Team Shane-O-Mac versus Team KOZayn at Survivor Series?

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by AegonTargaryen, Oct 9, 2017.

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    Hey guys.

    I was just wondering if this is the main match or Elimination match from SDL, leading into Survivor Series.

    Shane probably won't wrestle or may be he will, but it'll be as part of a team-4versus4 or 5v5.

    KO, Zayn, Corbin and Usos could be the Heel team and Shane, Tye Dillinger and the New Day the face team. (or switch Corbin/Dillinger with Orton/Rusev)

    That leaves AJ Styles to face Jinder Mahal for the WWE championship. May be in a Triple threat, involving Nakamura.

    On the Raw side, Shield and partners facing Team Miz-Sheamus-Cesaro and partners seems quite likely.

    So it's doubtful they'll do a Raw vs SDL Elimination match this year.

    So how would you want it, or what combination of an Elimination match from Raw and particularly SDL do you want to see this year?
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    I'd be ok with them doing a Team KO vs Team Shane and doing Team Shield vs Team Miz and keeping the brands separate. I'd rather them do this and have seperate storylines then having the battle of the brands like we got last year. We had three battle of the brands matches with the tag teams, the women's division and the top stars of each brand and all of them had a weak build up. It just seems they use the "Battle for Brand Supremacy" when the writers are lazy and just want to throw the roster together because they can't come up with new storylines.
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    Hello Everyone,

    I like this idea but I would use different people. 5v5 sounds good but I would use no champions. Shane, AJ, Randy, Shinsuke and mystery person. (Rumors are that Daniels doctors have said that he is able to return but the WWE doctors haven't signed into it have one match where he comes back) and if not then Bobby Roode. On the KOZayn we have KO, Sami, Rusev, Dolph and either Mojo or Zack. (The split is happening between the two of them and one HAS to turn heel)......maybe make the stipulation where whoever wins they take over Smackdown (for a bit.....It would give Daniel some much needed time off and spend time with his new Child.)

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