Songs You Know You'll Never Stop Listening To

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    You know those songs in your playlist and musical library that you just love to listen to. Its the song that you've been listening to since you were but a little sprout of a kid and its the song you will share with your kids and maybe even your grandchildren, as if it were a family legacy thing.

    Its that song that no matter how many times you listen to it, it just never seemed to get played out, no matter how many times you hit that play button. Its the song that in the back of your mind, always sounds like that first time you listened to it. For whatever reason it may be. Could be that you just like the song, maybe you love the message behind it. Possibly it just evokes a stirring emotion within you and its for that reason you could never stop listening to it. Simply put, maybe its just your favorite song from your favorite band/artist. Whatever the reason, I'm sure the list is endless for many of us.

    So lets hear it. I want to know what song and or songs that you would never stop listening to. The song that they will play at your funeral. I want to know what it is and why it'll never fall out of favor with you.

    Currently, I have two that instantly come to mind.


    Our Lady Peace - Superman's Dead

    At the bare minimum, I play this song at least once a day. This takes the cake as my all time favorite song of all time from my all time favorite band. If it wasn't for this song then I wouldn't have fallen in love with music to begin with. Well, maybe not love it as much as I do today. Regardless, I own my love to music to this song and this band. Been listening to this song for 14 years and I will be blasting it in my car, when I'm 80 years old and probably too damn old to be driving anyway.


    John Butler Trio - Zebra

    I've only known about this group for maybe, almost 2 years. This is the song that made me an instant fan and just recently crossed 1000 listens on my IPod. I love everything about it, the beat, the lyrics, that move your body vibe that comes with the song. Everything about it makes it an instant classic in my eyes. In my opinion, I could never diminish this song by devaluing it with an over saturation of plays. I could play it 100 times a day and it would never get old. Its just too damn groovy, man.

    So there you have it. These are my picks so now its all your turn to share. Sound off below.
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    Nas Ft. Lauryn Hill - If I Ruled The World


    Probably my favorite Nas song of all time.

    Hill works magic with the chorus (makes me wonder what the hell ever happened to her), and Nas drops some of the best verses I've ever heard from him. If I Ruled The World the world is a timeless classic, and it's one the very few songs I can listen to over and again without getting tired of it.

    Craig Mack- Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)


    I had to track down one of those Best Of Bad Boy remix albums (I swear there must twenty of them out there) years ago, because I wanted this song that bad. Mainly for Biggie's verse, though. I could care less about everyone else.
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    If we're talking right now...jeez I have too many.

    If we're talking the songs I loved as a kid and continue to love now, well that list is more manageable:

    The Pixies - Where is my mind?


    Misfits - One Last Caress


    Joy Division - Transmission


    Notorious BIG - Hypnotize


    These always remind me of my youth and when I was discovering music through my extended family. I'll never tire of these songs.
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    Many people hate the band, many people talk shit about them(particularly elitist, asshole metal fans) but this band has gotten me through everything in my life. I consider myself a pretty blessed person and i've had a relatively easy and fantastic life, but when any hardship has come up, i've popped Avenged Sevenfold on and just laid there for hours on end. The raw emotion, the lyrics and the meaning behind this song just gives me chills. Like them or hate them, how they've dealt with the greatest adversity a band can experience, especially a band like this where the members have been best friends for their entire lives is incredibly inspiring. I can't really say just how much this band has really done for me just through music. My favorite band bar none.


    Figured I have two genre's of music I listen to so i'll choose one song from each.

    I know it just came out this year and he's a relatively new and unknown rapper, but i'm all about Chance the Rapper. I have listened to him every day since Acid Rap came out and it's easily my favorite "album" of the year(fuck you Kanye you overrated fucker). I think this is the best representation of what Chance can be. He has a very in your face style unlike anyone else in rap. His high pitched voice really turns some people off, but he keeps it to a minimum here. Again, his emotion pours through and he just flows over the beat. I'm expecting big things from this dude and I cannot wait.
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