Road Dogg: Triple H's Kevin Dunn?

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To Dunn or Not To Dunn: Hath Road Dogg Dunn?

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  1. Wildcat66

    Wildcat66 DELETE!

    Dec 21, 2013
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    I had thought about making a thread like this before, but I held back on it because I felt like it wasn't necessary.

    Given recent events however, not only do I feel it is necessary, but that it's also a given.

    For those who have been wondering, Road Dogg (noted Attitude Era legend) has been for the last several months or so been running SD as it's head writer. A move that has not gone unnoticed for those who noticed a severe drop in quality from the Tuesday show which has gone from the top show in WWE next to NXT to either a fallen titan or an absolute joke, depending on who you talk to.

    This has lead to a vocal minority calling for the firing of Road Dogg from his position as head writer in the hopes a better writer (preferably Ryan Ward, the previous head writer for SD) can take the reigns.

    If you are expecting me to give an opinion on Road Dogg's tenure as SD head writer, then you will be disappointed to know that I will not be doing so. Instead, I would like to make an interesting comparison that I don't think anyone else has thought of.

    As we all know by now: Kevin Dunn has been in charge of production for WWE since back in the 90s and has for a long time been Vince McMahon's right hand man. He has also been known for garnering lots of criticism from wrestling fans. So, what's the comparison between the two you may ask?

    It's simple: Triple H and Road Dogg are also very close together, having been allied on TV and behind the scenes since the 90s. Road Dogg also currently holds a top position backstage and also receives critique from fans. There are some differences between the two, but the similarities that are there shine brightly.

    But that's just what I've noticed. What do you guys think? How similar are Kevin Dunn and Road Dogg and more importantly, is Road Dogg becoming the next Kevin Dunn?
  2. THTRobtaylor

    THTRobtaylor Once & Future Wrestlezone Columnist

    Jun 2, 2006
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    No... Regal would be that guy, he is tight with Triple H and has been pretty important in scouting talent and setting up deals over the years. When the time comes for Trips to "step up" it would be Regal I'd expect to see move up with him...

    He'd be universally respected by talent, has a unique experience and perspective and has spent enough time behind the scenes in NXT that he would be an effective #2. I can see Jarrett replacing Regal in NXT/as a scout.

    That being said, there will be a place for people like Road Dog for sure... I don't think there will be one Kevin Dunn type but several who manage their own shows etc. Part of the shift Trips seems to favor is each show having more of its own identity... so one guy overseeing all shows doesn't make massive Trips would be that guy, with a specific "head writer" for RAW/SD/205/NXT and any other division/company they come up with.

    IF there was one guy overseeing it, I think Jeremy Borash's hire could be more in that vein... he wrote much of TNA's stuff and clearly has the production experience. But Dunn has had such a negative impact over the years, for all his innovation in the 80's many within the company and business as a whole dislike him, I think Trips would avoid either keeping him or trying to have "his version" of him... it would be smarter business to give more opportunities to a mix of people, not just former Kliq and at least for a while try a different approach.

    So... I could see the breakdown being

    Trips - Overall control of the shows (if not the company as a whole)
    Regal - Head of Talent Relations/Production
    Jeremy Borash - Executive Producer

    Road Dogg - SD or RAW producer

    Shawn Michaels - RAW producer

    Billy Kidman - 205 Live producer(he is learning all the timing etc at the moment so seems headed for that kind of role)

    Jeff Jarrett or Matt Bloom- NXT/Developmental producer other is head trainer.
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  3. Wrestlemania75

    Wrestlemania75 Dark Match Jobber

    Apr 7, 2014
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    Funny, I always thought Road Dogg was the new Pat Patterson. And Billy Gunn was Gerald Brisco (though he got fired, I know). The new Stooges!
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  4. TheEnd1978

    TheEnd1978 I'm Old.

    Feb 24, 2018
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    I've enjoyed SD lately maybe I am just a crazy old man though who knows honestly but Road Dogg has been running Smackdown for a long time and I don't really see it changing anytime soon IMO.
  5. ABMorales787

    ABMorales787 Lord And Master
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    Sep 18, 2009
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    Well, judging by Smackdown's completely nonsensical booking to the point that it's actually scaring off attendance, he's got the "dumb and stubborn" checkmark of being like Kevin Dunn.

    On the scale of trusted Triple H men, it's pretty clear that Road Dogg as head of Smackdown is not a Triple H move. Especially when you remember he's replacing Ryan Ward. The creative force behind NXT all the way to 2016 and the guy who led Smackdown at the start of the brand split to enormous positive reactions.
  6. Navi

    Navi With the safety off!!

    Apr 15, 2010
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    I have no idea if he's SD's Kevin Dunn, all I know is SD Live has almost become unwatchable lately. As has RAW as well. Literally haven't sat through a full SD or RAW in the last month or so, just can't do it anymore. It's like a soap opera now, miss a few weeks, turn it on and you've missed nothing. Same wrestler's on TV in the same matches over and over again. What happened to the days of taking it up a notch or two.

    I remember when SD was the show to watch out of the two of them. It was entertaining and you actually had a champion with a title on most weeks. He even defended it as well. Quite unlike RAW who's title has been non existent for most of this year. Don't really know when it started to go downhill, but it has faster than the Jamaican blobsled team and the ride has been just as bumpy.

    Now we are on the Road to Wrestlemania and you'd think that both would be pulling out all the stops to get there, but it seems like there are many potholes and SD has hit most of them. If that's Road Dogg's fault then give him another job and bring back the guy who made it watchable. I completely understand a company's loyalty in it's employees, but when you put someone in charge of something and they can't do the job then move them. With attendance and ratings sagging it's not a good sign.

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