Royal Rumble 2016: WWE Tag Team Championship - The New Day (c) VS The Usos

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, Jan 19, 2016.

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    Given that every championship will be on the line at the Royal Rumble, it goes to figure that at least one of them changes hands and I have a notion that this will be the one. New Day will have been tag champs, for the 2nd time, for 153 days as of this Sunday and they've been involved for quite a while feuding with the Usos that I have a feeling the Usos pick up their 3rd WWE Tag Team Championship win.

    Personally, it wouldn't bother me to see New Day retain, but I just don't think it'll happen. At this point, there aren't really enough babyface teams currently up to snuff to feud with New Day aside from the Usos, so I think it's over for New Day Sunday.
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    I say this as a huge Kofi mark, but putting the titles on the Usos is a mistake. Yeah, The New Day are above the titles, but the Usos are just boring while The New Day have been the best thing about WWE for a while now.

    I used to be fans of Jimmy and Jey, but that ended when I realized that each of their matches is the same thing over and over. I get sick of JBL screaming "We got flying flying Usos Maggle!" each and every match when they do their planchas. Add in a super kick, a corner butt smash, a Samoan drop, and a top rope splash and you have every Usos match ever.

    My personal opinion is that The New Day need to hold the titles until after Wrestlemania, then drop them to a new team that has a third member to counteract the constant distractions from Xavier. *cough* Enzo, Cass, and Carmella *cough*
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    I think the WWE should built torwards a Triple Threat TLC match at Wrestlemania with The Duddleys, The Usos and The New Day.

    In order for that to happen you need The Usos to win the championship at the Royal Rumble. Usos and New Day have their rematch at Fast Lane, where the Usos retain. New Day then beats the hell out of them using chairs.

    The Duddleys enter the scene as the new #1 contenders and boom. We have a TLC match at Wrestlemania.

    If there are no plans for that, then have New Day retain here, until a new equally entertaining side appears to take the titles from them.
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    I have to agree with Yaz, the Uso's while they use and lot of high flying maneuvers are kind of boring to watch now. They've been doing the same shtick now for the last few years. If they do win the titles off New Day, then hopefully New Day goes on a rampage and takes them back at Mania.

    I've noticed though that recently New Day hasn't been themselves. On the last couple of RAW's it's like they've had a leash put on them. They haven't been as funny as they normally are. Maybe New Day will be No More in a few months. I really hope not.
  5. kadroan

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    New Day should win. Before Jey Uso got hurt, Usos dominated the tag team title picture. They really hadn't evolved.

    I'd prefer Rowan and Harper to be the ones to beat New Day.
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    I would want The Uso to win the titles but if New Day has to retain then Make them lose tag titles against Luke Harper & Erick Rowan at Wrestlemania 32! :D

    I do think that Lucha Dragons winning the titles would have better. :blush:


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