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Discussion in 'WWE NXT' started by Jack-Hammer, Oct 4, 2017.

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    Via an announcement via Twitter and earlier tonight, there'll be a WarGames match at the next NXT TakeOver event in Houston during Survivor Series weekend. This marks the first time in more than 19 years a WarGames match goes on and it marks the first time one has ever taken place under the WWE banner. Triple H didn't announce who will be involved in the match, I'm sure it was announced during tonight's NXT tapings but don't post those if you read the taping results as you'll be posting spoilers and that's a no no. If you watch NXT regularly, then you probably can figure out who'll be involved; my guess is that the Undisputed Era, consisting of Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish, will be involved somehow as factions have frequently held a prominent place in the WarGames matches.

    A lot of people have been wanting to see WWE revive the WarGames match for years, and there's been talk of it happening, though I'm happy to see that NXT will be the one bringing it back. When it comes to overall consistency and quality, NXT is superior to the main roster and has been for a very long time. One drawback is that the WarGames won't come off as though it's as big of a deal, not even remotely, since it's not going down on the main roster but, for me, it's an acceptable sacrifice as I trust NXT to get the most out of the match more than I do the main roster.
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    i kinda feel like it will be a tone down version of War games and not what we all remembered during the WCW days.

    Personally, when i was a teen, i use to love wargames because it felt different but has i grew up, i kinda realise how boring this match truly was and i started to not really like it as much.

    The fact is, the concept was flawed, you started with 2 guys in the ring and then after 5 minutes you had a coin flip to determine who was getting the advantage, which luckily was always the heels winning that coin flip and you had to wait 25 minutes for everybody to come him before the real match started. Then what was even worst was the fact that the only way to win was by submission so you didn't even see the finish you had to take the referee to his word that the guy had submitted.

    So basically, you could easily fast foward 90% of the match until you get all the guys in the ring and watch a 5 minutes match because let face it the match beyond really didn't last that long.

    So i hope that they have a different concept in mind like maybe doing similar to what they did for the 98 war games. Have the match start with 2 man in the ring and you don't have to wait until everybody get in the ring to win the match, you can win the match at anytime by pinfall or submission. That's more interesting that the old concept and keep you wondering all match long if somebody is gonna win before all team are in the ring.

    In excited in seeing how WWE will be treating this gimmick but i hope they don't just do the same old wargames that WCW we're doing in the early days.

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