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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by wwetnadudez, Jun 29, 2015.

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    Mar 28, 2014
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    Upon making his debut in TNA, Chris made me emotional. The story and the character the man shows is like none other. He is a legit superhero for what he does and I respect him and salute him for his past services and him being a wrestler even without a leg.

    But there comes a time when you think..why is this guy on the roster. That time is here for me right now. I see Eric Young randomly having issues with him and quite frankly him pulling out Chris' leg was a bit much to see for me.

    Chris Melendez is a good sight for the audience and can really get the feeling of patriotism rolling but what else he there for?

    In a company like TNA which has had to cut some of its TOP tier talents due to their inability to make payments and is cutting costs...can they really afford a guy like Chris Melendez?

    I feel like TNA is not the right place for SGT Chris Melendez to be..( no WWE isn't either) and I think while both may be happy with one another it just makes no sense to me due to TNAs financial issues and Chris being limited..
  2. MrHashasheen

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    I like Sarge. I felt they should have paired him with Gunner as a military patriot team, and work them opposite Shaw/Storm last December, to give him some space to grow.
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    TNA didn't use Chris Melendez well as they should've used. They didn't put him in a prompt storyline or a proper feud. He just makes his appearance to save someone from a savage ambush. But I agree with the OP. If they can't afford him to give more TV times or making him responsible for a proper feud they just should release him. TNA isn't a proper place for Chris but I guess WWE would. Because WWE knows marketing; They would've used him as a leverage for something more patriotic.

  4. Papa Pillman

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    Sep 3, 2010
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    I respect Melendez, and his story.

    And I don't blame TNA for employing him in an attempt to capitalize on it, but...

    What can you really do with a guy that is that green and limited in the ring? He is obviously not a talent who is ready to be working matches for a nationally televised wrestling company. He has to be featured just enough for TNA to get the publicity of having him on the roster, but he has to be hidden and protected in every match and program that is designed for him.

    Also it is a tough position to ask a vastly more seasoned and talented worker to job to such a clearly overmatched sideshow act, no matter how much of an inspiration and true real life hero that act may be.
  5. Headman

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    Jul 29, 2011
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    I agree with everyone else in that I respect him for his service and his heroism. With that said, he's bad. Everybody can see it. People have been respectful thus far and tolerated TNA's obvious attempt to exploit him. After all, it's not his fault his company is using him the way they are. Most of us would jump at the chance to do what he does and we'd be greener than he is. I'm happy he's getting a chance to live his dream but he shouldn't be on tv until he's able to perform at that level. It's not fair to him or to the performers who could make better use of the tv time he's given (As limited as it is). I use the word "exploitation". I only say this because TNA knows damn well he's not ready (Or perhaps capable) but they put him in there to stumble through matches so they can put over the fact that they employee a real life hero. If TNA really wanted to help this guy they'd still be developing him and not be so eager to cash in on his novelty at this point in time.
  6. SJ5522

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    May 8, 2015
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    This gimmick is some pandering redneck shit
  7. Messiah

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    Sep 2, 2013
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    I'm tired of Chris Melendez already. This guy should of took a different career path after the army.
  8. It's Damn Real!

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    The problem with Melendez is that like Zach Gowen, the real hook to his existing in the world of pro-wrestling is to prove that he can wrestle despite his horrific injury. The fact he suffered it in service to his country is an after-the-fact added for flavor (in that you don't actually have to explain he lost it in the military to still probably empathize with his situation).

    Unfortunately, in this realm of pro wrestling, you often need more reason for people to continue to care about you after this fact becomes well known. Take Kurt Angle for example. We hear on a nearly weekly basis that he wrestled and won a gold medal in the Olympics with a "broken freakin' neck". But this isn't the only reason we care about him. Far from it. It might have been his bridge into this world, but once he reached that door he kicked it wide open and proved he belonged by showing how well he could wrestle, how well he could speak, how well he could adapt — things Melendez has not done, and may not do.
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    Like everyone else on here, I also like and respect Chris, But with how limited he is in the ring, there is not much you can really do with him. I liked the idea of having him in a tag team with Gunner like MrHashasheen said. that way Gunner could have carried the pair during matches while Chris developed and gained more experience.
  10. Lowdown

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    Sep 30, 2011
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    I'm cool with the Sarge, but he's just another brick in the wall. He would've flourished if he was in a tag team with Gunner or maybe even Mr. Anderson. However, now he appears to be just a novelty. There's really nothing to gain in a program with EY. I say take him off TV for six months to a year and have him tweak his skills. See where it goes from there.
  11. Goldie

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    I would think that's a reason for keeping him. Melendez is probably employed on the cheap- at a time where TNA have released a lot of bigger names to cut costs.

    I agree though that he is more of a novelty act.... and novelty has short term appeal. It was interesting to see him at first, with his 'hero storyline' ... but it wore off quickly. I would bring him in now and again for one-off appearances... for you guessed it... as a novelty!
    That way people won't tire of him so much.
  12. hackerjack

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    Given that his only use since moving to DA has pretty much been to get heat extra for Eric Young I think they are using him fine. The problem comes if/when they decide to give him a clean win.
  13. whoopin' ass

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    Don't take this the wrong way - it is an easy character to work the American audience. American's love their war heroes and with Melendez, you have a wrestler who lost a leg fighting for his country. He is an instant babyface and they don't need to do anything character building. What American is going to boo a man who lost his leg for his country? Send Eric Young out there to fight him and he is instantly despicable for attacking an American hero with one leg. He is an easy way to advance storylines and characters without actually having to do anything.
  14. Bischoff's Knob Slobberer

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    I respect Mendez for his service, but he's clearly not ready. It was criminal to have Kenny King job to this guy. I say cut Melendez. Maybe he can take his side show act to the VA Hospitals or USOs to entertain bored troops.

    Oh...and the idiot who started this thread is a dirtbag/douche. He knows it also, I just thought I needed to state it here.
  15. TDFG

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    Melendez doesn't improve TNA's roster any and his best use would be as a manager who wrestles the odd time.

    If TNA's finances are in real bad shape then they should cut guys like Melendez, no disrespect to him but they could use that money to sign an X-Division talent.
  16. DangerousDave

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    I heard that since Melendez isn't working a full schedule, he got a part time job as a waiter at IHop.
  17. Nature Boy

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    I don't get it!

    More power to him for 'overcoming the odds' and all that but no, not for me!

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