Scott Hall should've been in the nWo Wolfpac in 1998 rather than nWo Hollywood

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by TEIWCSCSAATBHPHASP, Sep 12, 2016.

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    Except people weren't sick of the streak yet.

    Goldberg was still over in a massive way. He was still the biggest draw that WCW had, and he was the main reason that people who had been completely worn out from NWO fatigue were still tuning into Nitro.

    People were not happy when Nash beat Goldberg, and after investing so much time in the streak, hated that it ended the way that it did. They hated that it ended to a member of the 'old guard' in Nash, and the smarts that knew about Nash's booking influence behind the scenes hated it even more because they just saw it as another self serving move by a member of a core group who was rewriting the book on self serving moves.

    Even then, it still could have worked had their been a plan in place that centered on the fact that Goldberg was their star. When they quickly transferred the belt to Hogan with the incredibly ill conceived 'finger poke of doom', and showed that the entire thing was built around reuniting the NWO? Well people were sick of it, and for so many that was the last straw.
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    @the eternal champion,

    you talk through it mate. the steiner bros were kickass, the Frankensteiner was innovative at the time, Harlem heat rocked the joint every time they came out, and the outsiders changed the landscape by going to wcw.

    As a fan, wcw rocked in the 90's
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    I honestly don't understand how debates like this happen? We all know the answer: it's been twenty years pretty much and people have been on record for most of it: the NWO white side needed more vibrant life: Hall was the answer. They also wanted to run Nash vs Hall, which they did.

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