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    Seth Rollins cashing in, The Rock taking out John Cena, HBK walking off into the sunset and The Undertaker placing his gear in the middle of the ring. WrestleMania always has that one massive moment to end the show. My question or should I say query is how do they end WrestleMania 34 this year. So far reports have stated that there are 3 matches that are touted to end the show. If healthy and actually able to compete we may see The Undertaker’s final match against John Cena, Ronda Rousey is teaming with RAW GM Kurt Angle to take on the power couple of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H and the Universal title is on the line between current title holder Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. These are some ways I would look to end WrestleMania:

    - The Undertaker finally retires-
    We all thought that was it last year. It was perfect (not the match) but the way Taker stood there soaking in his loss to then proceed to place his ring gear in the middle of the ring, surely signalling the end of the Deadman once and for all. Well if John Cena’s current RAW promos are anything to go by, there’s one more match left for the phenom. What perfect way to end the career of perhaps the greatest wrestling character of all time then have him finally put the Undertaker persona to rest whether in defeat or victory. Have him do his signature pose with pyros and fire adding to the moment. Maybe even have the roster come out to send him off with a massive congratulations on the career of one of the greatest. A Cena handshake would definitely be on the cards, maybe even bring out his foes from past Mania’s except of course Roman and Brock. Perfect ending to a perfect career.

    - Roman Reigns supreme but not without the turn -
    The Roman project has failed Vince. How do you not see this? He is talented, he is actually a very decent wrestler. But he is not the main WWE Star you’re trying to make him. It’s been four years. You want to get him over? You want no massive booing party to end the biggest event of the year. Turn the guy heel! Have him defeat Brock in an absolute brawl with some real fighting elements in it. He’s playing this innocent superman at the moment fighting the want away money grabber. Change it up, Brocks the heel going into it, Romans supposedly the face. Have Lesnar recognise that Reigns is the better man and offer a handshake, than BAM! Reigns loses it. A spear whilst Brock is departing, throwing him into the barricade, powerbomb through the table. Then maybe perhaps have Seth Rollins come out to try and calm the new beast of WWE who then gets his own comeuppance from years back with another table being broken. Roman is your new king of kings and the crowd will probably be licking their lips.

    - Rousey taps out The Game -
    This match is one I’m not actually too interested in, and I am a fan of Rousey being in the WWE. Yes her mic skills aren’t at a great level yet but what do you expect. Everybody is saying throw her with Paul Heyman but Heyman for me only belongs to Brock. Rousey just doesn’t need to speak a lot. If this match is ending Mania you need something huge to go down. The word is is that Vince is using Rouseys publicity to gain media interest for Stephanie. How about Triple H and his ego manages to have Kurt spread out ready for the 1,2,3 before Rousey enters the ring and decimates Triple H. Locks in a kimura that storyline has the Game out of action for the majority of the year so he can work on NXT and 205 Live. If this is ending Mania, it needs a big finish!

    The Rock will surely wrestle another match in WWE. It’s just been timing that has lead to him missing events. He was supposed to be Rouseys partner but because of film commitments he can’t take part. Well what better return than to bring back memories of that Rumble with Reigns raising that title high above his head with the crowd booing every bit of it before The Rock takes to the ring. Except same scenario lifts his hand in victory with that confused look on his face before turning to him hugging him and then hitting him with a Rock bottom. The Rock is back and wants that title. If Brock is off to UFC, Rock on a very very limited schedule, can be that special attraction WWE will be missing.

    -Styles joins the Balor Club-
    This is a long shot but I think to any true wrestling fan, AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura should be the main event of WrestleMania. Now, I would definitely have a clean victory for whoever ends the match with the title in hand but if we’re having a WrestleMania moment, we need a pay off so these guys can continue a feud with a real back story. Gallows and Anderson have been wasted since their arrival and Finn Balor is after a title that is below his wrestling talent. Why not feed the IWC’s appetite and start WWE’s own Bullet club? Shinsuke and Styles embrace before Gallows and Anderson hit the ring from behind take down Shinsuke with the Magic Killer before Finns music hits. He takes to the ring arguing with the guys to stop before he hits Shinsuke with a Kinshasa of his own. Too sweet gestures all round, you have your new number one stable in pro wrestling. The brand split still works because they are now doing dual ppvs all year round. So have this stable crossover to both RAW and SmackDown.

    Do you have any suggestions for how this years WrestleMania should end? Remember this is all fun and none of this is likely to happen at all!
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    I can see it being Cena - Taker. Especially if they throw in 1 or both Career stipulations.

    Roman - Brock can still be the title match and in Vince's eyes, "one of the Main Events" while not giving Roman the unnecessary title of 4 Mania Main Events in a row. Unless Vince has something big for this match, a Roman turn, etc. I can't see this going on last with Mania simply ending with Roman raising the title to pyro (if they order pyro). It very likely will, which is a bore but I'm hoping Vince won't go down this path.

