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    Try thinking up the goofiest title reign a person could write in 300 words. I tried it and it was fun. We are all creative people; it would be good to see the humorous side of the Wrestlezone crowd.

    Post WrestleMania 31

    After WrestleMania John Cena takes the US Title back to Smackdown. His first challenger will rock Thursday nights to its core. The great Renee Dupree. After a hellacious 37 minute match at Extreme Rules, Cena retains the belt after Dupree gets DQ'd for standing on the top rope past five seconds. The next Smackdown Cena is about to address the fans when the Undertaker comes out. You could cut the tension with a knife. Taker looks Cena eyeball to eyeball, and points to a Billy Kidman sign. Cena nods, and the match is set for Payback, Cena vs. Kidman for the US Title. Cena wins by count-out when Kidman miscalculates the Shooting Star Press and lands on the returning Raven's Flock at ringside. Cena is off till SummerSlam after WWE brings back the Raw and Smackdown pay-per-views. Smackdown gets one PPV, the coveted Wednesday night, 2:00 AM show in late December. At SummerSlam Rusev gets his rematch with Cena. As we go backstage we see Cena frantically searching the locker room. He is distraught and incoherent. It's match time and Cena is introduced. He comes down the aisle in sandals and is visibly dejected. Rusev is introduced and is wearing Cena's pump sneakers! Rusev smiles and Cena is as pale as a ghost. After three minutes Rusev dominates and is about to apply the Accolade. As Rusev begins to pump his shoes the lights go out and we hear the gong. The lights come back on and Cena is wearing his pumps! Rusev is barefoot and confused. He runs to Cena, stubs his toe, and taps out! Then Undertaker grabs a microphone and says "I challenge you Cena for a US Title match at a house show. No cameras, very few fans, not a big deal." Cena nods and the epic is set.
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    Is it the goofiest title reign in 300 words or less or exactly 300 words? Because if it's or less: reigns wins from brock lesnar at mania clean.
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    I love it awesome
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    The Raw immediately after Summerslam.....

    We saw no titles change hands during the John Cena vs Seth Rollins title vs title match due to both wrestlers failing to stand up in time for the referee's ten count. The ref even delayed the last two numbers by a good six seconds, but had to call the match at the 5:34 mark of the first round , the match was declared a double countout due to a poorly selled double knockdown clothesline by both wrestlers.

    John Cena entrance music hits and some fans are happy. He comes down to the ring, he has a mic in his hand. " You know, I'm sick and tired of all you pieces of donkey shit in the back. I'm only going to call ONE deserving superstar to defend my title here KNOW who you are ! So COME GET SOME !! ".

    The lights dim, but not dark can make out Cena ducking down and running back up the ramp as fast as he can go. When the lights come back on, surprise ! Nobody is in the ring ! John Cena's music hits and he enters without a title, he points to the ring and is yelling at the camera that its his time now. The ring announcer announces that the U.S Title match is Jeeeooooohnnnnn Ceeeeeeeeeeenaaaaa. vs John Cena. The bell rings and the match is on, Cena seems to be locked in a Irish Spinning Toe Nerve Grip with himself to start the match, he then suddenly holds his eye and complains to the ref. The ref warns him about eye poking. After several near falls , John hits the AA on himself and locks in the STF submission on himself.....he barely grabs the rope in time. He rolls out of the ring and starts to tear the announce table apart , he then powerbombs himself right through the table. 15 minutes in, Cena ducks a clothesline and hits the referee. The ref falls through the ropes. The crowd is chanting THIS IS SURPRISINGLY NOT AWESOME, THIS IS SURPRISINGLY NOT AWESOME...The lights dim....but you can still see Cena run up the ramp again....when the lights come on, John Cenas music hits and he comes running down to the ring with a referees shirt on !! He continually takes his ref shirt off to play the part of himself fighting himself. But the lights dim again .....when they come back on , theres nobody in the ring and Cena comes on the Titantron...he says that hes tired of John Cena and he wants a new champion, John Cena to be the future U.S Champion....the lights dim...when they come back on ...Cena surprises himself with a roll up....he then quickly puts on his ref shirt and counts 1....2... 3 !!!! The Winner and Neeeeew United States Champion...John Ceeeeena !!!! John Cena is attacked post match with a chair by John Cena.


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