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    The article spends much time covering his feud with Jay Lethal and his challenging of Daniels for the ROH world title, as well as speaking to his Bullet Club ties that it's hard not to assume ROH is the leader for his long-term service. But it's not like Impact doesn't have some cache here. His wife is signed full-time there. He's also spoken highly of his time in the company, and Jarrett & Co. appear to have a long-term vision that includes locking in new main event talent. There's no reason Cody can't be part of that vision.
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    if Cody Rhodes does settle down with Impact Wrestling, i think that'd be great for him, but so would ROH. i think both companies would be great for his career as they'd likely give him a world title run sooner rather than later and one thing he deserves is a world title run.

    i felt that WWE dropped the boat with him in his run because he was real hot when he and Sandow broke up and he got hot again when he battled The Authority. i was hopeful that he'd win the World title at the time (since that was at the time where the titles were divided). both companies to me should be his top choices. my guess is that he sticks with Impact, but i could see ROH entice snatch him up.
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    Cody Rhodes benefits from the fact that so many people believe in the potential that we were all talking about years ago. Whether or not you think WWE let him reach his full potential is up for debate, but I wouldn't be surprised either if Impact Wrestling were looking at Cody as a full-time investment. They are going through (yet another) rebuilding phase and Cody is still plenty young enough to be part of that big vision of the future that you allude to.

    Ultimately it is Cody's choice, but Impact Wrestling seems like an obvious choice. He and his wife get to work together and the schedule is lighter and consistent. He is an almost-guaranteed World Heavyweight Champion there as well, which must be a drawing point for a performer like Cody who debuted in WWE, what, 10 years ago now? It must be around that long anyway. He's put in too much mileage for him to not be thinking about where he can finally reach that next level.

    While ROH is another good choice for Cody, I think because of Impact Wrestling's state at the moment, he has a better chance to be a bigger part of an investment for the future.

    Now let's watch him surprise us and re-sign with WWE.
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    I feel like the spiritual son of the NWA and WCW is Impact. And Cody has always been a WCW guy in my book. He was never at ease in the WWE environment and back in NXT Dusty kept saying to Cody to leave the WWE. Impact is the closest to WCW and really Cody would feel at home there. He could have a feud with EC3, two young guys at the top of their game.

    Furthermore, in their negotiations with the WWE for the Broken gimmick, Impact could get the Cody Rhodes name in return.
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    I've been under the impression that he intends to spend more time with New Japan so I wouldn't be surprised if that's where he ends up. Especially with New Japan and ROH's working agreement he could still be settled down but can work US dates when ROH and New Japan run shows together
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    I would love to see Cody continue in IMPACT Wrestling. But I think that he'll prefer ROH & NJPW over IMPACT Wrestling.

    He'll become ROH World Champion for sure if he decides to join ROH. Can't say that for IMPACT Wrestling. It's already confirmed that he'll be taking part in NJPW G-1 Climax Tournament. So, all signs indicate him joining ROH. This way, he could build himself in NJPW as well. Plus, the Bullet Club stuff which ain't coming in IMPACT Wrestling.

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