Styles vs Nakamura at Wrestlemania for the World Championship highly unlikely

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D., Nov 16, 2017.

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    Just wanted to point out this. There seem to be a lot mainstream push for this match to take place at Wrestlemania 34 for the WWE Championship. But if we look at the history of past Wrestlemanias, we will understand why this match will most likely, won't happen.

    WM 33 had two world titles in Lesnar vs Goldberg and Wyatt vs Orton.
    WM 32 we saw HHH vs Reigns
    WM 31, Reigns vs Lesnar
    WM 30, Bryan vs Orton vs Batista
    WM 29, Cena vs Rock
    WM 28 Punk vs Jericho
    WM 27 Miz vs Cena
    WM 26 Batista vs Cena and Jericho vs Edge
    WM 25 Orton vs Triple H and Edge vs Cena vs Big Show

    I think you get my point. In every Wrestlemania world title match, there's usually involved at least one already established WWE guy. That's the way Vince McMahon wants things to be done. One established guy vs another esablished guy or at least a newcomer.

    AJ Styles vs Nakamura doesn't have that. Nakamura has been with the main roster for one year and Styles is not an established WWE guy. We are more likely getting Cena or Orton in a spot at Smackdown's main event, rather than Styles vs Nak. It will most likey be Cena vs Someone or Orton vs Someone.

    Styles vs Nakamura could happen, but I doubt it will involve the WWE Championship. If it does, it will be a miracle.
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    While I agree that Styles vs. Nakamura for the strap isn't going to happen at Mania, I disagree completely that Styles isn't an established WWE guy.

    He was a big enough deal coming in that he skipped developmental, but he was thrust into the World Title picture after only a few months, has feuded with numerous top stars built by WWE and by other promotions, has held the World and US title multiple times, and has been the top full time player on Smackdown since the brand split. He may not have been built by WWE, but he has planted his flag in WWE land and established himself as a top performer. You don't get to wrestle the boss's son if you aren't.
  3. George Steele's Barber

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    Meh. Where is ADR and Swagger on your list (28?)? I agree that I don't expect the match to happen but it has nothing to do with their level of "establishment". We live in a world with Brock Lesnar and two titles. They can have a lesser title match as long as they still have other matches to carry the card. ADR and Swagger was far lesser of a championship match than Styles and Nak.

    The reason I don't expect this match is because they haven't done anything to build a story around Nak. They recently gave him a couple of shots at the title only to have him fail. Plus why have Nak go over Styles for his first WWE title? Why have him lose on a big stage? How do these guys even feud? AJ has gotten competent on the mic but not enough to carry a feud with a guy like Nak who hasn't shown much personality before or after his music. I would argue that he hasn't done much to get over at all even in the ring.

    Maybe it happens. There is still time to build Nak but the establishment argument for why is it not going to happen doesn't hold up.
  4. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    I totally forgot about Swagger vs Del Rio and in fact forgot about the World Heavyweight Championship as a whole after 2010 as you can see. I also forgot Edge vs Del Rio :p

    I guess there's a reason I forgot those.

    Well, Del Rio vs Swagger came at a time when WWE clearly didn't care about Smackdown not the WH Championship.

    I don't think it's comperable to the current format of Smackdown and the WWE Championship.

    But yeah, I agree with your points. I don't think a Styles vs Nak feud, face vs face, would progress. Heel Styles vs Face Nak could work. But when two faces collide, both of them need strong mic skills.
  5. Kodo Sawaki

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    28 had Sheamus defeat Danyel Bryan in 18 seconds and 29 had Swagger and Del Rio. All 4 were far from established at the time. Even if you look at new brand split you could see trend of them pushing less established talents on their B show(I know that now they have nonsensical feud for SS and how WWE World Championship has history and Universal Championship is invented yesterday but its still B show title). They had as Champions

