RoH Tag Team Titles are Broken!

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by ShinChan, Mar 5, 2017.

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    Well that's surprising.

    I mean that we knew that we will be getting Broken Hardys Vs. Young Bucks at Supercard Of Honor. And we still will get that as reported above with Hardys as the champions.

    I think that Young Bucks will regain their titles the next time these two teams face each other i.e at Supercard Of Honor and that's it.

    Also, Hardys could be back in WWE on the night after Wrestlemania 33. That's what I can see as of now.
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    The Elite teased interaction between them consistently, and I guess this last week came along and it worked out this way. Bully Ray had popped up as well and put Cole through a table. I don't see Bully sticking around that long and same with the Hardys. If the Hardys actually wanted to they could score a deal that goes over The Bucks ridiculous ROH / NJPW / PWG one. Hardys vs Bucks has already happened so same thoughts on the Bucks regaining the titles, and Hardys returning to WWE that Monday / Tuesday after Mania.

    It is cool either way for sure. I'm going to try and enjoy the run or whatever for what it's worth. I'm sure the recorded / live rematch will be really, really good and hopefully even great. This was a ridiculous live event just glancing at the match card the day prior or even a portion of the results.
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