The New Harry Potter "Spin-Off" Movie

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A Harry Potter flick without Harry Potter is...

  1. probably the best idea in the damn world.

  2. shitting in the money bag, my friend.

  3. something. Sure is something.

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  1. Spidey

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    Apr 1, 2010
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    There you have it. According to The Chicago Tribune and several other news sources, there appears to be a new Harry Potter film underway- without the boy wizard. A screenplay is in the works as I type this so apparently a new wizardly movie will be out in the future.

    So, my opinion about this is rather solemn to be honest. The Harry Potter Franchise will be one of the most beloved children's stories in history. Casual Vacancy, not as popular, but still a huge hit nonetheless for Rowling. But I don't believe many movie goers, or even potterphiles, are that interested in seeing this particular wizard story. But then again that's my opinion, and I am a Potterphile.

    The poll is the poll. Is this a good idea; something you want to see? Is this complete Dudley dumb shit? Discuss.
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  2. HBK-aholic

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    It's not what I would have envisioned, if Rowling ever was to go down the Spin-Off route, though maybe that's a good thing? There are very few parts of the Potter-verse that the obsessive fans (Me) haven't pictured, discussed, written about, or already have high expectations for due to their imaginations whilst reading. Scamander is a part of the books in the smallest way possible, with next to no information given about him or his family, meaning Rowling can truly grow the character in the ways only she can.

    Regardless of what it's about, anything written by our Queen, especially in terms of magic and imagination, is worthy of watching/reading and I'll be first in line to see it.
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  3. Mitch Henessey

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    Harry Potter returning to the big screen in the form of a reboot or a spin-off is something that was going to happen some day. That's inevitable. Potter is one of the most lucrative and successful film franchises of all time, and we all know about the massive fan following for the books.

    As far as films go, I wasn't the biggest fan of Order Of The Phoenix and The Deathly Hallows Part I, but I thoroughly enjoyed the other films, with Goblet Of Fire being my favorite. Fans will line up around the block to see this, because Rowling and Potter have a strong and loyal fanbase. I don't know if Gary Oldman is willing to return to reprise the role, but I would love a HP film centered around Sirius Black, because he was one of the more intriguing characters in the series.
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  4. Pay Per Ghost

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    Apr 9, 2010
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    I like this. Although I have forgotten a lot about the series (even though I've read all the books), this seems like quite a nice spin-off. It could take a life of its own, but there are a lot of HP fans who have grown up now so dunno how BIG this is. I still see the movie doing really well though.

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