    Ambrose- not really that established maineventer with his first main Championship
    AJ Styles- got into company like yesterday
    Cena- to get to 16th
    Wyatt- dont even get me started on that one
    Orton- just because I guess
    Mahal- jobber until yesterday but suddenly mainevent
    Styles- again now

    So its not like they even pretend that they are not experimenting heavily with that title

    Still think its Cena time for next Wrestlemania but cant see harm if they do Styles/Nakamura instead. Especially if the fans continue to mark out for that.
  6. Psykohurricane55

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    I feel like the titles matches at mania are more of an attraction to get casual fans to be more interested in the match so that why I don't see nakamura vs styles at mania be for the title. The fact is that nakamura vs a.j styles will be an awesome match, this is more a match for the hardcore then casual fans since the casual fans don't necessarily see nakamura as a big deal.

    At this point, I feel that nakamura vs styles really doesn't need to be a title match since it's going to be a great match no matter what, so let put the title on a match that need it more.
  7. shooter_mcgavin

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    Styles gets a huge pop in his Royal Rumble Debut, has already closed 4 PPV's being in the company for less than 2 years, beat Cena clean, a 2 time world Champion, and probably the most over guy in Smackdown Live. I think he's established enough.

    It doesn't matter about which star is established it's about who is hot at the moment. I would say Styles vs. Nakamura would be a hotter match than Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton from last year.

    I also think your list is rather selective what about Del Rio vs. Swagger and Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan?

    So Nakamura vs. Styles can happen. The only think that makes me agree that it might not happen is the way Nakamura is booked at Smackdown Live. I'd say he's still one of the Top 5 guys in the roster but the booking has not positioned him well enough to get a crowning moment at WM.

    That said I see Styles being in the mix at Mania. It seems WWE has cooled of on Jinder as a main event guy so I am pretty sure WWE will keep the title with Styles until Mania.
  8. The Life Of Pablo Ren

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    The WWE Championship is viewed as the secondary World Championship right now. It's not quite as dire a situation as the World Heavyweight Championship was in earlier this decade, but it still plays second fiddle to the Universal Championship.

    Because of that, I don't think it matters very much to them what the WWE Championship match ends up being. Let me clarify that, of course it matters and of course they care but I truly don't think they see it as an absolute priority match where they have to have the best champion against the best challenger, they're free to experiment a bit, maybe give into fan service. AJ vs. Shinsuke is certainly possible. Especially now that it appears that there's no imminent plan to get the strap back on Jinder... and by imminent I mean, on the India tour.

    I see no reason why AJ should drop the title before WrestleMania, unless they're just THAT dead set on Jinder vs. Cena, but I don't know... part of me feels that considering Jinder has already lost the title, winning it back and then facing Cena won't have nearly as much impact as it would if it was just one long 10-11 month reign. The two most likely scenarios in my... admittedly optimistic opinion are AJ vs. Shinsuke or AJ vs. Cena, I'd be extremely happy with either option.
  9. roipdh123

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    Honestly I don't want to see Nakamura vs Styles for the title. This match has the feeling of a mid card match about respect between 2 performers who try to outlast each other for the win (same feeling like Jericho vs Michales and Michales vs Angle, as a few examples). Also, I don't think they are that hot on Shinsuke, and if it would have been me they can still wait with AJ vs Nakamura for when Nak will be in main event level as he is not. I believe that having Owens vs AJ vs Cena is the best main event option right now, and having an undercard US title match with Sami Zayn defending against Shinsuke.
    The world title match needs to have an established guy in it. If you ask me if they are planning on having Jinder win the title again, then Cena needs to defeat him at Mania to win his 17th world title.
    If they really gave up on the Jinder experience, then they can have Styles be beaten by Kevin Owens at the Rumble leading to a triple threat match for the title between Kevin Owens (as champion), Sami Zayn and of course...John Cena.

