Revolution: New Years Redemption

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    Welcome to a new year.


    A new year means new beginnings. A clean slate. A fresh start.
    A chance to change your destiny. A chance to reach for your goals.

    A new year means new chances. New opportunities.
    For the warriors of WZCW, it's all about grabbing those opportunities.

    Tonight, a Revolution begins. And for many, it is a chance to redeem themselves.



    Copeland: Live from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri, we welcome you to the first PPV event of 2015, this is the WZCW Revolution: New Year's Redemption!

    Connor: 4 Championship matches, one of them an "I Quit" match. So many issues to be resolved tonight.

    Cohen: None bigger than the World Heavyweight Championship. The most prestigious championship in wrestling. It's the headline, the hood ornament of this company. No one else worthy enough. And tonight, Ty Burna will take it back from that twit, Matt Tastic.

    Copeland: All this and more as we.... What the?

    The lights dim and fire begins to emit from the ring posts, entrance ramp and other random locations in the ring as peculiar music hits.


    As the music plays loudly, the fires stops and searchlights shine through the crowd. Eventually stopping on several standing people. All clad in hoodies, sunglasses and half-masks with skull designs on. The camera focuses on them for a bit before they're all shown marching down the crowd. Eventually, one man appears wrapped with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. He raises a mic and when he speaks, it's clear who he is.

    Matt: St. Louis, show us some love!! 2014 was such an amazing year for me. It was my chance to create a revolution and redeem myself. And dammit to hell, did I do it?! But you know what? 2015 is a new year. And this here tonight is a revolution. That means things will be different.

    What's this clown doing here?

    At Lethal Lottery, I won the World title in my home country. At Kingdom Come, I defended the title in the biggest stage possible. But tonight?

    Tonight will not be for me alone. See, I look at my opponent, Ty Burna. He held the World title once for a full year. For a full year and more, he headlined every show he could. Many of us got snubbed. I was one of those. But now I'm the one on top. Ty wants this title back. But I want him to learn a lesson in humility. You know other people that have been held down? Alhazred. SHIT. Here for years. Ty, don't you and your Elite dweebs owe Cerberus for a favor? How about you learn what it's like to watch a show from the bottom? How about Hard Metal Penetration vs Cerberus headlines this show? How about you curtain jerk with me for the World Championship? NOW!!

    WHAT?!?! That's blasphemy!!

    Matt: Get me a ref!!

    Jurou Akiyama comes out as Matt takes his hoodie and other things off entering the ring.

    Connor: No way! This is really happening?!

    Matt paces the ring relentlessly waiting for his adversary for several seconds. Almost a full minute.

    Matt: Come on! Don't be such a coward! Swallow your pride, demon!!


    Oh my God, I don't believe it, this is really happening!!

    Ty comes out and stands on the ramp with a skeptical look in his face. He holds a mic up as the music dies down.

    Let me see if I got this right, Matthew. You want me to..... "Curtain Jerk" with you? Ignoring the dirty connotations behind that statement, you want me to exit my slated timeslot in this PPV's main event to fight you now?

    What? Would the paycut leave you in debt or something? You want this so badly you turn on people and put a stupid looking suit on..... For a sporting event mind you. I'd figure you'd not care when you fought. It's still a title match, coward. Come on, chicken. Come on, wuss. Come on, Bock Bock man. Come on..... BITCH.

    Ty snaps at the last remark and takes his shirt off just by the ring. He starts to mouth off and climbs the ring apron as Matt puts the belt on the floor and waves at Ty to "bring it on". Ty enters the ring and Jurou raises the belt.
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    Harrys: The following match is schedule for one fall, and it is for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, weighing 235 pounds, Ty Burna!


    Ty stands emotionless as the crowd rains down boos.

    Harry: And his opponent, from Orange County California, weighing 238 pounds; he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Tastic!

    Matt refuses to take his eyes off Ty, while the crowd roars for the champ.

    The two men begin to circle as referee Jurou Akiyama calls for the bell. They go in for a lock up, but instead, Ty connects with a right hand to the jaw of Tastic. The champion stumbles back, before being dropped down to one knee by another punch. Matt tries to shake it off, but he is grabbed and dropped by a Russian leg sweep. Burna quickly rolls him over for the pin, but Tastic kicks out at one. Before the champ can react, Ty locks in a straightjacket hold, all the while muttering to himself.

    Copeland: The WZCW World Title match is opening the show, and Ty Burna is coming out on fire for it!

    Cohen: Matt Tastic has had a good run on top, but it’s time for the title to go where it belongs: to the Elite.

    Matt is able to make his way back to his feet, but a knee to his kidney from Burna stops the countering. He lifts Tastic for a straightjacket suplex, but Matt is able to flip out and land on his feet. He charges at Ty for a clothesline, but Burna ducks in. The champion rebounds off the ropes and ducks a clothesline from Ty. He rebounds again, this time rolling under a Consecrated Banishment attempt. Tastic shoves Burna into the ropes, but is dropped with a shoulder block off the rebound. Ty runs the ropes again, with Matt rolling over into a drop down position. A second rebound leads into a leapfrog from the champion, but Ty waits on him and catches him coming down with a reverse STO. Tastic comes down hard on his face and bounces onto his back and is quickly covered for a pin, 1…2.., the champion kicks out. Ty throws a disgusted look at Matt before laying more punches in.

    Connor: What an impressive counter by Ty Burna!

    Copeland: Ty is always intense, but he seems to be on another level tonight.

    Cohen: That’s because he knows that he is minutes away from becoming the new WZCW World Champion.

    Referee Akiyama has to physically intervene to get Burna off of Tastic, leading Ty to roll a short ways away and yell at the top of his lungs. Matt starts trying to get back to his feet, but receives a kick to the back of the neck from Ty, followed by a running knee drop to the same location. He then adds a second knee drop and a third before attempting a pin, 1…2…, Matt just rolls a shoulder out. Burna tries to lock in the straightjacket again, but Tastic is able to twist out and pull Ty down into a backslide, 1…, Burna rolls out. Ty quickly picks the champion up and hits him with five rib breakers in a row before rolling Tastic over into a backbreaker submission, screaming at the champion to submit. After what seems to be an eternity in the hold, Ty decides to pull Tastic back up to his feet by the hair and throw him to the floor. Ignoring the attempts by the referee to keep him in the ring, Burna follows to the floor. He heads over to the barricade to get the champion, but Matt grabs Ty by the pants and pulls him face and chest first into said barricade. Tastic rolls away to try and recover a bit, while Burna hangs onto the barricade, stunned.

    Copeland: Matt Tastic has finally gotten a chance to breathe a bit, as Ty has been on him almost incessantly since this match began.

    Cohen: He had better try for a count out win here because he’s not pinning Ty Burna tonight, Seabass.

    Connor: That’s not how Matt operates, Jack. He wants to pin Ty in the middle of the ring.

    Tastic grabs Ty to toss him back in the ring, but is doubled over by an elbow to the midsection. Burna tries to whip Tastic into the post, but Matt grabs the post and uses his momentum to spin around the post and into the ring under the bottom rope. Before Ty can successfully slide in the ring, he takes a low dropkick to the face, sending him stumbling backward. Sensing an opportunity, Tastic takes off toward the opposite ropes to rebound with momentum for a picture-perfect suicide dive, sending Burna backward into the barricade once more. The champion gets back to his feet and pumps his fist, getting the crowd fired up. He tosses Burna back into the ring and rolls back in himself. Ty starts working back to his feet, but turns right into a spinning backfist. Burna drops like a rock, and Tastic rolls him over for a pin, 1…2.., Ty kicks out. Matt quickly gets back to his feet and signals for the Headache Driver. Burna gets back to his feet, and shoves off the champions attempt at the piledriver. Ty takes advantage of the space to attempt Consecrated Banishment, but Tastic is able to dodge. He grabs the challenger’s head and drops him with the Skullbuster. Rather than go for a pin, Matt decides to try to finish the match once and for all. He attempts the Screw Attack, but Ty is able to roll out of the way. While the champion is still stunned, Ty locks in The Harbinger’s Omen. Tastic fights to get out of the hold, but he is fading fast. Matt seems to be out, so Akiyama goes to check the arm of the champion. It drops once, and twice, but before it can drop a third time, Tastic musters the energy to flip over into a variation of a jackknife pin, 1…2…, Ty releases the hold and escapes the pin. Before any follow up can happen, Tastic rolls under the bottom rope to the floor. Burna yells and begins tearing at his hair in frustration.

    Connor: We’ve never seen these kind of emotional outbursts from Ty Burna before, and performing those in lieu of going after the champion will not help him win this match.

    Ty heads to the floor after Tastic, who is using the announce table to attempt to get back to his feet. The challenger charges at the champion, who sidesteps just in time, sending Burna over the table and onto the chairs that were just abandoned in time. Matt rolls back into the ring and, after checking on the champion, Akiyama begins the ten count for Ty. At four, he uses some of the ringside attendants’ chairs to help him back to his feet before folding the chairs and taking them to the ring with him. He slides one into the far corner of the ring, sending the referee chasing after it, before sliding in himself with the other. Tastic tries to charge at Burna before he can attack, but Ty gets to his feet and hits Consecrated Banishment! Akiyama turns around, however, and sees Ty standing over Matt with a chair in his hand. Before Akiyama does anything, Burna spikes the chair down and begins screaming at the official, insisting that he did not use the chair. Tastic starts to stir, so Ty turns and hits him with a second Consecrated Banishment, before turning to yell at the ref again, ripping apart the nearest turnbuckle pad while doing so. Akiyama looks prepared to call for the bell, but Ty stands between him and the timekeepers area. Burna’s eyes begin glowing red, but before Ty can act on his rage, the challenger is cracked across the back of the head with the chair he dropped by the champion! Akiyama immediately calls for the bell.

    Ladies and gentlemen, Matt Tastic has been disqualified!

    Cohen: That’s your champion, taking the coward’s way out.

    Copeland: He was protecting him-

    Connor: Oh my God, look at Ty Burna!

    Ty slowly turns around, eyes glowing an even brighter red, totally unaffected by what should have been a crippling blow. Tastic swings again, this time causing Burna to pause, but he charges at the champion, swinging away with rights and lefts. Matt is able to roll over on top of Ty, but his blows have quite a bit less force behind them. Almost immediately after Tastic takes control, Constantine and Dorian Slaughter come out from the back to aid Ty. Constantine immediately tackles the champion and starts punching away while Dorian Slaughter checks on Ty. Before too much more damage can be done, El Califa Dragón and Mikey Stormrage charge out from the back, followed by a group of referees and backstage officials. Mikey and Califa both go after the men they will face later tonight. Ty tries to go after Tastic again, but the officials get in between, rolling Matt to the floor and trying to restore order inside the ring.


    Heading backstage, the camera cuts to a door reading "Kenneth Banks". The door opens and we see the office of the WZCW CEO. He sits steadily behind his desk with his hands gripped as he looks at the camera with a serious face.

