[Tag Team] Children of The Damned

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    Name of Tag Team: Children Of The Damned

    Name of Wrestler’s who are in the Tag Team: Fallout and John Doe

    Entrance Theme: [YOUTUBE]b91rSw4xuYY[/YOUTUBE]

    Entrance Description: The music begins to play for a few seconds, before the lights gradually darken, obscuring the view of the ring, ramp and gorilla position. When the lights turn back on, both Fallout and John Doe have emerged from the darkness, standing in the ring, in preparation for their match.

    Combined Weight: 465lbs

    Tag Team Finisher (Maximum 2):

    The Crucifixion (Full Nelson Slam) to Radiation Sickness (Cross-Legged Triangle Choke)

    Mushroom Cloud (Russian Leg Sweep) to Elisha's Curse (Muta Lock)

    Tag Team combination moves (Minimum 2):

    Pele Kick to Reactor 4 (Diamond Dust)

    Electric Chair Drop to Hangman's Neckbreaker

    Running Spinebuster to Diving Elbow Drop

    Regular move list:

    German Suplex, occasionally 3 in succession
    Missile Dropkick
    Running Sleeperslam
    Axe Kick
    Bridging Double Chickenwing
    Swinging Neckbreaker
    European Uppercut
    Electric Chair Drop
    Spinning Heel Kick
    Rear Naked Choke

    John Doe:
    Boot choke in the corner to an 8-9 count
    Springboard back elbow to a running opponent
    Spinning back fist
    Tornado Single-arm DDT
    Running Spinebuster
    European Uppercut
    Facewash to a downed opponent in the corner (especially after the boot choke)
    Hangman's Neckbreaker
    Shining Wizard
    Mule kick (as opponent comes off top rope)
    Double underhook headbutts (think Al Snow)
    Pele kick
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