Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens inside Hell in a Cell?

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by rko57, Aug 25, 2017.

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    The Shane McMahon/Kevin Owens feud looks like it is now the top feud on Smackdown since Jinder Mahal is a mid-card Champion. The way this feud is going though, I can't see this match being on hold until Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, or WrestleMania. But it definitely seems like it's going to happen eventually.

    The next Smackdown PPV is Hell in a Cell in October, and I can't see any other potential feud taking place inside the Cell. Jinder Mahal/Shinsuke Nakamura has no business inside the cell, and AJ Styles is now moving onto a new feud. Would you like to see Kevin Owens/Shane McMahon take place inside Hell in a Cell? Or would you rather the match take place at one of the Big 4 PPV's?
  2. Jack-Hammer

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    I'm personally hoping it doesn't turn into anything physical, though that's probably wishful thinking at this point. I like Shane, I dig that he loves wrestling and that he's someone who's willing to go out there and put it all on the line but the big problem with feuding with Shane is that you know how it's going to end from the second it happens. Shane isn't going to win his feuds against wrestlers as all it'll do is make the wrestlers look weak, we knew he wouldn't beat the Undertaker and we knew he wouldn't beat AJ Styles so that in and of itself takes away some excitement. At the same time, as I mentioned, Shane winning would make Owens look ineffectual and that's something that shouldn't happen anyhow so that's another major problem.

    However, when it comes to sheer entertainment value, a ton of fans would want to see this go down in order to see what sort of wild spectacle Shane would make of it. For instance, if something does go down at HIAC, you have to think that there's a strong chance of Shane taking another leap off top of the HIAC structure. If so, that in and of itself would be all a lot of fans would need to be invested in this program because of the simple fact that they'd wanna see him leap off top of the cage.
  3. Kyphael

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    Sure, I could see Shane taking a pop up powerbomb off the Hell in a Cell. Or at least trying and thinking he'd survive.
  4. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    I'm a shit person and Shane McMahon getting a power bomb off the cell from Owens excites me. So I want to see that.
  5. JoeMallard

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    If anything can make Owens look like the killer he once was in NXT, it would be a match with Shane in a cell or another no dq match.
  6. BigDaddyKewl

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    I think it might be a good idea to have Shave vs Owens at Hell and the Cell. They are going to need another high profile match to sell the ppv besides the WWE Championship match. They've done a good job building this feud these past few months, Owens and Shane seem to have good chemistry and play off each other well. People will also tune in to see what crazy high spot Shane is going to do. It gives Owens something to do and moves him away from the US title picture, I'm all for it.
  7. ABMorales787

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    Don't care for Shane. He's constantly sold as this mighty fighter that can stand up to anything, an incredible daredevil who goes to any lengths to win a match. And loses every single time. It's the stupid WWE trope of selling the guy as being amazing for a specific reason yet he never gets anywhere because he never wins. Why would that be any different with Kevin Owens? He's gonna jump off Hell In A Cell again? Wonderous, can we cut out the crappy 27 minutes and just go straight to the pratfall? Like, as soon as the bell rings?

    Don't care for Shane, his feud with Owens, his amazing tan, none of it. No thanks.
  8. Rainbow Yaz

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    You are clearly just jealous of Shane's sneaker collection.

    I think you are missing the biggest issue though, and it's that Shane does stand up to the guys he faces. He lasted half an hour against Undertaker. Not only did he simply survive, but he kicked out of the Last Ride, escaped Hell's Gate, kicked out of the choke slam, and I'm pretty sure he managed to kick out of a tombstone. It was ludacris. I get that it popped the ticket sales, but you had The Undertaker, an all time legend in possible his last match versus Shane McMahon a guy we hadn't seen in years who was knock for his in match stunts.

    It's a shame, that WWE thought that Shane automatically equaled dollars and buys, because he was only part of the puzzle. His match with AJ was arguably match of the night this year but it didn't have much competition if we are being fair, and I don't expect much out of this match. The last thing I need to see is KO sell Shane's "boxing" and "MMA training."
  9. Khalifa

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    WWE should be smarter than having Owens and Shane as the only potential feud that could go in the Cell. Quite honestly Uso's and New Day could head that way to completely finish any interaction and deserves it more than anything else. Nakamura and Mahal will probably end up in the Cell because WWE is ******ed. I really hope Owens and Shane doesn't happen in a cel, don't waste it on Shane because he is willing to take a bump. Piss off Shane, I like ya but cmon. everything he said Stephanie and Vince were doing, he is doing. Everyone was hoping for that breath of fresh air. One match is fine because nostalgia, two matches is the absolute limit but 4 matches as well as appearing on SD like it he's the draw.

    So yeah, if Kevin Owens doesn't come off this potential feud with a world title shot then I will be officially over the try something new thinking.
  10. Y 2 Jake

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    The problem with the HIAC event is that there's one match that should be so wild that it needs to be contained in the Cell, and it certainly isn't Shane vs. Owens.
  11. George Steele's Barber

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    Sounds good. I like that WWE is using their part-time talent for a non-big PPV to fill out a card. Shane has also showed many times that he is capable of being entertaining. Putting it in a cell fits as well. Shane has his history and Owens can play his sadistic side. Nakamura/Mahal makes sense for the Cell as well due to the Singh brothers and Khali but there is no good reason not to do this feud and match. It's not like Smackdown has that much of a wealth of talent or interesting match ups at the moment.
  12. Aeon Mathix

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    Apparently Shane McMahon in anything is a lose lose situation according to various people in this thread. You complain that the guy has these matches against top guys but always loses? Would you rather have him beat AJ and Undertaker? Losing every match he's in when he's had 2 in like 7 years is a silly thing to complain about. If he was winning all said matches there would still be complaints. That's wrestling fans for you.

    Owens vs Shane in the Cell works just fine and has a better premise than about 90 percent of the 500 Cell matches we have seen since the gimmick pay per view started. It's not a perfect feud for the Cell but it's better than what we've gotten. Owens hits his breaking point with Shane costing him his matches and makes it personal is a simple story and also one based on revenge and hatred versus a feud that's ongoing and the Cell is used as a pit stop.

    I don't know if the match would blow the roof off the joint but it's perfectly acceptable for a B level show. It's certainly better than the usual shitty holding pattern WWE is always in during the fall months. Shane and Hell in a Cell together is always going to generate interest with the casual fan. He wrestles around once or twice a year and the highlight packages of him jumping off huge things is enough for any casual viewer to be interested.
  13. ShinChan

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    We all know that we will see this match between Kevin and Shane. I love Shane the most in McMahon family and I've enjoyed his match against AJ Styles but I would prefer not seeing him again in the ring. It's not like Smackdown is low in talent. But the utilisation hasn't been proper. Someone talented like Luke Harper is sitting doing nothing and we have Jinder Mahal as champion who hasn't impressed in even a single area. How fair, no?

    I hope that Shane doesn't do his punch stuff if this match is going to happen.

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