    Mr. Banks: Hello. Ladies, gentlemen and all fans alike of the WZCW. I am glad you are enjoying the already electric Revolution PPV. However, I want to make an announcement about an upcoming show. As you already know, Kingdom Come tends to be followed by Redemption. That norm changed this year with the event being given a modified name. Afterwards, Apocalypse follows. Not this year. This year the event will have a full name change. And this name, while new as a PPV event, is not a term our great WZCW fans are unfamiliar with.

    Before this upcoming event, 8 of the brightest in WZCW will compete in a tournament to crown the next #1 Contender to the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. In a concept we all know as the Gold Rush tournament. The finals of this tournament will take place at the All-State Arena in Chicago, Illinois when WZCW presents: Gold Rush. Live on PPV. We'll see you there.
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    We cut to a locker room area where SHIT and Alhazred are getting ready for the "I Quit" match.

    Alhazred: Yes! Yes! Yes! I don't believe it! We're the main event. SHIT, buddy, I told you together we could rule the world. Next? We take over the moon. Armed with our cat cannon, I know we can take out Sailor Moon, Marvin the Martian and Michael Jackson.

    SHIT: Does not compute. This one does not understand how we can headline a PPV without the Big Shiny being involved.

    Alhazred: We have big shiny's. 2 of them. And they're now BIGGER shiny's.

    SHIT: Bigger shiny's? This one's database indicates that Tag Teams mean nothing in wrestling.

    Alhazred: What? Who? Where?

    SHIT: Stamford.


    Ramparte and Flex Mussell are also getting ready for the "I Quit" match.

    Flex: I..... I don't believe it.

    Ramparte: Yes. What ironic beauty. That through destruction and carnage, with find ourselves in the main event instead of going through the typical notions.

    Flex: It's weird. I always dreamt of it, but I kinda wanted the World Champion to be my opponent. And that I'd win.

    Ramparte: Regardless, the outcome will be the same. We'll come out on top.

    The camera pans outside the locker room with a sign reading "Men's Locker Room". An impatient Eve Taylor stands right by waiting for the other two heads.

    Eve:Would you two hurry up!! I need help with my dress!



    Copeland: As if the first match of the night wasn't explosive, just look at what is up next!

    Connor: Mikey Stormrage came just a bit short of beating Ty Burna in the semi-main event of Kingdom Come. Constantine completed the 7 match gauntlet of the Elite X Championship. He has his shot at Matt Tastic. But he's accepted Mikey's challenge while he waits.

    Cohen: I don't get this match. Mikey gains nothing from winning. Neither does Constantine. He was also already out here. Why did he march backstage just to come back out?

    Connor: I believe you boys call it.... “Machismo”.


    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from San Francisco, California by way of Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing 325 pounds, Mikey Stormrage!

    Mikey appears on stage. He does the “Game Over” sign and walks down the ramp backwards and starts flailing his arms in the air. He does a pirouette still flailing his arms and then takes a bow to an ovation from the crowd.

    Cohen: What was that?

    Copeland: The attitude of an excited and confident man, Jack.


    Harrys: And his opponent, from The Kings Court, he represents The Elite, Constantine!

    Constantine appears on the stage. He has a huge scowl on his face. His slow march down to the ring is the polar opposite of Mikey's enthusiastic entrance.

    Cohen: That's the look of a confident STAR, Seabass. That is a star walking the aisle and a future World Champion, no doubt.

    The two stare each other down as Keith Morse check to start the match.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Constantine and Mikey go nose to nose in the center of the ring and mouth off at each other. Constantine talks loudly calling Mikey a “nobody” but Mikey just smiles and pushes his head against Constantines. Constantine slaps Mikey who steps back a little. But stops and turns back to Constantine and smiles again. Constantine slaps him several times over to the same response, but eventually Mikey pulls on Constantine's nose and yanks him. Consty looks on angrily and a brawl breaks out between the two now. The two men slug it out with heavy rights one right after the other. Back and forth both men go with several shots. Constantine tries an Irish Whip but Mikey lowers his knees to stop it. He gives the move a try himself but Consty pulls the same counter. He pulls Mikey in and hits a reverse elbow right to the jaw to stagger Mikey. He hooks a Hammerlock and starts screaming at Mikey to his ear. “You're nothing!” screams the #1 contender as Mikey tries to find a way out.

    Cohen: The man oozes confidence and authority. There is just no way for Mikey to get by him.

    Constantine yanks on the arm as Mikey grabs the rope. Referee Keith Morse orders Constantine to break the hold but he screams out "I have until 5!". Before Keith can even count to "1" though, Mikey uses to ropes to flip himself out of the hold and Arm Drag his adversary for a chin lock.

    Connor: Wow! What athleticism there!

    Copeland: Well, we've seen it all now. Mikey Stormrage does a standing front flip.

    Constantine fights his way back to his feet and hits some solid elbows to the ribs of Mikey Stormrage, but before he can get himself off the hold, Mikey yanks the hair and slams the Elite down to the canvas. Referee Keith Morse admonishes Mikey for the breaking of the rules but Mikey just paces the ring swinging his arms in a dancing motion. Constantine looks on frustrated at Mikey's antics. He charges in, but Mikey hits an Arm Drag. Mikey goes back to pacing the ring and Constantine lets his frustration leak out again. It leads to another Arm Drag. Mikey goes up to the turnbuckle to an ovation from the audience.

    Mikey! Mikey! Mikey! Mikey! Mikey! Mikey!

    Mikey gets down from the turnbuckle and finds an irate Constantine staring with deadly eyes at him. He goes to punch Mikey, but the big guy, bear hugs Constantine. He rubs the man's head before hitting the Live Mas! Slam. Mikey then begins to rally the crowd on before hooking the leg for a cover.



    3-No! Constantine powers out.

    Copeland: I notice a huge change in Mikey's style. It seems he's taking his time with his offense and getting in the head of his adversary with his antics.

    Connor: He's playing to his strengths and keeping the pace slow and to his favor. It seems he learned a lot from his match with Ty Burna.

    Cohen: Who're you people trying to kid? He's being a dumbass!

    Constantine gets back to his feet. Mikey tries to mount an offensive, but Consty gets the better of it. Mikey backs off and then runs for some momentum, but Constantine catches him by the side uses the momentum to hit a Sidewalk Slam. He starts to taunt Mikey and then mounts him. He punches away with each hit being preceded by an insult from the Elite one. 2, 3, 4, 5 blows. Each one more vicious than the last with the insults peppered in being more salt to the wound. He goes for a sixth, but Mikey grabs the fist before it can come down. He then thumbs Constantine in the eye to get him off. Keith admonishes him for it, but Mikey correctly points out he did nothing about the mounted fists. As that goes on though, Constantine charges and hits Mikey over the head with an Ax Handle blow.

    Cohen: Constantine has had it with this nonsense. Go get him!

    Constantine kicks on the downed Mikey before going for the legs with powerful stomps. He drops a knee on each Mikey's legs furiously. He then tries to drop an elbow, but Mikey grabs the ropes and pulls himself out of the ring. Mikey takes a second but gets right back in. He charges and can be seen skipping a step or two, but that doesn't stop him. He hits few blows before raising Constantine for a Suplex. But instead tosses him forward for a Gordbuster. Mikey does a roll over Constantine's back and rushes across the ring. He comes back in and hits a Seated Senton on Constantine and goes for a cover.



    3-But Constantine kicks out!

    Connor:Mikey is starting accelerate the pace now.

    Copeland: Constantine is starting to turn that frustration into successful offense so it would be best to get serious.

    Cohen: You guys give that bonehead to much cred.

    Mikey keeps the offense going. He whips Constantine across the ring and hits a Samoan Drop. He extends his arms and the crowd cheers him on. He turns to Constantine and tries to pull him up, but Constantine manages to hit a low blow with Keith Morse unable to see due to being in a wrong spot. Constantine falls back down while Mikey clutches between his legs. He collapses while Keith looks on confused. He measures both guys and begins to count them out.





    Constantine begins to move toward Mikey.



    He drapes the arm over Mikey for the cover.



    3-No! But Mikey kicks out at 2!

    Consty Suck! Consty Suck! Consty Suck! Consty Suck!

    Cohen: Constantine almost put the clown down.

    Copeland: He punched him low, Jack. Is that how he's supposed to go face Matt Tastic?

    Constantine gets frustrated and pulls his adversary up. He tries to throw Mikey face first into the nearest corner, but Mikey lets go of his crotch to turn the tables. He Clotheslines the back of Constantine's head leading to him taking a few steps back stumbling backward to the canvas. Mikey tries to catch his breath in the corner as he surveys the situation. He looks around thinking what to do before taking one step up the turnbuckles. He looks back at Constantine before taking a second step up. He keeps going and now stands at the top facing the crowd.

    Connor: What's he doing?

    Mikey stretches his arms out and shows off to the crowd from the top turnbuckle before making a catholic cross sign. He leaps!! He hits... A MOONSAULT!!

    Cohen: Oh my God! He squashed him!!

    Copeland: Fly, Fatass, Fly!!

    That Was Awesome!

    *Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap!*

    That Was Awesome!

    *Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap!

    *That Was Awesome!

    *Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap!*

    Mikey struggles to move after the major blow as he's still clutching his crotch. Constantine is totally blank in the canvas though with not a single movement. Mikey tries but can barely even crawl. Keith Morse begins to measure both men before making the call.





    Mikey begins to gain some traction and heads toward Constantine.




    He finally drapes the arm over for a cover!



    3-But Constantine places a foot on the bottom rope!!

    Connor: No way!

    Cohen: That's a star there. How smart was that?

    Copeland: Both men are badly hurt after that big moment, but they're both still in this.

    Mikey looks frustrated after pulling out all the stops. He starts to get back up clutching himself and makes the Game Over sign. He urges Constantine to get back up with an angry look as his demeanor has changed. Constantine finally starts to show some life and struggles back to his feet. Before he can realize what's going on, Mikey turns him over and picks him up. Constantine is startled, but hits an elbow to shrug off Mikey. Consty uses the chance and goes behind Mikey. Collateral Damage! But Mikey Arm Drags out of it! Constantine finally comes back to his senses and charges Mikey the moment he gets to his knees. But Mikey catapults Consty to the air and goes for the Falcon Punch, but Consty blocks and gets away. Mikey gives chase, but Constantine uses the momentum and hits a Backbreaker to slow Mikey down.

    Connor: Both men looking to hit their best blows but neither blinked. What an exchange.

    Constantine tries to catch his breath, no longer able to even able to mouth off anymore. He raises Mikey for a Fallaway Slam but drops him, clutching his back.

    Copeland: The Seated Senton from earlier seems to have taken it's toll.

