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Who's winning the 2016 Royal Rumble Match?

  1. Roman Reigns

  2. Brock Lesnar

  3. John Cena

  4. The Undertaker

  5. Triple H

  6. Dean Ambrose

  7. Seth Rollins (Miracle Return)

  8. The Rock

  9. Kevin Owens

  10. Triple H

  11. Ryback

  12. Bray Wyatt

  13. Cesaro (Miracle Return)

  14. Current NXT Star/Or a Returning Legend

  15. Other

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    Been thinking about this for a little bit now. It seems to me that maybe WWE would have benefitted from calling an audible and putting the title on Lesnar at the Rumble instead of HHH. The main complaint surrounding Wrestlemania this year appears to be the "predictability" of some of the main event matches and their outcomes, and while I'm not completely convinced that we'll ultimately see Wyatt/Lesnar and Reigns/HHH for the title headline Mania, I think it's pretty damn likely.

    That being said, I think after WWE realized that the Rumble crowd wasn't going to back Reigns, it would have been smart of them to go with Lesnar instead. I don't think much would have had to change other than the fact that Wyatt/Lesnar would have been the Mania title match instead of Reigns/HHH. The Lesnar/Wyatt match could have still been teased at the Rumble, just with Lesnar ultimately eliminating the Family instead of being eliminated by them. The triple threat match at Fast Lane could have still gone on with Wyatt and H replacing Lensar and Ambrose and the main events (if they play out as they should) would have had a little more intrigue in my opinion. Also, the match wouldn't necessarily have to headline. If WWE was adamant on pushing Reigns over the rest, he and HHH could still go on last.

    I know there are some problems with this scenario, mainly what to do with the WWE title after Mania, but if they wanted to finally give Wyatt that push, a title win over Lesnar would certainly have been the way to do it. Also, there are probably some out there that don't see Bray Wyatt vs Brock Lesnar as a big enough title match for Wrestlemania, but I would argue the same thing was said about Booker T and HHH at Mania 19. If WWE shocked the fans and actually had Wyatt go over Lesnar that would definitely have shattered the predictability complaint.

    So basically, HHH or Brock Lesnar? Who should have won the Rumble?

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