrestle on Raw was about 18 months ago and it's been even longer since the Raw main event title, the Universal Championship, was defended on WWE television.

    As for Bobby Lashley, the guy sucks as a babyface. He wasn't much to speak of 10 years ago as a babyface and he's not much now, so I don't know if it all can be blamed on Vince's restrictions. I just know he's as bland as can be so far as they've had him as a generic, smiling babyface instead of portraying him as the dominant, legitimate badass that he is. They try to play down his MMA career as a failure because he didn't compete in the UFC and it's a mistake. I don't think Lashley is someone that will be the "next big thing" due in part of his age; Lashley's not an old man or anything, but he does turn 42 in the next few days so you have to figure that he's not going to take Reigns' spot. Reigns is someone who'll be one of the guys carrying WWE for the next decade and I look for Lashley to be gone in 3 years tops.

    If Reigns loses on Sunday, I don't think it'll mean much of anything because Vince is too focused on giving Reigns big moment after big moment. Despite fans letting him and other executives know time after time that these artifially induced big moments, that all the sterile attempts to get Reigns in a certain way that fits with whatever paddywhack vision Vince has, he's not giving up on Reigns. Vince is Willy Wonka, the WWE is his fucking chocolate factory, he's in charge and he wants everyone to remember it.
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    Thanks for bringing this up, as I was really thinking about this a lot yesterday and like you I'm very confused.

    Especially with the UFC news, you cannot expect Brock to carry the Universal Title into the UFC. That would be foolish. Plus Lesnar will need to officially leave the WWE to train for his fight so he has to drop the title ....right?

    On paper, I think Lashley wins Sunday. Gives Vince his immediate cash cow for SS Lesnar vs Lashley. However, I don't think Vince will not include Reigns in the match, because IF this is Brock's last WWE event for awhile Vince needs to conclude the storyline from the Greatest Royal Rumble where Reigns is the "uncrowned champ."

    Triple threat match at SS... Lesnar vs Lashley vs Reigns. Lashley dominates Brock...sets up a possible one on one match either at Survivor Series (could boost Lesnar going to UFC by beating Lashley a legit tuff guy) or WrestleMania IF Brock loses his UFC fight.

    Reigns wins the title by pinning a weakened Lesnar. Concludes their story! Validates his yard, sets up a feud vs heel Lashley for fall.

    I don't think Vince would put Lashley over as champ due to his TNA roots now. I also don't think Strowman cashes in here. (still stupid he is MOB he doesn't need it)

    In the end I think Lashley wins Sunday to set up Lesnar's exit at Summer Slam and Reigns getting the title to eventually be cashed in by Strowman to set up Strowman v Reigns (maybe as a heel) at WrestleMania in NY?NJ.
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    McGregor didn't injure a woman. He injured Ray Borg and Michael Chiesa. Rose Namajunas was on the bus, but was left uninjured. It doesn't make it any better--he's still a piece of crap and it was dumb luck that a woman didn't get injured.

    Lesnar is a legitimate challenger for anyone in the UFC. Sure it's a big pay day for them, but it's also not like they're thrusting CM Punk into the main event. Lesnar can legitimately take out some of the best dudes in the sport. I think Cormier beats him, but Lesnar is better than 60-80% of the heavyweight division right now.

    Reigns is still the guy. Let's not kid ourselves. He's going over Lashley and he'll be facing Lesnar at SummerSlam. I'm fine with Reigns being the guy. It sucks that the fans are crapping so hard down his throat because he's actually a really good wrestler. The writing behind him sucks, but I think Reigns will eventually be "the guy" and it will work with the crowd. It's going to take a major heel run before it happens though.

    I want some type of fatal 4-way at SummerSlam where Reigns-Lesnar-Rollins-Lashley face off. Lesnar goes out first after a 3-man team forms against him. Then Lashley goes out. And in a Stone Cold/Rock Wrestlemania heel turn moment, Reigns beats the holy hell out of Rollins and cheats his way to the belt. Have the WWE Brass back Reigns and ship Rollins over to Smackdown per the request of Reigns. And then at every PPV, these two can go at it behind the curtain. Rollins wins the RR and challenges Reigns for the belt at WM.
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    Safest play for WWE here....

    End of Reigns-Lashley match Lesnar comes out and destroys both of them. Match ends in no contest.

    Raw the next night Angle makes Summerslam main event a triple threat. Stroman comes out and says make that a Fatal 4 Way these hands are getting Brock Lesnar.

    Summerslam either of the 3 can win without pinning Lesnar. Lesnar still looks strong and you get your Universal Champion back on Raw every week.

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