    Mikey gets back up and pops up Constantine and hits the Falcon Punch! Constantine staggers on the mat from the blow as the crowd cheers on loudly. Mikey turns Constantine over and slaps him on the chest before heading to the top turnbuckle again. He slowly climbs can up as the exhaustion clearly has set in. He stands up and measures Constantine who is staggering. He looks for the Stormrage Splash, but Constantine won't stand still. He rolls and shoves Keith Morse making him hit the ropes! Mikey trips and crotches himself on the ropes as the crowd dies down into boo's. Constantine gets up and heads to Mikey. He puts him on his back takes a few step in the ring before hitting Collateral Damage!!

    Connor: Not like this!




    Cohen: Yes! Just like that!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Constantine!!

    Copeland: He went to the well just one time too many and it ended up costing him the match. What a shame, after such a performance too.

    Connor: Constantine simply was not hesitant to break the rules. At all. He took two openings to cheat and there's the result. He won.

    Keith Morse checks on Mikey Stormrage as Constantine parades his way up the ramp celebrating his win. He makes the motion of having a title around his waist at the top of the ramp as the crowd boo's.

    Cohen: Mikey messed around too much. But Constantine had it in the bag all the way through.

    Keith argues with Mikey about the low blows but its to no avail. He signals that he was "that close" as he starts to leave. Hunching over from the pain.


    Backstage we see Daddy Mack walking down the hallway with his title over him. He stops and starts stretching out.

    Daddy Mack: Yeah! Time let loose the Daddy Mack Attack!

    In another section we see all 3 members of Cerberus. Flex is trying to zip up something in Eve Taylor's dress. All three seem frustrated, but when the zipper goes up, they seem ready to go.

    Cerberus: All Hail Cerberus!

    Eve powerwalks off to the ring.
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    Harrys: This contest is set for one fall, and is for the Eurasian Championship!



    Harrys: Introducing first, the challenger, from Milan, Italy; "The Fabulous" Eve Taylor!

    Taylor walks out and treats the stage as a fashion runway. She stops at the top of the ramp and poses before enthusiastically marching towards the ring. Taylor interacts with the fans, commenting on their appearance and giving them "tips" (i.e. harsh insults) whilst doing so with a smile on her face. She stands in the middle of the ring and soaks in the "adulation" of the crowd.

    Cohen: Tonight is Eve Taylor’s night! Ever since Kingdom Come her momentum has skyrocketed to the top!

    Copeland: She has indeed been on the successful path since disposing of Aubrey Sloan but has to wonder if that’s enough to truly put away the veteran and Eurasian Champion Daddy Mack.


    Harrys: And her opponent, from Boise Idaho, he is the Eurasian Champion, Daddy Mack!

    Daddy Mack appears on the ramp to a thunderous ovation. He waves to the fans in the cheap seats before heading to the ring and high fiving the audience and so forth as he walks down the ramp holding the Eurasian championship high in the air.

    : If this crowd has anything to say about Daddy Mack isn’t losing his championship anytime soon!

    : Eh, what do they know?

    Mack enters the ring and gets up on the turnbuckles to pose one more time with the championship but before the bell even rings Taylor ambushes him knocking him over the turnbuckle, outside the ring, with Mack landing straight on his neck!

    Connor: Somebody check on Daddy Mack! His neck could be broken!

    : Eve Taylor taking a cheap shot before the match even stars and now Mack might be out before the contest has even begun.

    Cohen: Once again Eve’s ruthless tactics show why she’s the most dominant female in WZCW.

    The ref quickly backs Eve away before heading to the outside to check on Mack. He looks dazed and confused as he clutches the back of his neck in pain. The ref proceeds to ask him where he is but Mack gives no answer. After a minute of intense observations the ref throws up the “X” signal and motions of medical help from the back. The crowd boos Eve as it looks like Mack will not be able to compete.

    : Well from the looks of it Mack took a very bad landing on his neck and the referee has used his discretion to stop the match before Mack can suffer any more serious injuries.

    : Oh please! I could have taken that bump and wrestled another hour.

    Connor: Are you really trying to downplay the seriousness of an injury as severe as that? Taylor has crossed the line once again.

    The EMT’s eventually make it down to the ring with a stretcher and wrap a neck brace around Mack. Still silent and hurt the Eurasian champion is loaded onto the stretcher. Children in the audience begin to cry as Mack begins to be wheeled up the entrance ramp until suddenly he begins to free himself. He furiously begins to kick away the EMT’s and he eventually unwraps himself from the stretcher as the fans begin to go crazy! He gets off the stretcher and despite still clutching his neck in pain he refuses any more medical treatment. He locks eyes with a young child wearing a Daddy Mack t-shirt and rips his neck brace right off! He gives it to the young child before pointing down the ramp at Eve Taylor who is completely distraught by what she’s seeing!

    Copeland: The fans have completely willed Daddy Mack back into this match!

    Connor: Eve Taylor may have just messed with the wrong man.

    Mack begins to sprint down the ramp, to the ring, and dives under the bottom rope only to be met with vicious stomps to the back of the neck by Eve. She attempts to lock in the wardrobe malfunction but if overpowered by Mack and pushed into the ropes. She bounces back towards him only to be met with the Big Mack!

    Connor: How is Daddy Mack doing it?! Where is finding the strength!?!

    Cohen: Whatever energy drink he’s on I want some.

    Copeland: Listen to this crowd! They want the legend of Daddy Mack to continue on forever and won’t let any injury sway them otherwise!


    Mack clutches is neck and he uses to ropes to get himself up to his feet. He sees Eve is out on the mat and in prime position for the Mack Attack! The fans continue to cheer him on as he gets to the top rope and signals for the elbow drop. He hesitates for one moment to take in the atmosphere one more time, he leaps off the top rope…..but Eve moves out the way! Mack misses completely and splats on the canvas!

    Cohen: Once again, Eve Taylor is just too good to lose.

    Connor: Daddy Mack’s hesitation may have just cost him the Eurasian title!

    Mack has not moved at all as an irritated and angry Eve recovers and picks Mack up by the neck. After a screeching war cry she hits the Fashion Statement practically destroying Mack’s neck! She covers Mack as the ref counts 1…2….3!

    Harrys: And here is your winner, AND NEEEEEWWW EURASIAN CHAMPION, EVE TAYLOR!

    Cohen: All hail the third head of Cerberus Eve Taylor, I can’t think of a more deserving individual that could hold the honor of the first female competitor to hold a singles WZCW championship.

    Connor: I don’t agree with Eve’s tactics in the slightest but she has indeed made history and is your new Eurasian champion.

    Copeland: You have to give it up Mack though, fighting through the ambush in the beginning but in the end Eve was just too much for him.

    The crowd boos as Taylor poses with her new championship from corner to corner of the ring. Tears even begin to roll down her eyes as she makes her way up the ramp still taunting fans devastated by their heroes’ loss. Mack has not moved since the conclusion of the match and is this time wheeled to back in a stretcher by EMTs.


    Backstage we see Matt Tastic looking angry leaning on a wall while Mikey Stormrage is sitting on a bench somewhat less frustrated. He does have an ice pack between his legs though.

    I was so close. Man, I just don't believe it.

    Matt: ..........Soon, Mikey. Your time will come.

    El Califa walks into the scene and looks at the two men. Matt's angry expression doesn't change.

    Matt: Good luck out there, man.

    Califa: Fighting the good fight is good enough for me, my friends. Let's keep our chins up.

    He walks off while Matt keeps his angry look.


    In another area, completely in darkness, we see someone come out of it. It's Dorian Slaughter. Who closes a door. It reads "Ty Burna".
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    Harrys: This next contest is for the Elite X Championship, and is a Relay Match! The rules are as followed.


    Connor: This will surely be a tough match for any referee to handle.

    Copeland: A Relay match has only occurred once in WZCW, and it was one by Krypto of all people.

    Cohen: If that’s any indication of how this will go I don’t have high hopes.

    Furious chants of Vikram's name begin as he comes out raising his arms hoping to soak in the applause from the crowd. When he sees that the crowd is booing him, he shouts at them with stuff like “What is the matter with you?” “Respect me, you asshats.” “I am more famous than your entire family will ever be.”

    Harrys: From New Delhi, India, Vikram ”The Great One”

    Copeland: Brash, cocky, and young. But does the rookie Vikram have what it takes to take home the gold tonight?


    Bruce comes out through the curtain and soaks in the crowd. He wears his shirt down to the ring. He slowly walks down with high fives to the crowd. He climbs in to the ring and takes his shirt off. He throws this to the crowd.

    Harrys: From Erinsborough, Australia, 'Crocodile' Bruce Irwin!

    Connor: Irwin hasn’t been on track for quite some time, but he has a tremendous opportunity tonight to wipe all that away and walk out with the Elite X title.


    Makarov enters the arena through the curtain and stall on the stage. Placing his hand over his heart as his beloved National anthem plays out for everyone to hear, he dips his head in respect. Afterwards, a look of venom crosses his features as he stomps his way down to the ring.

    Harrys: From Moscow Russia, “The Mauler of Moscow” Victor Makarov!

    Cohen: And here’s my pick to win it all, what a wrecking ball of a competitor.


    As her music plays pink lights begin to swirl around the stage in a circular pattern, representing the petals of many cherry blossoms falling through the air. A fine mist appears on the stage. Kagura emerges and walks down the ramp through the mist. She carries a long wand with triangle shaped streamers called a “gohei” which she waves back and forth as to bless the audience and the facilities. She ascends the stairs and enters between the middle ropes. Afterwards she bows to the audience on each side of the ropes and awaits the beginning of the match.

    Harrys: Making her way to the ring from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing Kagura Ohzora!

    Connor: And this is the woman who recently gave Makarov his first loss. We saw Eve Taylor become the first female singles champion earlier, I wonder if Kagura can follow a similar path.


    El Swago trots out to the ring with obvious swagger in his step. Once inside the ring El Swago rises to the top rope and removes is top to show off to the fans while holding the Elite X title high in the air.

    Harrys: From Mexico City, Mexico, he is the Elite X champion, EL SWAGO!

    Copeland: One cannot forget about the champion however, will his craftiness come in handy to outlast four other competitors?

    The bell rings and all five competitors have a standoff in the ring as the referee struggles to try to figure out who will start the match. Eventually Swago breaks the tension by disrespectfully commanding everyone to leave the ring but him and Kagura. The referee decides to go with the champion’s choice and motions for everybody but Kagura to exit.

    Cohen: I see, go after the easy target first, nice strategy here by the champion.

    Kagura and Swago lock up but the champion out maneuvers Ozhora and hits a snap mare and transitions into a drop kick to the face. Swago does not go for the cover however as he shows off to the other competitors outside the ring. Swago picks up Kagura looking to hit a running facebuster but Kagura reverses it into a high speed victory roll up! The ref makes the count

    3! Kagura has taken the first fall!

    : Easy target huh? Kagura has just pinned the champion!

    Connor: In the beginning of the match no less, only two more falls needed for her to win this match!

    Swago looks devastated in the ring as he tries to convince the ref that he kicked out. He sees Kagura recovering on the ropes and clotheslines her out of the ring and to the floor. As he goes back to argue with the ref Vikram sneaks under the bottom rope and pulls Swago into a school boy pin!


