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Discussion in '[Hidden] World Wrestling Entertainment' started by Strife3, Jun 19, 2018.

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    Am I the only one to think Ronda Rousey is overrated? Dont get me wrong I watched her UFC fights and to me she seems as out of place in WWE as CM Punk does in UFC.

    Ronda whined, bitched and moaned about what Alexa did. ok Alexa took advantage and got the match ended in a DQ to keep the title on Nia who was hurt. (SMART) she then turned her attention and kept Nia down while taking out Ronda and makes sure she is no threat. (AGAIN SMART) Alexa cashes in (LEGAL Due to Contract) and wins the Match, becoming the new WWE Raw Womans Champion.

    It's funny to watch people whine about things cause they dont go their way. Ronda is crying she was attacked and lost due to unfairness. She told Kurt tonight she is tired of being told it's not UFC, HINT, if she figured it out people wouldn't tell her.

    Ronda is overrated and needs to learn how things work in WWE and LISTEN to how things go. MitB case lets you cash in, any time, anywhere, Even the Refs need to learn this or be told it again, If you watch the night Carmella cashed in the ref hesitated and tried to tell her no. I thought the contract said, Anytime, Anyplace the holder wants.

    As for the 30 days, she got off too easy and her 'Im sorry kurt' was nothing more then her saying 'You touched me first so it's ok'.

    Dont get me wrong I wouldn't wanna meet her for a fight ever, she needs to go back to UFC where she is use to things. WWE is not for her IMO and she is proving it.
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    Are you under the impression that Ronda isn't following a script?

    Because with all due respect, I don't see how her complaints make her overrated. If she was garbage in the ring I can understand, but she's not so I don't.
  3. Razz

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    No, She was following what had been booked for her on RAW lol. You are arguing over storyline actions. How does that make her overrated? She has so far met or exceeded whatever expectations most had for her, persona and in ring wise for someone who has not done this at any developmental or indie level.
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    I liked Ronda against Nia, she looked a lot better than with Steph, and even better than Nia, and on RAW she went wild what I think fits her “persona”. In one month, we can have a much better Ronda and more adapted, I think that match at MiTB was a mistake by Nia and that’s why she lost the title...
  5. Fire Marshall Bill

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    It's still real to me, damnit! :lmao::lmao:

    Actually I think what they're doing with her is perfect. So many people were concerned she got a title match so quickly, but not only did she lose it, she goes right into a storyline where they can't oversaturate too soon. I'm sure the announcers won't shutup about her though.
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    She got attacked with a briefcase multiple times! She has every right to be livid in storyline. She'd look pretty weak if she just brushed the whole incident off
  7. Spencesc11

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    I think now you do the slow build back to the Title Picture.

    Summerslam - Rousey beats Ruby Riot
    Hell in Cell - Rousey defeats M. James
    TLC - Rousey defeats S. Banks
    Survivor Series - Team Rousey defeats Team Bliss
    Clash of Champions - Rousey defeats Bliss but via DQ (Bliss Retains)
    Royal Rumble - Rousey beats Bliss for the Title (Charlotte wins the Rumble)
    Mania - Rousey defends Raw Title vs. Charlotte
  8. Jack-Hammer

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    You honestly think what happened last night on Raw wasn't scripted? If Rousey had legitimately gone off on Alexa Bliss, or Kurt Angle for that matter, WWE cameras would have immediately cut away from the action in the ring. Also, Alexa Bliss would be about fifty shades of fucked up with, quite possibly, a busted up face and a messed up arm rather than suffering a classic pro wresting spot of being powerbombed through a table.

    Rousey being "suspended" will keep her off TV for a while, she'll continue training and allow Alexa Bliss to finish up her program with Nia Jax by retaining the Raw Women's Championship at Extreme Rules. There's probably not going to be some sort of threeway feud between them and that's probably the way to go as Bliss vs. Rousey is a simple, clear cut and more direct face vs. heel dynamic. Little Miss Bliss has been one of WWE's best heels in quite some time and fans now already want to see her get beaten up some more, but for the title as well.

    WWE is setting up Bliss vs. Rousey for SummerSlam where there's a good chance Rousey will win, barring some sort of interference or massive cheating on Alexa's part. Personally though, I think Rousey wins at SummerSlam, embarks on a long run as champion and winds up meeting Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania XXXV next year due to Charlotte winning the Women's Royal Rumble.
  9. HeenanGorilla

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    I'm not being sarcastic. But, are you very young? I was baffled as I read this, but then I re-read it and thought this sounds like a kid who believes in kayfabe expressing his opinion. If so, I think this is adorable and I applaud your passion for the WWE world.

    If you are, however, a "hip to the game" adult viewer, I have to go right back to baffled. You cannot seriously think the actions of her TV persona reflect the person. No...the more I think about it, you can't actually think this. Scratch this option.

    So, to the young OP, I say enjoy the show, buddy. There's never a better time to be a wrestling fan than in childhood.
  10. enviousdominous

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    Of course not. Didn't you watch RAW last night? Alexa Bliss is another person who thinks that Ronda Rousey is overrated.

    That... doesn't really expand on your theory that Ronda is overrated. You're making a callous example that to me is just a false equivalency fallacy. If you said "don't get me wrong" just to preemptively rebut anyone who would suggest that you lack insight into Ronda's career, you should know that you didn't do anything to subsequently emphasize your level of insight.

    Um... alright. That's how you interpreted Ronda's reaction, and your interpretation of her reaction has nothing to do with whether or not Ronda's status is warranted.

    Ok, this has nothing to do with your theory that Ronda is overrated. Maybe this is a half-hearted attempt at validating Ronda's anger toward Alexa, but you should know that you're wandering way the fuck off of your original point.

    Alright, we obviously watched two different occurrences, likely in two different universes. I can't see in five dimensions unless I'm mixing four loko and bath salts, so I'll just be thankful that I live in the universe where Ronda showed how badass she is by owning Kurt, Alexa, and a bunch of refs which effectively put the women's division on notice.

    ..........................*smiles and nods*

    30 days is actually a pretty long time to be suspended for doing something that Brock or Braun would do on a regular basis without being suspended at all. It's prowrestling, disputes are better hacked out in the ring.


    Right right right, you're a perfectionist and you can't stand to see chaos in the ordinarily well organized world of prowrestling. I'll just say that moments like the one that Ronda created by going all hulk smash and whipping Alexa around like a slam ball was good for ratings, and therefore good for the WWE.
  11. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    Just think about it. This thread is amazing. Imagine if we all gather around and goof and act like heels are assholes and faces are deserving and actually get invested in the story like this guy....
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    Simple. If somebody fucks with you, then you're supposed to go back and beat their ass....

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