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    I have an uncle in Nashville and he completely loses his shit over this. I don't really get it - he never used to stand up when we watched the rugby at home, we are used to politics in sport and my granddad protested during the Apartheid era (so peaceful protests are something he should get).

    My uncle aside, the argument I usually see popping up is a bit of a non sequitur: You kneel because of racial discrimination in the police service and I stand because of the troops. The most cringe-inducing meme I ever saw was something along these lines: "People who don't stand for the flag have probably never been handed one", with a bunch of flag-clad coffins of deceased soldiers in the background. Well, motherfucker, people who don't kneel have probably never been unarmed and shot at the same time!

    The way I understand it, the knee was originally taken to protest the unfair treatment people of colour face by the police in general, referring to a killing in Baton Rouge specifically. With all the violent riots and shootings in the US, it's hard to keep, so I'll admit I only think I know the gist of it.

    I don't see how the troops figure into it, to be honest. The protests have nothing to do with the continued occupation of the Middle East.

    I don't think Trump can do anything that will surprise anybody else at this point. The man has nothing that even resembles consistency, let alone integrity.

    The other line of reasoning (other than the bizarre "black people vs the troops" argument) is one about respect.


    I fail to understand how Trump or any of his supporters can consider taking a knee during the national anthem MORE disrespectful than Trump's blatant and unrepentant attitude towards sexual harassment, the way he recently treated Puerto Ricans, his neutrality towards neo-Nazi's and his prejudice against people of colour.

    Sure, kneeling during your national anthem is not the most respectful act in the world. I can understand that. But not protesting those in power who violate human dignity on the basis of colour, sexuality, class and nationality is inexcusable.
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