    : El Swago has been pinned again! This time by Vikram!

    Cohen: This is completely unfair, how is the ref allowing this to happen?!

    : It’s all in the rules partner; Kagura was knocked out of the ring therefore another competitor was free to enter. Swago needs to get his eye on the prize.

    Swago wastes little time getting right back up and beginning to pound on Vikram. He irish whips him off the ropes but as the squash player gets to the other side the top rope is pulled down by Irwin! Vikram falls to the floor and Swago charges at the Australian but he’s met with a slingshot lariat! Irwin quickly gets to the top turnbuckle and as the champion gets back to his feet he’s met with The Dingo! Irwin makes the cover as the ref counts.




    Copeland: Not turning out to be a good night for El Swago….

    Connor: Three consecutive pinfalls with three different opponents. Kagura, Vikram, and Irwin are all tied at one fall a piece with Swago and Makarov trailing at zero.

    Cohen: Watch out, it might not stay that way for long.

    As a defeated Swago rolls out the ring Makarov quickly makes his way into begin attacking Irwin. The crocodile is ready though as he ducks a clothesline and as Makarov comes back off the ropes Bruce delivers a back body drop. Makarov pops right back up only to be with a tilt-a-whirl slam! Irwin goes for the cover. 1….Makarov quickly kicks out. Irwin picks up the Russian and tries to lift him up for the scoop slam but Makarov escapes and instead hits repeated headbutts to the back of Irwin. He then bounces off the ropes and delivers a twisting clothesline taking Irwin down. Makarov delivers some tactical stomps around the body parts of Irwin before hooking in a single leg Boston crab.

    Connor: A slow methodical approach by Victor here, you have to wonder whether that’s a good idea with the amount of competition still surrounding the ring.

    The ref asks Irwin if he wants to tap out but Bruce refuses despite being in agonizing pain. Eventually he’s able to overpower Makarov and flip over. With the other leg he furious kicks away at the head of Makarov until he becomes too dazed to continue his hold on Irwin’s leg. Bruce attempts to get up but his slow to due to his injured leg. Makarov notices this and hits a running shoulder block to the injured limb once again taking down Irwin. At this point Makarov has now put Bruce in an ankle lock with Irwin screaming in pain while trying to make it to the ropes.

    Cohen: Makarov has become quite the tactician; we might be in for our first submission victory of this match.

    Makarov has the ankle lock in tight but Irwin is almost to the ropes, he’s just an inch away from breaking the hold but Victor’s strength stops it as he brings Bruce back to the center of the ring! With no other choice Irwin rolls through and sends Makarov head first into the second turnbuckle. Dazed and confused Makarov is slow to recover giving Irwin just enough time to make it to his feet. Makarov charges at Bruce but is met with a spin kick by the Australian! Makarov gets right back up only to be hit with a scoop slam! Irwin plays to the crowd and signals for The Dingo once again!

    Copeland: Irwin is fired up and ready to be the first person in this match to acquire two falls!

    Cohen: We saw how playing to crowd affected a match up earlier, he better capitalize.

    Irwin gets to the top rope looking to hit the Dingo but El Swago jumps up on the apron and delivers a forearm to Irwin’s injured leg! The Australian collapses to the mat in pain and by the time he gets up Makarov connects with a Mother Russia right to the face! He goes for the cover as the ref counts.




    : What a superkick! Makarov is now on the board with one fall!

    Connor: It would have been the second for Irwin had Swago not gotten involved.

    Cohen: It is strategy Cat; he’d rather have Makarov get one fall then have Irwin get two.

    Copeland: Well Swago better kick it into high gear considering he’s the only one with no falls at all.

    Irwin rolls out the ring and Kagura immediately enters and she and Victor begin trading shots. Makarov hits a knee strike to the gut to stun Kagura but she’s able to duck a twisting clothesline and deliver a Saito suplex to the Russian. She sizes Makarov up to deliver a two fisted heart punch but El Swago once again gets up on the apron to distract her. Kagura charges at the champion but he jumps down just in time to avoid her and when she turns around Makarov delivers twisting uppercut that knocks her silly! He hooks the leg!




    Cohen: Another pinfall for Makarov! Only one more and we’ll see a new Elite X champion!

    Makarov disposes of Kagura by throwing her to the outside as the ref signals for either Vikram or El Swago to enter the ring but neither are very gung ho. They both hop up on the apron and look to each other attempting to convince the other to step into the ring against Makarov but neither wants to do it. After a minute of arguing Victor eventually pulls both Vikram and El Swago into the ring. Vikram goes to the corner for protection but Victor charges with a running belly splash in the corner that squashes Vikram. While Makarov is distracted however Swago sneaks up from behind and rolls up the Russian for the pin!


    Connor: The first pin for El Swago in this match, maybe his championship isn’t lost just yet.

    Makarov is furious at what’s just transpired. El Swago knows he’s in no mood to mess around and immediately exits the ring as Victor chases him around ringside. Eventually El Swago takes a dip around the corner and ducks a big boot from Irwin that instead lands squarely in the face of Makarov! The Russian goes down as Vikram hits a flying cross body on Irwin from inside to the outside of the ring. The squash player gets up only to be met with a chop to the back of the neck by Kagura. She’s not able to capitalize however as El Swago hits a sunset flip over the top rope taking everyone out!

    Copeland: Completely chaos has taken over this Relay Match! How can the referee even keep up?!

    El Swago tosses an already worn down Irwin into the ring, gets on the top rope, and hits a Swagton bomb for the pin!




    Connor: El Swago is just one fall away from retaining his championship!

    Swago looks to go for the cover again and win the match but Vikram breaks up the pin! He tosses Irwin to the outside and he and Swago begin trading shots in the middle of the ring. Vikram hits a dropkick to the knee, bounces off the ropes, and hits a running neck breaker on Swago before going for the cover. 1…2….Swago kicks out! Vikram looks to hit the Reverse Swing but Swago slips out and hits a snap mare on Vikram. The squash player gets his Barings on the ropes and Swago charges at him only for Vikram to pull down the top rope and the champion gets sent to the floor. Kagura sneaks back in and delivers a two fisted heart punch to Vikram. She hooks the leg!




    Copeland: Swago, Makarov, and Kagura are now all tied with only one more fall to decide the winner of this contest!

    Kagura quickly sets up Vikram again looking for the two fisted heart punch but Vikram counters with a forearm to the face. He is however slow to follow up due to the previous assault however and Kagura uses the time to lock in a body scissors sleeper hold! Vikram looks to be out of it as the ref raises arm to see if he’s conscious. It goes down once, it goes down twice, the ref raises it once more but before he can let it go El Swago pulls him out of the ring!

    Cohen: Another brilliant move by El Swago!

    Kagura immediately lets go of the hold and hits a baseball slide knocking El Swago into the barricade. She looks to this time go back to the Vikram and instead go for the easy pin but before she can Makarov pulls the unconscious squash player to the outside for safe keeping! Kagura and Makarov lock eyes with the Russian hesitant to enter. El Swago sneaks in the other side to try to capitalize on the distraction but is cut off by Irwin who delivers a big boot to the face! Kagura turns around and delivers a two fisted heart punch knocking Irwin to the outside. Makarov quickly swoops in and delivers a twisting uppercut to Kagura sending her between the ropes! A dazed El Swago then makes it to his feet and is met with a devastating Mother Russia right to his face! Makarov goes for the cover!




    Copeland: That was the third fall! We have a new champion!

    Harrys: And here is your winner, and NEEEWWW Elite X Champion, Victor Makarov!

    Makarov his handed the championship by the referee and he celebrates as the rest of the opponents are down in and around the ring.

    : This was chaos the entire way through but in the end the match went in the favor of Makarov as he was at the right place at the right time.

    Cohen: I told you he would win. Makarov had three dominating pinfalls in one match.

    Copeland: One has to however wonder just how close Kagura was to winning it all.

    Makarov continues celebrating up the ramp as a dejected Kagura begins to stir on the outside along with Irwin and Vikram, while Swago begins to cry in the ring.


    We cut to the parking lot area where we see an ambulance, several EMT's and Leon Kensworth standing by.

    Leon: Ladies and gentlemen, during the Eurasian Championship match, the now former champion, Daddy Mack seemed to suffer a grave injury during the course of the match. Medical staff have assured me that Daddy Mack will be alright. However, the scare has forced WZCW authority and step in due to his age. Daddy Mack could very well be done here in WZCW. They may change their minds depending on his physical condition later on. More information as it comes.

    Mack: Bring Daddy Mack Slim Jims and nog and he'll be fine!
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    Harrys: The following contest is set for one fall!


    Harrys: From Bollywood India, “Bollywood’s victor” Veejay!

    He enters in a dark arena with his back towards the crowd, flashing “Bollywood’s victor now in St. Louis and as the lights come back on, he drops the jacket and turns with a firm but slow walk to the ring. He’ll taunt the crowd once in the ring.

    Cohen: This man has made quite a name for himself recently.

    Copeland: Indeed, at the expense of elegANT. One has to wonder if Veejay’s personal attacks will backfire on the Bollywood star.


    Harrys: From the lap of luxury, the gentlemanly insect and friend to all, elegANT!

    elegANT appears on the entranceway, not doing his usual gentlemanly greeting to the fans. Instead he stares plainly down at Veejay who is equally focused in the middle of the ring.

    : elegANT doesn’t look to be in a gentlemanly mood tonight.

    Copeland: It looks to be all business tonight from the ant.

    elegANT begins spriniting down the aisle way as Veejay exits the ring to meet him halfway. Both men begin pounding on each other immediately as the ref yells at both competitors the take it inside the ring.

    : Looks like these two aren’t in the mood to formally start off the proceedings.

    Copeland: Can you blame them? They’ve been under each other’s skin for weeks now and they finally have a chance to let out all that aggression.

    elegANT Irish whips Veejay into the barricade and continues pounding away on him. Fans cheer on ecstatically and it only motivates the ant more. He attempts to Irish whip the Bollywood star into the steel steps but Veejay reverses and elegANT is sent barreling into them instead. Veejay takes a moment to get his breath and immediately gets back on the attack. He stomps elegANT a few times before throwing him under the bottom rope and the ref officially calls for the bell starting this contest. Veejay picks up elegANT looking to hit a double under hook backbreaker but the ant reverses it into a back body drop. Veejay pops right back up into a collar elbow suplex from elegANT and the ant goes for the pin 1…2…kick out.

    Connor: It seems this match has gotten down a more manageable pace.

    : We’ll see if it stays that way for long.