    I expect Ronda - Asuka to Main Event / Close Mania 35. I think Vince, with Steph / Trips in his ear, will give in to that. And if both remain undefeated its a big match. With that assumption (which could be completely wrong) I hope Ronda doesn't Main Event this Mania as well, given her 'celebrity status'. I'm interested in this match, but i'd feel cheated if this was the closer and it ends simply with Ronda/Angle celebrating. If Vince want fans to cheer Ronda, at least for the foreseeable future, this is not the match to end Mania. Fans will turn on Ronda very quickly, thinking she's forced her way to the top.

    My reasons - and they aren't great - are why I'm going with Cena-Taker to end the show.
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    Taker is not wrestling at Mania. That is well known. It will be Reigns-Brock with Reigns winning. Reigns climbs to he top rope with the belt in his hands, as the fireworks explode around him. Roman Reigns, the conquering superhero. As sent to you by Central Casting.
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    I could see them closing the show with the mixed tag match. With Angle and Rousey going over. Maybe have Angle get "injured" late in the match and sent to the back, Rousey submits Steph for her first win. Afterwards, an angry HHH and Steph reveal a plan with the horse women. Have Bayley and Sasha end their match with respect, give Becky the womens battle royal win to bring her back to looking somewhat strong, have Charlotte lose due to hijinks by Carmella to preserve both Asuka's streak and Charlotte doesn't look weak. Have all 4 of them come out working for HHH/Steph, surround the ring and right before they attack bring out Rousey's UFC Horsewomen and have a 4 on 4 staredown to end Mania
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    Question and query are the same thing.
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    Wrestlemania doesn't ALWAYS end with a bang, but it's certainly the goal...

    Here's an outside the box idea that involves telling a story during the show, ending with an historic moment, and advancing Smackdowns biggest program of the year...

    Charlotte vs. Asuka (Smackdowns Women Championship Match)

    The historic aspect of a women's title match headlining Wrestlemania is nothing short of historic. And there are no two women more deserving of being given this honor than Charlotte and Asuka. If the WWE was ever going to give women the top billing at Wrestlemania, this would be the year given the match at hand.

    But I imagine a lot of fans would think the WWE was pandering to the PC audience for closing the show with this match. So let's add a twist that gets us to that point...

    Charlotte and Asuka wrestle in the middle of the show. Charlotte is kayfabe injured during the match, but she keeps fighting. At a point, when both wrestlers are down, Carmella runs to the ring to cash in - but Charlotte rolls her up for a quick win. Charlotte retains the championship...

    As Charlotte is being interviewed backstage, Shane McMahon reminds her that her opponent was Asuka - not Carmella. And he orders the match be re-started later in the night (kayfabe injury and all).

    You give them 15-20 more minutes during the main event, throwing in a number of false finishes, and Asuka ultimately walks away with the title.

    What you've done with this ending is three fold:

    1) You gave fans that historic moment in an interesting way.

    2) The main storyline on Smackdown for the past number of months has revolved around Shane McMahon "screwing" Smackdown wrestlers. Charlotte is now apart of this angle since she'd claim to have been 'screwed' by Shane.

    3) You've turned Charlotte heel, which is a better role for her given Asuka's presence on the brand.
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    Your telling a story and you want the last match to give you a conclusion.....

    Taker vs. Cena

    Tons of false finishes and in the end Taker defeats Cena. His music hits, the lights go out, and the Undertaker is nowhere to be found. Then the Titan Tron shows a pre-recorded segment with Taker in a cemetery at night. Takers says now it's time for me to REST IN PEACE....
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    I feel that if Taker is REALLY retiring after this match then go with that match. That's the only reason reigns got to main event last year anyway so why not go with the Cena/taker match in the end. Have them beat each other senseless then have taker counter a Attitude Adjustment to a tombstone only for Cena to kick out. Then Taker pick him up again, hits the tombstone but cena still kick out, so you have Taker use his submission hold on cena and Cena pass out.

    for the ending, i would actually do the exact same thing the previous poster suggested. I really like his idea and this would be a hell of a great ending.
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    I hope if its Takers last match then it ends with him
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    Surely Matt Hardy gets the honours to DELETE Undertaker in the Lake of Reincarnation lol. Seriously, a match with fuck all build is not closing Wrestlemabia. This match goes on 5th, before the intermission, so the crowd get a chance to regroup after Taker annilhates Cena and tombstones him to Hollywood.
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    Really, they've been building this match for a month now plus out of the all the matches on the card, it's pretty much the only one that truly doesn't need any build up to get fans excited since just the nams alone in this match make it a main event level match.

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