    Then the SmackDown side of things will look a lot better (possibly):
    Kevin Owens (C) vs Sami Zayn vs John Cena for the title
    AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura
    Baron Corbin (C) vs Bobby Roode vs Rusev vs Dolph Ziggler vs Shelton Benjamin vs Chad Gable vs Jinder Mahal in a Ladder Match for the US Title.
    And have Randy Orton take a part in somekind of a brand vs brand match, or if Chris Jericho returns in time maybe Jericho can be a part of the US title match, with Bobby Roode facing off against Orton.

    Also they can always just mess with our heads and have AJ defend against both Shinsuke and Cena, and having Cena go out on top....
  10. Y 2 Jake

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    Also, Nakamura is so far down the pecking order after his soul crushing defeats to Mahal, does he get any role bigger than just being in a multi-man match? As it stands, no.
  11. Spencesc11

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    Hopefully WWE has learned from the Mahal mess not to push someone to fast to the top of the card as it damages them more than anything. Have Nakamura win the mid-card title first and carry it for along time and then maybe he goes after the world title next year.

    Smackdown Side of the Card for Mania

    1) AJ Styles vs. The Miz - Rumble Winner (WWE Title)
    2) Nakamura (C) vs. Balor vs. Jericho vs. Neville (Fatal 4 way IC Title)
    3) John Cena vs. Samoa Joe (Grudge Match)
    4) The Uso's (C) vs. New Day (Loser changes brands)-Smackdown Tag Titles
    5) Paige vs. B. Lynch (Women's Title)
    6) Randy Orton & B. Roode vs. Jinder Mahal & Rusev

    Raw Side
    1) Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns (Universal Title)
    2) Baron Corbin vs. Braun Stroman (US Title)
    3) HHH vs. The Rock (Legend vs. Legend 1 last time)
    4) The Bar vs. Rollins/Ambrose vs. Owens/Zayn vs. The Hardy's (Tag Titles - Ladder Match)
    5) Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen
    6) Auska vs. Bliss (Women's Title)

    Andre Battle Royal

    * I would have the brands negotiate a trade after Survivor Series where Owens/Zayn/Corbin go to Raw and Miz/Balor/S. Joe go to Smackdown after Survivor Series. I've always liked the US Title on Raw and the I-C Title on Smackdown better.
  12. AnthonyM4

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    I doubt that match will happen at wrestlemania myself. Maybe Clash of Champions or Royal Rumble. AJ will probably win either way. With the way they are using Nakamura, he might be back in Japan by the time wm 34 gets here.
  13. Rulk25

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    Feb 23, 2010
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    I think we see Styles Nakamura at Mania for the title...THE US TITLE
    as to the main event you are right I expect it is Cena vs either Mahal or Roode
  14. LynchCats

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    One issue with this is you end up with Becky Lynch wrestling twice on the card (vs. Paige and in the Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen match).

    I also don't see any roster shake-ups happening until post-Wrestlemania. Unless they promote guys from NXT.

    And I think we're looking at Triple H vs. Kurt Angle for control of RAW as being more likely than Triple H vs. The Rock.
  15. Dagger Dias

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    Why exactly is it so unlikely? As others have pointed out there have been far worse World Championship matches at Wrestlemania. So long as they have two World Championships the odds are always going to be decent for matches like this to take place. The fans want this match and both guys are popular, so why not? Unless Jinder manages to get the belt back in India or at the next Smackdown exclusive PPV (please no!) then I don't see why the match would not take place. It is the best possible match we could get from Smackdown. Yes the rumors are there for Cena to get his 17th World Championship. Who's to say he doesn't go after the Universal Championship? My fingers are crossed that Brock VS Roman goes non-title. Cena could then make history with the Universal Championship (it benefits as a title from being part of that) and then we can get AJ VS Shinsuke for the World Heavyweight Championship. Or Vince refuses to budge on his stubbornness and we get Roman VS Brock and Cena VS Jinder. The match is not a lose cause. Yet.

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