    While Veejay recovers on the ground elegANT gets to the top rope looking to hit a missile drop kick but Veejay pushes the ref into the ropes knocking the ant in a very uncomfortable position. The Bollywood star quickly scales the ropes and delivers a hip-toss to elegANT from the top rope! He makes the cover as the ref counts 1…2…elegANT kicks out! Veejay argues with the ref for a second before re-focusing and picking his opponent up for a delayed vertical suplex. elegANT is however able to smash his knee into Veejay’s face in midair forcing him to set elegANT down. The gentlemanly insect bounces off the ropes and hits a running cross body. He bounces off the ropes again and hits a running senton backsplash. He waits for Veejay to make it to his feet and follows up with a springboard forearm smash!

    Copeland: elegANT speeding up the pace immensely! Can Veejay even keep up?

    elegANT does not go for the pin as he just hopes to cause more damage to his opponent. He looks to go for the body slam splash but Veejay hopes over his shoulders, lands on his feet, and delivers a roundhouse kick to the back of elegANT’s head! He quickly follows up with a double under hook backbreaker into a pin 1…2….kick out! Veejay does not let up as he pounds away on elegANT and puts him in a rear chin lock.

    Connor: Veejay looking to slowly take the life out of elegANT here.

    : Brilliant strategy, everyone knows insects have smaller lungs than humans.

    Copeland: Right…

    The crowd attempts to will elegANT back into the match but the ant is fading. The fans don’t give up though and eventually near does elegANT! The gentlemanly ant begins throwing stiff elbows into the gut of Veejay. The Bollywood star does not release his grasp but the ant continues to furiously throw elbow strikes. Eventually Veejay is forced to let go and clutch his midsection in pain. elegANT bounces off the ropes and hits a handspring back elbow knocking Veejay down. He then runs to the ropes looking to hit a lionsault but Veejay gets his knees in the air and the ant lands straight on them! elegANT yells out in pain and Veejay pops up to deliver a devastating spinebuster! He hooks the leg 1…2…elegANT just narrowly kicks out! Veejay makes no hesitation and immediately puts elegANT into a half Boston crab. elegANT writhes in pain as the ref asks if he wants to give up but he refuses. Veejay has it locked in tight with nowhere for the ant to go.

    Cohen: This might be it for elegANT, the damage he’s suffered to his midsection won’t allow him to crawl to the ropes!

    Instead of crawling to escape elegANT is able to maneuver his way and roll through the submission countering into a pinning predicament! 1…2….Veejay kicks out! Both men pop right back but elegANT is immediately met with a big boot to the face knocking the ant right between the ropes. Instead of going on the outside to bring his opponent in Veejay would much rather let the ref count him out for the win.




    4……elegANT begins to stir on the outside


    6…..the ant gets to one knee as Veejay urges the ref to count faster.

    7……elegANT is wobbling on both legs as fans urge him to make it inside the ring.

    8…..the insect slowly begins to make it the apron as Veejay is ready to pounce should his opponent make the count!

    9…..elegANT doesn’t seem to know where he’s at but he’s on the apron with one second left to save himself from defeat!

    Copeland: elegANT must collect himself and make it in before the ten count!

    The gentlemanly ant just breaks the count before the ref makes it to ten and Veejay is all over him. Furious stomp after to stomp to an almost lifeless elegANT. The Bollywood is frustrated by his inability to put away his opponent and begins to verbally harass the referee.

    Connor: Veejay must not lose his cool here, he’s been in firm control this entire time and one small mistake could cost him the match.

    Veejay picks an almost lifeless elegANT up for the fireman’s carry cutter but elegANT begins to furiously smash elbows in Veejay’s face. The Bollywood star is forced to shift the ant’s weight to a nearby turnbuckle he sets him on the top rope of. Veejay scales to the top rope again looking to hit another top rope hip-toss but is instead met with three devastating head-butts! Veejay falls to the canvas and elegANT stands on the top rope, measuring his opponent, and hits a Good Day, Sir! He immediately for the cover!




    Harrys: And here is your winner, elegANT!

    Copeland: What a frog splash and what a win for elegANT! Truly a comeback victory after a back and forth contest.

    Connor: Nothing should be taken away from Veejay however who a solid showing.

    Cohen: Even I have to give it up for the ant, quite a comeback and well deserved win.

    elegANT barely manages to get to his feet to celebrate as the fans cheer on while the ref checks on a defeated Veejay.



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    Harrys: The following is scheduled for one fall.

    As the music hits El Califa Dragón comes running from the back while nodding his head to the music. He bounces from one side of the stage to other before stopping at the top of the entrance ramp. He looks out at the crowd while nodding his head to the beat once more before sprinting down to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope. He quickly runs over and hops up onto the second turnbuckle, tossing the hood of his robe off as he continues nodding to the music before pointing out to the crowd and yelling out to them.

    Connors: A lot of people have speculated that Califa is heading into this match as the underdog. But let me tell you something, El Califa is a warrior and he will give everything to this match, no doubt about it.

    He emerges through the curtain into a darkened arena, standing with his arms extended to either side of his body at the top of the ramp, peering toward the sky. He stalks slowly down the ramp, surveying the crowd before entering the ring via the steps.

    Copeland: But how do you prepare for a match against this man?

    Cohen: You don;t, Seabass!

    Copeland: Either way, don't expect a show of perfection wrestling here, folks. This match is going to be brutal from start to finish, make no mistake about it.

    Connors: Both of these guys have came here to fight. Put the kids to bed early here.

    The two men look deep into each others eyes. Both men know that this match has been a long time in the making and it seems as though neither man is happy to let down their respective teams. Representing The Armada, El Califa begins to circle the ring first. His opponent, representing The Elite, Dorian Slaughter sluggishly begins to circle, too, perhaps taking more time to try and intimidate his opponent. After a moment, the two men finally come together and tie up. There is an almighty struggle as neither man wants to lose the first contest of the match. And, in a mirror of their steely characters, neither man is able to take control. Quickly, however, Califa skips round the back of Dorian and locks up around his waist. Slaughter pries open the hands of his opponent and shoots around Califa into a similar position. It is not as easy for Califa to pry open the hands of his opponent but he eventually does, dropping around Slaughter and ensnaring him with a drop toe hold. Slaughter hits the canvas for the first time as Califa is quickly upon him; locking up with his hands fastened tightly around his waist. After a moment of struggling, Slaughter manages to wriggle out from under Califa and reverses the position. The two men take turns getting the better oft eh other on the canvas until Dorian manages to lock in an arm bar. But the more Califa struggles against it, the more it pushes Slaughter back to his feet. With Slaughter no on his feet, Califa kips up and then rolls out of the way from Slaughter; ending up in a corner as both men stare at each other again.

    Copeland: Well, maybe I was wrong about this ones, folks. Maybe we've got the makings of a ground wrestling classic like we've never seen before in the history of this company...

    Slaughter moves towards Califa and immediately nails him with a stiff knee to the gut. With Califa bent over double in pain, Slaughter thuggishly nails him with an unforgiving elbow to the back of the neck. Califa hits the deck for the first time in the match as Slaughter stands over him.

    Cohen: Or maybe not. That's a little more like what we were expecting from these two.

    Copeland: Dorian Slaughter is not a timid man. He is a brute and a does not care who he hurts on the way to furthering his own personal goals. Certainly, this is more in line with that school of thought.

    Connors: It was never going to be too long before we seen it, gentlemen. And now, perhaps, the hard slog begins for Califa.

    Slaughter looks down at his opponent, smiling deviously as Califa gets back to his feet. Enjoying the challenge of the match, Slaughter backs off his opponent, not allowing the venomous grin to slip off of his face. Both men are finally on their feet and in opposite corners. Califa and Slaughter move back into the middle of the ring, tying up once again. This time, however, it is Slaughter who gets the better of his opponent, nailing him with another knee to the gut and then quickly moving him into the nearest corner. Backing him into the turn-buckle, Slaughter quickly nails him with a swift elbow that scatters the brains of his Armada opponent. Not losing any of his momentum, Slaughter whips El Califa into the opposite corner and immediately runs after him. In the blink of an eye after Califa's back rams into the turn-buckle, Slaughter follows up with a running clothesline that knocks Califa into a seated position on the canvas; his back resting nicely against the corner. Quickly, Dorian scurries across the ring before setting himself in the opposite corner. Without any hesitation, Slaughter runs across the ring and nails Califa with a beautiful running knee to the jaw. The crowd recoil in horror as Dorian drags Califa out of the corner and covers him for the first time in the match. Referee Keith Morse counts the fall. 1... 2... Kick out from the masked warrior!

    Connors: And now, just like we thought, Slaughter is really putting the screws to El Califa Dragon.

    Cohen: He's merciless, ladies and gentlemen. Slaughter has made a very big name for himself in a short period of time. And he didn't do that by giving out free lemonade and cookies. He did that by beating down anyone who got in his way.

    Slaughter gets back to his feet, a little slower this time, perhaps considering his next plan of action. Califa begins to stir on the canvas as Slaughter slinks back towards the edge of the ring. Waiting on Califa to get to his feet, Slaughter bides his time; lying in wait. Califa may have damaged something, however. He seems to be moving very sluggishly and as drags himself to the bottom rope, he seems to be nursing his right leg. Slaughter lets a sick smile appear on his face as he surveys the damage he has did to the masked opponent so early in the match. There is a sudden booing around the arena as it becomes pretty clear that El Califa is hurt and Slaughter looks as though he is going to make good on his promise to extinguish the light of his challenger and his Armada before it can really get off of the ground. Slowly, Califa begins to pull himself upwards, almost getting to his feet once again. But Slaughter is in no mood to allow his momentum to slip away as he runs at finally runs at his opponent; a look of raw venom in his eyes. From nowhere, Califa hops out of the way as Slaughter dives at him. Slaughter flies through the ropes and crashes to the ground as Califa begins to run around the ring, no sign of his sudden injury as a massive pop of applause and celebration goes around the arena. With Slaughter getting to his feet on the outside, Califa runs off of the ropes and tosses himself over the top rope, nailing Slaughter with a beautiful swanton as the crowd loses it's mind.

    Copeland: Awesome move from Califa. He lulled Slaughter into thinking that he was hurt and it made Slaughter a little naïve for sure.

    Cohen: Naive!? Califa is nothing better than a no-good cheater. What kind of professionalism is there in doing something like that?

    Connors: It might not be the most professional, Jack. But it was certainly effective. I think Califa realises that he is not going to have a traditional wrestling match with Slaughter. So he has to play Slaughter at his own game to stand a chance.

    Both men lie motionless on the mats for a second catching their breath. However, it is Slaughter to who is first to make any worthwhile effort to get back to his feet and change the direction of this match back into his own favour. He is soon joined by El Califa who certainly does not want to give away what he worked so hard to get. However, it is Slaughter who manages to get his feet under him first and grabs at the head of his opponent. From nowhere though, Califa manages to get his foot up, launching a vicious enziguiri that rocks Dorian to the core. Slaughter stumbles backwards as Califa studies him for a second. Running at his opponent now, Califa launches himself towards Slaughter and nailing him with an excellent hurricarana that sends Slaughter flying towards the commentary table. Califa shoots up to his feet as Slaughter lies motionless on the mats. Califa puts one hand in the air, a signal of intent from the competitor that is matched with emotion from the crowd. Califa marches towards the sly Slaughter on the mats and picks him up by his long hair. As the referee reaches a long count of 7, Califa tosses his opponent back inside the ring, following him in and covering him with a snappy pinfall. 1... 2... Kick out with some aggression from Slaughter

    Connors: And just like we thought, Califa has now found his feet in this match... Somewhat literally, I suppose, too.

