Smackdown VS Raw: February & March 2017

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Which show was better?

  1. Smackdown - Elimination Chamber 2017

  2. Raw - Fastlane 2017

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  1. Dagger Dias

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    We're on the road to Wrestlemania now. Both brands have had their filler shows in between the Rumble and Wrestlemania. Smackdown held "Elimination Chamber 2017" in February and Raw just held "Fastlane 2017" this weekend. Championships changed hand at both events, history was made, and both shows saw some strange booking. Here is the real question though.... Which brand had the better PPV on the road to Wrestlemania?

    Smackdown - Elimination Chamber 2017

    1. Becky Lynch VS Mickie James

    2. Dolph Ziggler VS Kalisto and Apollo Crews [2 VS 1 Handicap Match]

    3. American Alpha VS The Ascension VS The Usos VS Heath Slater & Rhyno VS The Vaudevillains VS Breezango [Tag Team Turmoil Match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship]

    4. Nikki Bella VS Natalya

    5. Randy Orton VS Luke Harper

    6. Alexa Bliss VS Naomi [Smackdown Women's Championship]

    7. AJ Styles VS Baron Corbin VS Bray Wyatt VS Dean Ambrose VS John Cena VS The Miz [Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship]

    Raw - Fastlane 2017

    1. Sami Zayn VS Samoa Joe

    2. Anderson & Gallows VS Enzo Amore & Big Cass [Raw Tag Team Championship]

    3. Nia Jax VS Sasha Banks

    4. Cesaro VS Jinder Mahal

    5. Big Show VS Rusev

    6. Jack Gallagher VS Neville [Cruiserweight Championship]

    7. Braun Strowman VS Roman Reigns

    8. Bayley VS Charlotte [Raw Women's Championship]

    9. Kevin Owens VS Goldberg [Universal Championship]

    Here are the discussion questions for this topic:

    Did the red brand or the blue brand have the best event out of these two shows, and why?

    What was the worst match between these two shows?

    What was the best match out of what took place on these two shows?

    Please keep the forum rules in mind and do NOT spam. Also, remember that this discussion is about just these two PPV events. Not Raw/Smackdown television content from February 2017 to March 2017.

    Discuss! :)
  2. Jack-Hammer

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    Did the red brand or the blue brand have the best event out of these two shows, and why?

    I thought SmackDown Live's Elimination Chamber was VASTLY superior to Fastlane. Raw may be the brand where a lot of the bigger matches are happening and it probably has bigger overall stars, but SmackDown frequently puts on more entertaining matches, has much better storytelling, more consistent booking and just generally gets the most out of its talent. That's not to say that Raw isn't entertaining or is flat out lousy, Raw has been much better in 2017 so far than much of last year, but the blue brand has just put out a more consistent product whereas Raw can be something of a crapshoot. That's not to say that the blue brand is perfect or that EC didn't have a few low points, but Fastlane is one of the worst shows WWE has done in a long time. I mean, the highlight of EC was Bray Wyatt winning the EC match and capturing the WWE Championship while the highlight of Fastlane was Goldberg winning the WWE Universal Championship. So one show had a guy who's worked his ass off for years and is one of the most fun, entertaining and original characters in years win his first World Championship and the other show had an overly paid, overrated mercenary that's roughly 50 years old capture a World Championship after wrestling a grand total of maybe 5 minutes in the last 3 months or so.

    What was the worst match between these two shows?

    I'd simply have to go with Fastlane's Kevin Owens vs. Goldberg as it was simply...well it was Bill Goldberg winning the Universal Championship in under 30 seconds.

    What was the best match out of what took place on these two shows?

    I felt the overall best match was the Elimination Chamber match. Just a lot of fun, a lot of energy, the wrestlers working hard and what was ultimately a great outcome. It wouldn't have bothered me if Styles had regained the title, I wish he hadn't lost it in the first place just so Cena could have a 2 week vanity run so he could tie Flair's 16 officially recognized World Championship reigns, but I was genuinely glad to see Wyatt pull off the win and I hope he retains past WrestleMania.
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  3. Navi

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    Apr 15, 2010
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    Did the red brand or the blue brand have the best event out of these two shows, and why?

    For me anyway it was Smackdown Live and their Elimination Chamber. Most if not all of the matches on the card progressed the storylines in some way, shape or form. There is continuity and doesn't feel like a glorified SD Live, it actually feels like a PPV.

    While SD didn't put on as many matches as they did at Fastlane, the matches were of much better quality and not filler. Like since when does Jinder Mahal get a PPV match and someone like Sheamus isn't even on the card.

    Fastlane was a pile of garbage. Some of the decisions made no sense, but then that's RAW for you.

    What was the worst match between these two shows?

    The Universal Title match. Goldberg as much as we all knew it was walking out as champion. We know he is going to drop it to Lesnar at Mania, and then we'll not see it for months. Vince shows no faith in his roster to bring in the people that he has to give it to a guy who has wrestled maybe 10 minutes in the last year. Horrible decision making.

    What was the best match out of what took place on these two shows?

