So Brock Annihilates/Retires Goldberg At Mania?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Pay Per Ghost, Nov 21, 2016.

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    Spinoff thread.

    With murmurs of Goldberg set to make a Rumble appearance, it would make sense for him to do the favor at Mania. But Brock can't just pin him... If all of this has to make any sense one would think that somewhere down the line they agreed to a Rock/Cena Once in a Lifetimesque bullshit. WWE has this tendency of building up a match as the Ultimate to get that you-cant-miss-it profit. Then, does it the next year coz everyones happy and hey! there's money to be made.

    I don't know if a 2017 HOF induction ruins it, but it'd be better if it was next year like HBK's.

    Here! Grasp these straws won't you!
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    Even if Brock beats Goldberg in 30 seconds at WrestleMania, it doesn't matter. All it would mean is that Brock finally got lucky. But they should leave it with Goldberg up 2-0. Have Goldberg go over someone else at WrestleMania and retire.
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    I love this. Who cares if Lesnar ended the streak, who cares about the backstage stuff. All I want is to be entertained and yes, this is entertaining to me. Now this brings legitemacy back to Goldberg, doesn't even make Lesnar look abad at all because he was never on Goldberg's level to begin with and now he will be mean and bad for a rematch.
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    I love seeing Brock get owned, and finally someone beat him.

    BUT, the problem is that, since Brock came back, he has beaten some of the biggest names in the company- John Cena, Triple H, Undertaker, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose etc.

    Yet he gets beaten by a guy who won't be there long-term. It is great that Brock got beaten, but this was a perfect opportunity to use it on a young up-and-comer, and it can cement their legacy. This is the type of match a young star can brag about for years.

    Instead, they used it on a guy who is doing one match, instead of using it on the next guy set to be the guy who is the new top superstar in WWE.
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    It really doesn't matter. The Brock super push is over. He can run through the entire roster in his run up to Mania and then beat Goldberg in a squash. And I just don't think he'll be able to regain that special feel to him that he had after beating Taker.

    Thats why I felt that the guy who beat Brock should have been the guy the WWE was ready to move forward with as the new face of the WWE post Cena.
  6. Dragonslayer

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    Well I have to say I didn't say that coming. While I wasn't expecting a long match, I had a short match with a few big moves by either man in mind, with an ending where Goldberg gets distracted (either by Paul Heyman, or maybe Rusev walking to his family ringside and "threatening" them or something), and then because of it runs into a "surprise F5" for the Lesnar victory.

    Instead, it was Lesnar running into two surprise spears and the Jackhammer.

    Now while I think it was a bit of a waste to feed the "beast" Lesnar to a returning "old guy", in a way Goldberg is probably the only guy you could do it with in that style. After all the match was classic Goldberg fashion.

    I'd probably have had Lesnar actually "barely not kick out" of the Jackhammer... like Hogan vs Warrior at WM6, where Hogan kicks almost kicks out after the Splash, but just THAT iota too late after the three count. So I would have presented it like that, where Lesnar is just caught off guard by the quick spears and the Jackhammer, but still has the wherewithal to kick out... but because of the surprise element, he's just not quite in time, and Goldberg gets the three count.

    So all in all, surprising match... but I guess one could tell that Golberg probably wasn't in wrestling shape cardio-wise, as he seemed gassed pretty much after his entrance. I guess they wanted to protect him in that regard as well, so the match was chosen to go this way.

    Curious to see if Goldberg sticks around longer now though (seeing how he mouthed the words "I'm back" when celebrating after the match... but in any case I see him headlining next year's Hall of Fame, unless Undertaker decides to hang them up.
  7. rge2010

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    Goldberg is going to be in the Rumble according to reports. Looks to me like Lesnar will cost him his title shot again! This will lead to the rematch at Mania and Brock will go over, putting Goldberg out of the business on his back.

    Goldberg wins the feud 2-1
    Brock beats him and puts him into retirement

    Sounds like an even feud to me....
  8. Rulk25

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    You had me with first part ....but the second is pure luncacy....Its one thing to destory Brock another to have him come back beat two guys and retire...No whoever he faces at Mania HAS to beat him...Be it Taker, Brock, Cena or even Roman....they must win
  9. The Samoan Heritage

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    There's no need or want for another Lesnar vs Goldberg match. Leave it as 2-0 and use Lesnar and Goldberg to create new stars in the current talent.

    If wwe play there cards right, they can potentially make 2 stars now, instead of one. A win over Goldberg will be big, and a win over Lesnar will still be huge.

    -Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe/Nakamura/Wyatt/...

    -Goldberg vs Braun Strowman/Rusev/Wyatt/...

    I don't care to see another squash between Goldberg and Lesnar, and I strongly doubt they can have an actual match between the two.
    At least now wwe can create 2 stars.
  10. ShinChan

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    Trilogy works when the first two matches are even for both the competitors.

    But Goldberg is already 2-0 over Brock Lesnar so there is no need for a third match. Because no matter who wins the third match, Goldberg will remain one notch above Brock Lesnar. Either it's 3-0 for Goldberg or it's 2-1 again for Goldberg.

    Therefore no need for Goldberg Vs. Brock Lesnar III.
  11. kadroan

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    I think 2018 would be a better year to induct Goldberg in the WWE HOF. They should let Bryan be the guy to headline the 2017 HOF class.

    Yeah, I could definitely see Goldberg vs. Brock III at WM 33. Make up for WM XX.
  12. Big Nick Dudley

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    With Goldberg entering the Royal Rumble match itself, I think a Mania match with Lesnar is likely. I imagine Lesnar costs Goldberg the Rumble match. Will Lesnar destroy him at Wrestlemania? I doubt it. If the match happens, Lesnar will definitely win, but it should be a battle.
  13. Jericho91

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    It is narrow-minded of anyone to think a Goldberg Vs. Brock Lesnar III match must automatically mean a WrestleMania rematch.

    The 1st rematch was already done in Survivor Series this year in which Goldberg got the victory putting him 2-0 against Lesnar. If there happens to be a 2nd rematch which isn't far fetched, then it isn't necessarily a WrestleMania thing.

    Many people seem to be viewing this situation through a microscopic lens as this mythical WrestleMania retirement match should be the Be-All End-All concerning Bill Goldberg's run in the WWE and what defines his 2nd run.

    He gets inducted into the HOF 2017 then it's goodbye I'm outta here ?

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Lesnar doesn't deserve the WrestleMania spotlight with Goldberg anymore. It's history and a done deal. If a 3rd match were to happen it should be in another PPV as long as it doesn't get wasted in WrestleMania.

    That would be very foul in WWE creative's part and a waste of opportunity.
  14. kadroan

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    I think Goldberg wins again at WM. WWE shocks the world again and Brock gets squashed again. This causes Brock to show desperation the first time since his return. Have the world question if Brock still got it. Brock hadn't really had character development since his return.

    If Goldberg's matches remain this short, I can see him sticking around for Summerslam, Survivor Series, RR 2018, WM 34, it's too much money and matches that can be done with him.

    Goldberg vs. Owens for the title.
    Goldberg vs. Strowman.
    Goldberg vs. HHH
    Goldberg vs. Reigns
    Goldberg vs. Cena

    They may be bold enough to do Goldberg vs. Taker.
  15. Carpathian Florist

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    Time for Austin to play the "one more match" card

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