    Copeland: Slaughter might be the rookie of the year in this great company but we cannot forget that he has not been in the company for long. If anything, Califa needs to use all of his experience and, more importantly, show the inexperience of his opponent.

    Califa gets to his feet quickly, the pace of the match rising rapidly. Running across the ring, Califa bounces off of the ring and, upon making his return to his downed opponent, uses all of his momentum to land a beautiful falling knee drop to the face of Slaughter. Slaughter convulses violently as Califa gets to his feet again. With Slaughter now settled on the canvas, Califa launches himself to the rope rope, facing backwards towards his downed opponent. Measuring his opponent for only a moment, Califa seizes the opportunity to potentially put the match away and executes one of the most brilliantly executed moonsaults that WZCW has ever seen; hitting his target with expert precision and following it up with a pinfall. Keith Morse is quickly into position, another count! 1... 2... Kick out with no time to spare! The crowd simply cannot believe what they are seeing. El Califa Dragon should have put Slaughter away with that move but the fight in the rookie lives on to fight another day. Califa quickly gets to his knees, his hands wrapped around the side of his head in sheer disbelief. To his eternal credit, Slaughter is beginning to move on the canvas already; a shocking thing to El Califa Dragon for sure. But the Dragon is not finished with the Elite as he springs to his feet once again. With Slaughter rolling over onto all fours, Califa runs off of the ropes one more time and nails Slaughter with a well-executed Curb Stomp! The crowd explode into life with the sudden and high velocity impact of the move; Slaughter's face crashing into the canvas. Califa quickly gets on top of Slaughter again for the pinfall. 1... 2... Slaughter only just manages to get a shoulder up with absolutely no time to spare!

    Cohen: What the hell is going on here, Seabass. This isn't the way it's supposed to be, damn it!

    Copeland: The experience in big matches seems to be shining through here tonight, folks. Califa has never been a slouch in the ring and he is really turning up a notch here tonight.

    Califa simply cannot believe the fight in the rookie as he once again gets to his knees and looks down. After only a moment, Slaughter is moving again and looking to get back to his feet. Califa is absolutely stunned as he slinks back towards the edge of the ring and pulls himself up using the nearest ring ropes. He looks as Slaughter as he nears the far corner and begins to pull himself up too. Califa studies his opponent, thinking about how he can possibly manage to put his opponent away finally. It is a slow process as Slaughter finally makes it to his feet. He meanders out of the corner, a dazed look on his face. Califa looks for a running clothesline but Califa has the instincts to duck under the flailing arm of his opponent. Califa hits the opposite ropes and bounces back towards his ready opponent. From nowhere, Slaughter hits Califa with DEATH BECOMES YOU! The crowd falls deathly silent as both men lie motionless on the canvas. After a moment, Slaughter begins to move towards Califa, moving on instinct more than anything. Nevertheless, he is moving slowly towards his opponent, a cover, and more importantly a finish to this brutal match. He raises his arm into the air above Califa and then allows it to drop over the chest of the masked Armada superstar. The referee counts the fall as the crowd collectively hold their breath. 1... 2... … Kick out! The crowd burst into life as Califa only just manages to get a shoulder up.

    Connors: Wow! What a roller-coaster this match has been, folks. It's anyone's game at this stage.

    Cohen: I just cannot believe this! How many people has that move put away in the last few months? Amazing!

    The anticipation of the crowd begins to build once again as both men begin to stir on the canvas. With both men almost out on their feet, they crawl towards the bottom rope once again as Mr. Morse goes through his allotted ten count. Both men finally reach the bottom rope and begin to pull themselves up to a vertical base. Slaughter begins to stagger towards his opponent. But with every ounce of fight left in the masked warrior, he leaps onto the middle rope and launches himself off the ropes and lands a sloppy cross-body. Nevertheless, Califa takes Slaughter to the canvas one more time. He struggles to make it to his feet but eventually does so, Slaughter trying with everything he has left to shake the cobwebs from his eyes. But Califa is determined to put this match away. And he knows just how to do it. He signals for the top rope one more time as the crowd burst into a frenzy of excitement. He goes through the ropes and slowly begins to climb the corner until he is standing alone on the top rope. We all know what is coming... DRAGON DE VUELO!

    Copeland: This is it!

    With Califa on the top rope, this match's days are numbered. All of a sudden, the lights in the arena flicker and then fully cut-off. On the titantron, the symbol of Chaos and of beaten WZCW Championship contender Ty Burna flashes momentarily. The arena is still plunged into darkness for what seems like the longest time. The crowd are abuzz with excitement and mystery as the lights finally come up! But it is not the scene that the members of the audience were expecting to see. Instead, Califa's momentum has been completely stripped from him and he now finds himself in the TOMB OF THE MUTILATED!

    Copeland: What the hell is going on here!?

    Cohen: Yes!

    On the stage, Ty appears from the back, staring down at what is going on in the ring. El Califa looks helpless in the middle of the canvas and has absolutely nowhere to go. He struggles against the move but with every passing struggle, the life is slipping from the lungs and body of the luchador. With no other option, El Califa has to tap out! Referee Keith Morse calls for the bell as Ty begins to make his way down to the ring with a demonic smile on his face.

    Harrys: Here is your winner by way of submission... Dorian Slaughter!

    Ty continues down the ramp as Slaughter finally releases the hold. Dorian slowly makes it to his feet as Ty stalls at the bottom of the ring steps. He peers inside to look at the helpless victim in the middle of the ring. Dorian moves towards Califa and pulls him up by the head until he is on his knees and looking towards the Harbinger of Chaos. Ty slowly and methodically climbs the steps until he reaches the ring and enters it. He stands before Califa, like someone accepting a sacrifice.

    Connors: This is so not good for El Califa and The Armada. Insult to injury it seems.

    A huge pop goes around the arena as the WZCW Champion Matt Tastic runs down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Realising the impending attack, Ty rushes out of the ring and is quickly joined by Dorian Slaughter. Matt quickly moves towards El Califa who collapses back onto the canvas. With a look of concern and anger on his face, Tastic looks out towards Ty and Dorian; fearing for his upstart movement against them. But he calls for a mic as Ty and Dorian look on.

    Matt: Damn you! Damn you hell! You.... You bitch!! What the hell is the matter with you?! You manipulate people. You stab people in the back. You bury people alive. You... Dammit! Damn you! I'm so sick of this! I'm putting an end to it! You! Me! Meltdown! Inside a steel cage! You wanna batter someone? I'm here for you! You will never hurt anyone again!

    Ty looks on maliciously. Rage comes in his face before screaming out loudly.

    Ty: The title........ It belongs...... To ME!!

    Matt: You want it? Come get it! At Meltdown, it's on!

    Matt throws the mic and turns to check back on El Califa as Ty and Dorian leave.

    Copeland: You heard it. At Meltdown, Matt Tastic and Ty Burna have their rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship. Inside a Steel Cage.

    : I hope Califa is alright.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Fall Count Anywhere match!



    Introducing first, from Stephenville, Texas, weighing in at 190lbs, he is "The Warblade" Theron Daggershield!

    Theron walks onto the stage, with his trench coat and sunglasses still on. Red, yellow, blue, green, and purple lights flash, He has his prop sword in hand and does poses with it on the ramp and does some slashing poses while pyro goes off. He then walks to the ring and rolls his d20 before entering, jumps into the ring, takes off his trenchcoat and sunglasses before striking another pose, and is ready for his match.

    Copeland: In recent weeks we have witnessed a new, fiercer side to Theron Daggershield, one that just may be able to slay the beast that is The Beard.

    Cohen: Nerd!

    Connor: That "nerd" is one of the hottest stars in WZCW today and the fans love him.


    And his opponent, weighing in at 285lsb, he is "The Gatekeeper of Destruction" The Beard!

    The Beard makes way onto the stage to heavy boos. He keeps his eyes focused on Theron, ignoring the heckling from the crowd. He methodically makes his way to the ring, taking his time to step in, but his eyes never once leaving his opponent.

    Cohen: Get a load of this monster. Near three hundred pounds of pure destruction.

    Copeland: It is true, The Beard is no ordinary man. He will be in his own personal playground tonight as anything can happen.

    Connor: And you know destruction will be on his mind.

    Referee Jurou Akiyama is in charge of the action for this contest and goes over the few rules that are actually in place for this contest, then calls for the bell.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The two competitors take a few steps from their respective corners, The Beard taunting Theron as he walks. Theron shows no fear toward the bigger man though and fires off a leg kick followed by some right hands that serve to back the animal back a few steps. The Beard shrugs them off and wraps his massive paws around the throat of Theron and throws him into the corner. He charges, but Theron is quick to escape, running out of the corner and hitting the ropes. Off the rebound Beard levels Theron with a big clothesline, putting both men down for a brief moment. Beard is on his feet though and stalks Theron, hitting him with a stomp before he lifts him to his feet. He grabs him and smashes him head first into the nearest turnbuckle, before he Irish whips him hard across the ring. Theron hits the turnbuckle hard and collapses. With Theron down, The Beard taunts his foe, slapping him around as he tries to get to his feet. A hard knee to the midsection puts Theron down again. Beard lifts him to a seated position, before he hits the near ropes to build momentum for a big kick to the seated Theron. He drags Theron to his feet and lifts him over his shoulder for a shoulder breaker before he attempts a pin.
    But two is all he gets as Daggershield gets a shoulder up.

    Copeland: All Beard here in the early going.

    Cohen: And we haven't even gotten to the toys yet.

    Connor: Maybe that is where Theron can even the battlefield though.

    Beard follows up by driving his knee into the head of Theron, pushing down with all his weight. Once he is satisfied, he again starts to slap at the head of Theron as The Warblade tries to crawl away. Showing off his impressive strength, he lifts his opponent up and over his shoulder in one move, but Theron fights it and slips out the back. He dives at the knee of Beard, taking it out and dropping his foe to a kneeling position. He follows up with a big kick to the head. Beard staggers around, a dropkick to the midsection, puts him on the mat momentarily. As he gets to his feet Theron looks for the Critical Hit, but Beard pushes him away and he tumbles out of the ring, Beard quick to follow.

    Cohen: Here we go!

