Smackdown LD 02/27 Holy Lol.

Discussion in 'Live Discussions' started by Jeff Deliverer of Mail, Feb 27, 2018.

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    Is this the first time an LD wasn't even posted?

    Quick results....

    Shane McMahon eats popcorn.

    Daniel Bryan gets hungry because of this and goes home because he wants to eat supper.

    Baron Corbin watches the main event backstage, an hour after wrestling but is still sweaty and needs a towel.

    Shane McMahon still eats popcorn later in the show, it takes him a long time to eat popcorn.

    John Cena has to get his veins straightened on his shoulders and arms because they are far too bunched up and squiggly.

    An actor promotes a show following SD with Fandango and Breeze. I think it's the guy who shoots machine guns at the Transformers in Transformers part 1. I'm probably wrong but I'm not sure.

    A commercial break interrupts a commercial break during the main event.

    A graphics artist runs wild backstage and keeps writing stupid things on the screen during the show.
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    No. At Smackdown's peak of awfulness it had a designated LD thread that you went to for every week. Many weeks was just kb posting his review.

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