    The Elimination Chamber was fun and they finally pulled the trigger on Wyatt. We've been waiting for a long time for that. The match was fun and entertaining and set up Corbin vs Ambrose for Mania. It also furthered the Orton/Wyatt storyline. The only one sort of left out was Styles, but he'll be okay.

    I enjoyed the Elimination Chamber much more. The matches made sense, the story lines were progressed and other than the Ziggler match it moved fast. Fastlane got stuck in the mud and never really got going.
  4. The Life Of Pablo Ren

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    Did the red brand or the blue brand have the best event out of these two shows, and why?

    Somehow with that historically weak Elimination Chamber card, Smackdown put on a far better show. While I will admit that Elimination Chamber up until the main event felt like a glorified Smackdown, the main event delivered in so many ways. It was maybe the best Chamber match ever, the new design allowed for a lot of new spots and most were pleased to see Bray win the WWE Championship. In contrast, not only did Fastlane feel like a RAW, it felt like an average or even below average RAW, the only difference being the Cruiserweights were actually given a decent amount of time to perform. And as far as the main event goes, I don't really know how to classify it. It was more of an angle than a match which we basically all knew it was going to be... but despite the title changing hands, that even felt like it could've been the ending to a Monday Night RAW.

    What was the worst match between these two shows?

    I mean like I said previously, I don't even know if I'd classify the thing between Owens and Goldberg as a match. Most of it happened before the bell even rang. I guess I'd still go with it though.

    But I guess as a bonus "real" match: I'd go with Dolph Ziggler vs. Apollo Crews and Kalisto from Elimination Chamber. It wasn't a bad match but boy was that whole story a mess. Plus Kalisto's magical recovery and no-selling of injuries that he was selling literally just 30 seconds prior was just horrible.

    What was the best match out of what took place on these two shows?

    The Elimination Chamber for the reasons I listed above. It delivered in match quality, it delivered on building towards WrestleMania (WHICH IS NOW ONLY 27 DAYS AWAY AND IS SOMETHING THAT FASTLANE FAILED MISERABLY AT) and the winner was celebrated by relatively everyone.
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  5. Gallops77

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    Did the red brand or the blue brand have the best event out of these two shows, and why?

    Definitely Smackdown. Elimination Chamber, while honestly a weaker card on paper, delivered in a much bigger way. The Elimination Chamber match itself was awesome. RAW had a chance with Joe vs Zayn, Bayley vs Charlotte and even Reigns vs Strowman to be a true ppv caliber card and not a glorified version of RAW or Smackdown, but failed to deliver in a booking aspect. Elimination Chamber further created the rift in the Wyatt Family with Orton vs Harper, gave a shocker when Naomi beat Alexa Bliss (though it was a short lived reign with Naomi's injury) and a great main event to really build to what matters, Wrestlemania.

    Fastlane fell flat in all aspects. Joe vs Zayn was good, as was Charlotte vs Bayley. But the main event KILLED the show. It started a build towards a part timer vs part timer WWE UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCh at Wrestlemania. It was one thing when it was The Rock vs John Cena for the title, or Lesnar vs Reigns or even Triple H vs Reigns. There was a solid story and at least one of the guys was full time and would be on RAW the next night with the title. Brock may show up on RAW after Wrestlemania, then we may not see him for 2 months.

    What was the worst match between these two shows?
    Everyone's saying Goldberg vs Owens but I'm not. I don't even classify it as a match. It was a segment in the show. Worst match to me was Big Show vs Rusev because it really did NOTHING for either guy.

    What was the best match out of what took place on these two shows?
    The Elimination Chamber match. Started the feud between Baron Corbin and Dean Ambrose. It started the build to Wrestlemania with Wyatt and Orton. It got a great reaction with Cena not being in the final two. It let Wyatt and Styles shine against each other in a feud I can see happening at some point down the line. It did more to build for Wrestlemania than the ENTIRE card of Fastlane did. After Fastlane, there were really only 2 matches announced or hinted at for Wrestlemania, just by watching the show. Goldberg vs Lesnar and Jericho vs Owens.

    The Elimnation Chamber PPV planted the seeds for the following Wrestlemania Feuds:
    1. Nikki Bella and Maryse
    2. Bray Wyatt and Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton
    3. Dean Ambrose and Baron Corbin
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  6. Azane

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    Smackdown won the PPV battle by a landslide.

    Main Event Wise, it's not contest, Elimination Chamber was an exciting match, with a semi-surprise victor, and a legit 4 men who could have won the match. Goldberg vs KO airing at 10:55 Pm went 100% as expected with nothing interesting.

    Womens Division: Raw is winning the womens matches, Smackdown's put on a good show, but Charlotte vs Bayley was infinitely more interesting than Naomi getting pushed out of nowhere, I'm not holding the injury and 2 night reign against her. Sasha vs Nia was good for what it was, Mickie vs Becky was an ok match, but the story being told from it isn't that interesting.

    Midcard: Both events lacked a midcard defense, Miz actually competing in the EC, and Jericho Interloping in the Goldberg/KO match.