    Theron is quick to regain his wits, and wisely tries to create some distance between himself and Beard. He leaps over the ringside steps, which Beard gets tripped up on. A dropkick to the side of the head and Beard is down on the outside. The fans are cheering as Theron hops onto the ring apron, awaiting Beard to stand. When he does, Theron leaps, but is caught by Beard and rammed spine first into the ring post. Trying to capitalize on the back trauma, Beard positions Theron under the bottom rope, inside the ring. He grabs his head and legs and begins to stretch Theron across the ring post, The Warblade crying out in obvious pain. As a cameraman draws close, Beard shoves him aside. The Beard yells as the cameraman takes a tumble. This gives Beard an idea though. He pulls Theron outside the ring and to the floor, then he grabs the camera cable and begins whipping Theron with the camera cable.

    Copeland: These camera cables are grade three, they are made of wire and hard plastic, and since this is a Falls Count Anywhere match, its all legal.

    Satisfied with the whipping, Beard bounces the head of Theron off the announce table. He then lifts him in a Gorilla Press and drops him face first onto the edge of the table.

    Cohen: Standing this close, you can feel the rage of the former World Heavyweight Champion.

    Beard rolls Theron back into the ring, where he applies a few stomps before he throws him into the ropes. Off the rebound he looks for a move, but telegraphs it and Theron connects with a kick to the bent over Beard. Theron hits the ropes, but is again leveled by a big clothesline. Beard takes a moment to rub his jaw before he rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair from the timekeeper's area. He drops it in the middle of the ring and prepares Theron for Poetic Justice. Theron fights out though and begins to throw punches in bunches, the crowd coming alive with each blow. Beard takes a wild swing, but Theron is able to counter with a drop toe told onto the chair, and Beard is staggered. Daggershielf is feeling it as he pumps his fist and connects with a springboard splash. He uses all his strength to pull Beard to his feet and he sets up and connects with The Critical Hit! He hooks the leg!
    Beard simply throws Theron off him before the count of three!

    Connor: What power by The Beard! He just threw Theron off him after Theron connected with his finishing move!

    Copeland: You have to wonder what could Theron have left. He seemed to be catching his second wind, and after hitting Critical Hit still couldn't put Beard away.

    Theron holds his head in his hands, wondering what he has to do to put the monster away. He rolls over and sees the chair and grabs it. With Beard now on his feet he thrusts the chair into the thigh area of Beard, causing him to stagger. He comes back with another ramming blow to the midsection. He takes a mighty swing and connects across the back of the beast. He hits the ropes, and winds up, but Beard connects with a giant big boot to the face, and Theron is back down. Beard takes a few moments to walk around and shake off the chair shots, before positioning the chair in the center of the ring. He pulls Theron to his feet with a hand full of hair and connects with a big belly to belly suplex onto the chair. He hooks a leg.
    Theron gets a shoulder up! Beard is outraged!

    Cohen: I'll give the kid credit, he has some heart.

    Beard slams his fist onto the ground and starts to kick at Theron until he rolls out of the ring. As Beard stomps around the ring, Theron starts to rummage under the ring. Just as Beard rolls out of the ring, Theron lays into him with his Buster Sword! He continues to swing away, battering Beard with the prop sword until the sword breaks. Theron then kicks the midsection of his foe and connects with a snap suplex onto the floor. He hops onto the ring apron and drops a big elbow to the heart of his opponent, a Dragoon Jump from the apron. He hooks the leg on the outside, Jurou gets into position.
    And Beard manages to get his shoulder off the floor. Theron looks desperately at the ref, but Mr. Akiyama reassures him it was only two. Theron uses what strength he has and drags Beard to his feet and drags him to the corner of the barricade. He takes a few steps back to get a running leap. He jumps, but Beard uses Theron's own momentum to throw Theron hard into barricade. With Theron in a seated position, Beard takes a running start and connects with a cannonball senton that sends both men through the barricade!

    Copeland: What a maneuver! To see a near three hundred pound man flip through the air is something these eyes can barely believe.

    Cohen: And to see them both brash through the barricade is something else.

    Jurou Akiyama shifts through the wreckage, trying to sort out the mess. Theron and Beard both crawl and try to get to their feet. Surprisingly it is Theron to his feet first, but Beard isn't far behind. The two men begin to brawl, a straight up fist fight through the crowd.

    Connor: This can't end well.

    Eventually they fight into the concession area, the crowd scattering. They come to a popcorn machine, and Beard slams Theron's head into the glass. He tries a second time, but Theron blocks, and fights back with elbows. He then hits a kick to the midsection and with Beard doubled over, he throws him through the glass of the popcorn machine! Beard is a bloody mess from the broken glass and he looks to be out. Theron climbs to the top of a nearby concession cart, he is at least ten feet off the ground, and he leaps and connects with the Limit Break! He stays on top for the cover!

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, Theron Daggershield!

    Copeland: Theron has done it! Theron Daggershield has slain the beast!

    Cohen: What? No way!

    Connor: It was a hard fought match, but in the end Theron was able to overcome the odds and pull out the upset. You have to think this is only going to serve to anger The Beard.


    We cut to see picture of all three commentators at ringside. All three of them look very happy with their night's work and the matches that have gone before.

    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, it was announced at the beginning of tonight, that yet more changes are on their way for WZCW and the PPV schedule. And the next time we are on PPV after tonight will be the inaugural Gold Rush PPV!


    Connors: It's going to be a hell of a PPV for sure as we look to crown the winner of a prestigious tournament and get to know who will be the next to challenge the WZCW Heavyweight Champion.

    Copeland: And speaking of the Heavyweight Champion, we are just receiving word from Vance Bateman that at the very next edition of Meltdown, it's official, we will have the rematch from the opening bout from tonight.

    Cohen: You're kidding!? I knew that Tastic was an idiot.

    Copeland: No kidding, Jack. And word coming to us, the two men will indeed contest a match inside a steel cage. The World Heavyweight Championship will be up for grabs!

    Connors: There will be no more running from Ty or Tastic. It ends at Meltdown!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Making his way to the ring, from Leeds, England, weighing in at 223lbs, please welcome back James Howard!

    The fans erupt as Howard makes his way onto the stage, his hoodie zipped up and pulled over his head. He soaks in the applause before he shadowboxes his way down the ramp. He slides into the ring and stretches his arms out wide to the roar of applause.

    Copeland: Listen to the ovation. These fans are going wild for the returning three time champion.

    Cohen: Why would they ever cheer a guy who left them to spend time with his family?

    Connor: I think you just answered your own question Jack.

    As Howard stands in the middle of the ring, the applause dies down as the anticipation as to who his opponent is begins to rise.


    Cohen: What the hell is this?

    A dump truck full of dirt backs its way into the arena, the crowd silent with anticipation. The truck stops and begins to slowly unload its load. When all of the dirt hits the ground, a man rolls out of the dirt. The man pops to his feet and brushes himself off, revealing himself to be Chris K.O.! Suddenly the door to the truck pops open and Steve rolls out. As the camera pans over to Chris picking the ball up, it is revealed that there is no driver inside the truck. Chris doesn't seem bothered as he scoops Steve into his arms and makes his way down the ramp, high fiving fans along the way.

    Cohen: What did we just witness?

    Connor: I'm not entirely sure, but it appears that Chris K.O. will be James Howard's mystery opponent for his return.

    Referee Katie Shepard checks both men for foreign objects, and helps Chris brush some of the excess dirt out of his hair. She calls for the bell and the exhibition match is underway.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The two men circle, each trying to feel the other man out. Each man feints, trying to get the other man to show his hand. They eventually tie up and Chris works a side headlock. He wrenches on the hold, but Howard lifts him and slams him. The two men are back on their feet, both men missing with wild punches before they are back to circling. This time Howard works to a rear waistlock, he tries to lift his opponent, but to little avail due to his shoulder issues. K.O. counters with a snapmare and secures a chinlock after. Howard manages to get a foot on the rope to break the hold. Once the hold is broken and both men are on their feet, Howard stops playing games and starts to work over his opponent with some short jabs. He shows his MMA background with a barrage of punches that back Chris into the corner. The ref tries to break the punches, but Howard takes full advantage of the five count. A stiff kick to the ribs causes K.O. to stumble and Howard connects with a snap suplex and rolls over into a cover.
    And an easy kick out for The Survivor.

    Cohen: I expected ring rust, but not brain rust. Howard had to know a simple suplex wouldn't put his opponent away.

    Copeland: I think Howard has looked okay in the early going.

    Connor: Time will tell how long he can keep his pace though.

    Both men return to their feet and another tie up ensues. This time Chris works to a hammerlock and follows it up with some kicks to the back of the leg, dropping Howard to a knee. He then takes a few steps back and connects with a flipping snapmare. Howard's head snaps forward and Chris leaps to his feet. Howard takes a moment to regain his wits before he rolls to his feet. The two men exchange some jabs, but Chris gets the better of the exchange and land a hard right hand that staggers Howard. Chris uses the opening to Irish whip Howard into the corner, and follows it up with a running body splash. With Howard dazed, Chris whips him across the ring, Howard again crashing into the turnbuckle. This time Chris softens up Howard with a few chops to the chest before he sets him up on the top turnbuckle. He connects with a vicious European Uppercut, dropping Howard to the mat. Chris drags Howard away from the ropes and covers him.
    Howard gets a shoulder up with little trouble, but Chris is quick to work to secure an armbar. Howard struggles, but is able to get to a standing position, and begins to punch down at K.O. with his free hand. Eventually Chris is forced to break the hold, but Howard continues to punch away. The ref warns Howard about the closed fist shots, but again Howard takes liberty with the refs long five count.

    Copeland: Very back and forth here in the early going.

    Cohen: A very equal battle indeed Seabass, because both men are equally awful.

    Connor: How do you have a job?

    Howard drags his opponent to his feet with a handful of hair and Irish whips him across the ring. Off the rebound Howard bends over for a move, but he telegraphs it and Chris connects with a kick, followed by a DDT. He takes a moment to plan his next move, before lifting Howard to his feet. He kicks the arm of Howard and tries to set up The Burning Crusade, but Howard reverses and sends Chris into the corner. Howard runs and connects with a running high knee. He follows it up with a running bulldog to a big pop from the crowd. Howard then heads to the top rope and readies for Chaos Theory. He waits for K.O. to stand and then leaps and flips. Chris moves out of the way at the last minutes, but Howard manages to land on his feet. Chris runs up and uses a school boy. Referee Katie Shepard slides into place to count.


    Howard kicks out just before the ref's hand hits the mat. Both men are quickly to their feet and Howard throws a head kick, but Chris ducks under. He hits the ropes and looks for the Coconut Strike, but Howard slips under. The Survivor rebounds off the ropes again and this time he connects with a spinning wheel kick. He follows it up by getting into a mounted position on Howard and raining down punches. At the count of three by the referee he lets up and pulls Howard to his feet. A few right hands soften him up before an arm trapped scoop slap puts him back on the canvas, his arm landing underneath the weight of his body. Chris then grabs both arms and pulls them behind Howard while driving a knee into his back, a seated surfboard stretch. Howard winces in pain as his arms are stretched to the max.

    Copeland: The plan is clear, Chris want so work those arms to set up for The Burning Crusade.

    Connor: Smart call on his part as Howard has a history of shoulder issues.

