Sonjay Dutt Signs With Impact Wrestling

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by It's Damn Real!, Apr 7, 2017.

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    My bet is many of the XD wrestlers will really appreciate this given Dutt's lengthy history as a top XD performer in the past.

    I'm having a hard time understanding the line about bringing "a modern viewpoint" to creative plans, though. It's not like the XD hasn't been a television feature, even if the division itself isn't a strength of the company any longer.
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    I am cool with him coming back as he is extremely talented. I hope this time if he does wrestle he can win the freaking X-Division title. Best X-Division guy to have never held the title is Sonjay Dutt.
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    A great X-Division veteran to welcome back.

    Now that the talent is quite good in this division, I would like it to get more exposure. Matches going for mere 5-6 minutes regularly in this division ain't going to take this division anywhere.

    Just see Austin Aries Vs. Neville at Wrestlemania 33. Almost 15 minutes of match and they stole the show. IMPACT Wrestling needs to expose X-Division more. Also, I think that this division is one of the reasons that made TNA reach high heights. Something that wasn't available in WWE at that time.

    Same could be said for Knockouts Division.

    Nothing will improve even if they sign the best wrestlers when they ain't given good exposure. Here's hoping for good days of X-Division.

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