    Tag Titles: I give the edge to Smackdown here, because it was a way for Smackdown to show it's entire roster, while also giving AA a big win. while Raw's match was.... something you would see on a Monday, not a Sunday.

    Undercard, Oh man, both undercards were dreadful. Kalisto and Apollo vs Dolph in a handicap match gets a shoutout for the silliest booking decision of the month.

    RKO vs Luke Harper gets a shoutout, Luke looked amazing, and Randy still goes over in the obvious WM Lead up, this match did so much to advance the Wyatt Randy Storyline.

    Overall, Smackdowns Event was a lot better to watch, Fast Lane had a couple moments, but I felt like most the Elimination Chamber Card, and buildup was overall better. RAW lacking a real main event really hurt the mood (No, Goldberg doing 2 moves isnt a Main event), especially considering it's competing with an EC match with John Cena and AJ in it. I would of felt satisfied paying 30$ for Elimination Chamber, I wouldn't of been satisfied having spent any money for Fast Lane.

    Best Match: EC, but For non-gimmick, I would say Harper vs RKO, just because of how it previewed the story we'll be seeing for WM.
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  7. The Samoan Heritage

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    I really tried to go against the norm here, and try to find positives for Fastlane, but I really couldn't.

    Elimination chamber, every match had a backstory and/or was used to build/continue one.
    The only negative, I can think of is that, Natayla vs Nikki shouldn't have ended in a double count out, but even that decision was used to build towards a falls count anywhere match between the two (and also planted seeds for Nikki vs Maryse).
    I see a few disagreeing with how the Ziggler vs Crews/Kalisto match was booked but imo, it was well done. I personally use to enjoy seeing a face return mid-match after a pre-match assault to help their tag partner, and was glad to see it done again. It also made Ziggler look smart by trying to take one out before the match, and Crews looked great as well by taking a former world champion to the limit.

    Fastlane just had way too many issues. When Raw hasn't given fans a reason to care for 5/9 of their matches(7/9, depending on how you viewed the build up for the 2 women matches), it was pretty obvious the way this ppv was going to go.
    Zayn vs Joe- Zayn wasn't even a threat to Joe. Would've done better by having Joe feud with Cesaro/Sheamus. It also would've strengthen their tag team bond, by having Sheamus save Cesaro from a post-match attack, and a potential Sheamus vs Joe tease probably would've gotten people hyped.

    Anderson & Gallows VS Enzo Amore & Big Cass- matched sucked and very few cared about the outcome.

    3. Nia Jax VS Sasha Banks- was ok, will say that it was better than expected.

    4. Cesaro VS Jinder Mahal- Cesaro struggled to beat Mahal?
    5.Big Show VS Rusev- Show destroyed Rusev? Someone had to mix up the way these two matches were suppose to be booked.

    5. Jack Gallagher VS Neville - Best match out of both PPVs. Awesome work by Neville and Gallagher.

    7. Braun Strowman VS Roman Reigns- another o.k match, not even going to complain about Roman winning, but they really couldn't do a better finish. Having Roman run up the steps, leap off and spearing Strowman would've been a nicer way for Reigns to beat the "Monster, among men".

    8. Bayley VS Charlotte- WHY DID BAYLEY NOT GET DQ'd? It would've actually made sense too. Charlotte stays undefeated at ppv, Bayley retains her championship, and they continue to tease that Sasha feels like Bayley can't do it on her own.

    9. Kevin Owens VS Goldberg- Why was Owens jumping out of the ring before the bell even rang? Pretty sure it made more sense to wait till the match began before going outside the ring, if he was trying to tire out Goldberg.
    Also what was the point of Heyman cutting the promo earlier in the ppv, saying that if Owens finds a weakness in Goldberg, then Lesnar will use that weakness and exploit it to beat him. Then on Raw, Lesnar comes out all confident, when he has lost to Goldberg twice, got eliminated by Goldberg, and still don't have an idea of how to beat him.
    Everything would've came together had they had Goldberg chase Owens back into the ring, only for Owens to take advantage. 3-5 minutes later Goldberg tries to come back, but shows fatigue, allowing Owens to stay on the offense. Owens goes for the pop-up power bomb, Jericho music plays, he turns around towards the ramp, then turns back around into a spear.

    Overall Smackdown's Elimination chamber ppv was better. To be fair, they both had a weak lower/mid card, but at least Smackdown's matches had importance to them.
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  8. ShinChan

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    Forgot about this.

    Best match was a tie between the Elimination Chamber match and Jack Gallagher Vs. Neville for WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Neville and Gallagher had the best singles match for sure.

    Worst match would be Big Show Vs. Rusev. Impromptu match being very filler. Natalya Vs. Nikki Bella was close but still not the worst. Goldberg Vs. Kevin Owens was a match? Even promos are longer than that. Rather, even Goldberg's entrance is longer than that.

    Overall again Smackdown beats Raw. Whatever Raw did, Smackdown did it better. Curious to see if Payback trumps Backlash or vice-versa.

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