"The Innovator of Pain" Arrives

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    The camera winds it way through a deserted prison just outside of Reno. The camera spots an open cell and in it is a man with a black leather jacket and blue jeans sitting on an old cot.

    Man in the Cell: WZCW has just signed a deal that will let the most dangerous man to ever step foot into a wrestling ring. My name is Reaper, and I will be the most hardcore individual to win the Heavywieght Title. I have become what I am by beating people so bloody that their own relatives have had a hard time identifying them. I have come here to the WZCW to do just that.To show the spoiled brats what it means to be in a fight for your life. Where every move you make could be your last. To push your body's pain thresh hold to the point where you feel that breathing could kill you.

    He gets up, walks out of the cell and after descending down some stairs walks into the prison yard.

    Reaper: I was at that point. Where your joints feel like they are being pulled apart and your bones start to crack. That's when I saw what it is my destiny to do. I started to train myself to be able to absorb that kind of pain so that I would be able to one day show the world what "Real Pain" is. For example of real pain think of this: Joseph "The Main Event" Rios won his title in a grueling Triple-Threat Match at Unscripted. After that match he was probably sore and in a bit of pain, but if it were me I wouldn't have been feeling shit. One day Rios, you too will know what "Real Pain" is and when all is said and done I will be the new Heavyweight Champion. Until that day comes, and yes that day will come. I will be watching and waiting for you to be careless. No matter where you go or who you are with I will be there. Then, when the time is right you will know why they call me the "Innovator of Pain". After that, you and the rest of the wrestling world will know and fear the Reaper.

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