    Howard manages to force them to a standing position, and he eventually frees one arm. He twists around and connects with a vicious head kick, though Chris partially block it, he is still on wobbly legs. James follows up with a swift kick to the side, dropping K.O. to his knees. With his opponent on his knees, James begins to kick away at the chest of his opponent as the crowd counts along.

    "One! Two! Three! Four! Five!"

    Just as Howard winds up for the sixth and final kick to the head, Chris manages to duck, then roll up Howard!

    James Howard kicks out, but its too late as the ref has counted the three.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Chris K.O.!

    Copeland: So just as Howard was building momentum, Chris K.O. manages to turn the tide and sneak away with a win.

    Connor: I think James Howard showed with a little extra time to shake off the ring rust he can be a top competitor again.

    Once both men are on their feet, Chris extends his hand to Howard. Howard, visibly upset, sulks around the ring before he approaches Chris. He looks hesitant, but eventually extends his hand to return the shake to the approval of the crowd.


    We cut to a blackened corner of a desolate, makeshift cage, clad with refined metal bars as to fully contain whatever it posesses inside. An accordion guitar is splayed awkwardly across the ground, clearly having sustained a significant amount of abuse from its veterancy, missing several strings and showing signs of heavy usage.

    From the shaded corner, a gloved hand claws the instrument from its resting place and drags it backwards into the darkness. Whilst the shadows eclipse the perpetrator, it is beyond any doubt casually sitting against the titanium rods of the cell, the guitar nesting upon its lap in preparation for its inevitable performance.

    An ambient, yet euphoric sound begins to resonate from the corner as the musican begins to calmly forge its interpretation of art with the instrument, whilst calmly conversing with the viewers in a deep, solemn voice.

    ???: Even those who have been destroyed by this cruel, wicked earth can contribute to its enhancement. Pause. If anything, it knows more of the evil and animosity that manifests our existence, and how to not only cope with it, but eradicate it.

    The converser continues its piece, as it answers a protruding question on everyone's minds at this point in time.

    ???: My name is Acutus, and once, I was as naive as any other good-willed citizen. But that changed when I was cast out to the underworld of human society as my life took a sharp downward spiral, one I could never aspire to recover from without any assistance.

    Another pause, as Acutus reflects on his past life.

    Acutus: And for a while, fate went according to plan. I spent many of my years distancing myself from the masses, fine-tuning all of my attributes to work against the population of this earth, to do unto others they had done unto me. Until I realized that what I had needed to do was to correlate against the sinners of this world, to prey on the guilty as opposed to the innocent. But whilst I had realised my potential, I had lacked the catalyst to act. That is, until now.

    Acutus draws his performance to a swift close as he is visibly heard shuffling about in his shaded solitude. As the camera pans to follow the sounds of his movement, an abominable silohuette is visible, chained securely to the chamber bars in an upright position. We see Acutus's own silohuette rise up to face his catalyst eye-to-eye.

    Acutus: Come. Hell awaits us.

    What can only be described as a vehement, animalistic snarl erupts from the beastly figure as the scene slowly fades to black.
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    Connor: Are you ready for this one guys?

    Cohen: I'm excited, CC. I've been waiting all night for the re-match between these two amazing pairings.

    Copeland: This first encounter between these two teams occurred in the opening bout of Kingdom Come VI in a standard tag team contest for the WZCW World Tag Team Championships. Tonight, at Revolution, it is our main event and it's going to be nothing short of a war as the rules assigned to this match are one of the most dangerous in this profession: an "I Quit" match.

    Cohen: Indeed, Seabass. In theory, making your opponent mutter the words "I Quit" doesn't sound as lethal as a Hell in a Cell or Mayhem Rules match, even... but when you see the things these competitors will be willing to do to their opponents in order for them to mutter those two golden words, it's going to get really ugly. Especially with two teams who have been embroiled in a very personal and hate-filled war.

    Connor: All this started from Cerberus' promise to destroy Young Justice back at the Lethal Lottery VI and become the most dominant tag team in history. They did just that, winning the titles in the process. They disposed of Young Justice & Los Magnificos Dragones before running into Hard Metal Penetration at Kingdom Come VI. They lost the titles at the big event and Cerberus focused all efforts on only S.H.I.T. & Alhazred, going as far as brutally assaulting Alhazred's old tag team partner James King from the Forgotten Powers.

    Cohen: As retaliation, Hard Metal Penetration assaulted the personal butler of Ramparte, bringing Cerberus to a breaking point, driving Flex & Ramparte to almost split the team... or so we thought.

    Copeland: The sneaky Cerberus used their tension as a ploy to take wins over both members of Hard Metal Penetration in singles matches, earning them a re-match tonight... and to ensure these two teams finish their blood feud tonight, they will compete in the second-ever "I Quit" tag match. We take you now to veteran announcer Truman Harrys for a clear explanation of the rules.

    We take a shot of the ring where Truman Harrys stands in the middle, ready to announce. By his side is senior official Jurou Akiyama, holding his hands together awaiting the participants.

    Harrys: The following contest is an "I Quit" Elimination Tornado tag team match and it is for the WZCW World Tag Team Championships! The rules of the match are as follows: there are no pinfalls, disqualifications or countouts. There only way to eliminate a competitor is by forcing them to say the words "I Quit!" Once both men from a team have been eliminated, the surviving team will be declared the winners!

    Copeland: We should also note that once a competitor has been eliminated, they must go to their respective locker room immediately. There may be no disqualifications but once you're eliminated, you cannot participate any more. Breaking this rule will result in that team forfeiting the match and losing the championships.

    Connor: Fair and simple, and with our senior official Jurou Akiyama officiating this match, we shouldn't have a problem.

    Suddenly, the arena becomes dim with an ominous mist slowly leaking out onto the stage. On the titantron, we see a video of two wolves running across the ground before hitting the edge of a cliff, howling towards the moon as the theme music begins to chime.


    The crowd boos heavily as a single spotlight shines brightly down on both Ramparte & Flex Mussél. Ramparte is wearing a stylish yet dark outfit whilst Flex wears something similar in colour but has his gym bag in tow. However, they are both wearing wolf masks and are looking directly up at the spotlight as if it were the moon. Slowly, they remove their masks before putting hand over heart and yelling "Hail Cerberus" with devilish grins. Flex & Ramparte look at each other before shaking the others hand, slowly making their way down the ramp, reminding everyone of their accomplishments and what they are going to do to their opponents.

    Harrys: Introducing first, the challengers, at a combined weight of 410 pounds; Ramparte & Flex Mussél, Cerberus!

    Cohen: Here come the First & Second Head of Cerberus, two competitors who have continued to redefine the tag team division on a daily basis. It'd be hard to imagine where the World Tag titles would be today if these two weren't around to help elevate them.

    Connor: Well, for one, we'd have many more tag teams still around because they wouldn't have been destroyed by these two. I'm behind the idea that Flex & Ramparte have for wanting a better division but the way they've gone about their goals by eliminating the competition isn't helping anyone, especially the tag titles.

    Cohen: We've got this match tonight and it's the main event of Revolution so...

    Flex & Ramparte enter into the ring and get on their own turnbuckles, posing once more with their hand on heart howling "Hail Cerberus" before jumping down. Flex puts his gym bag down underneath one of the turnbuckles, searching it to make sure everything is there. He nods to Ramparte, signalling everything is good as the two begin stripping down to their match attire. They converse with each other until their opponents make their entrance.


    The crowd cheers as Hard Metal Penetration's theme hits the speakers, echoing throughout the arena. Flex & Ramparte stop their talks in the ring, staring directly at the ramp for their opponents to show... however, after waiting for a moment, there doesn't seem to be any sign of the champions. Flex & Ramparte look at each other, first with a confused look before beginning to laugh.

    Cohen: It looks like Alhazred & S.H.I.T. aren't showing their faces here tonight. I think they re-considered facing Cerber-

    Copeland: Hold on a minute, Jack. Is that Backstage Bob?

    Backstage Bob trips out of the entranceway, scrambling to his feet as he runs for his life. Most are confused by the random event until...

    * SMASH *

    A white van immediately destroys the outside layer of the set design where the entranceway was, driving down the ramp at a high speed before hitting the brakes, narrowly missing Bob!

    * SCREECH *

    Bob runs off to safety as the van turns off with S.H.I.T popping out of the drivers side, receiving a loud cheer. He goes outside and opens the sliding door on the side, revealing Alhazred who pops out to as big a cheer. A variety of items, weapons and tools can be seen inside the van but Alhazred only pulls out the Tag Team titles, handing one of them to S.H.I.T before climbing on top of the van's roof, posing with the titles. Alhazred & S.H.I.T stare directly at Flex & Ramparte who look furious.

    Harrys: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 408 pounds, they are the WZCW World Tag Team Champions; Alhazred & S.H.I.T, Hard Metal Penetration!

    Cohen: Who let this maniac in here with a van? That Revolution set design was probably expensive and he ruined it. He almost ran over Backstage Bob, too!

    Connor: I saw a glimpse of various weapons and tools inside the van but Alhazred shut the doors too quickly to have a good look. Instead of hauling everything to the ring, he brought his van to carry it all.

    Copeland: And now, they use it to stare down the challengers from a higher position whilst holding their titles in the air, looking to get into the head of Cerberus before this match starts. The champions look confident and prepared to defend their titles.

    As Alhazred & S.H.I.T are about to get off the roof, Flex & Ramparte quickly slide out of the ring and run to the bottom of the van, looking to greet the champs. Like a pack of wolves, they surround the vehicle leaving HMP on the roof without a safe passage down. Senior Official Jurou Akiyama slides out of the ring to try and get both teams on an even playing field to start this match but his attempts fall on deaf ears: Cerberus won't let HMP escape.

    Connor: Hard Metal Penetration are trapped on the roof and the match hasn't even started. Cerberus are ignoring all advices from the referee.

    Cohen: So much for having control, CC.

    Flex & Ramparte wait at the front of the van, egging on Alhazred & S.H.I.T to climb down on their accord and fight them on the floor, talking trash and taunting them at the same time. S.H.I.T surveys the situation and sees there is no way out of it and should not trust Cerberus. It looks at Alhazred and both nod, knowing they have only one option. They launch themselves into the air and perform a SUICIDE DIVE OFF THE TOP OF THE VAN, taking out both members of an unsuspecting Cerberus! The crowd goes wild as Alhazred pummels away at Ramparte whilst S.H.I.T takes care of Flex!

    Connor: That's one way to escape being surrounded. Diving head-first into your opponents.

    Copeland: And we've already got ourselves a brawl. The match hasn't officially started yet but I don't think Akiyama is pursuing them any more to start this properly. I think he's waiting until all four eventually get into the ring.

    Ramparte tries to escape from Alhazred's grasp to create some distance but Alhazred is right on him, grabbing him by the hair and smacking his face on the steel steps. Flex pushes S.H.I.T off him and pulls himself up using the guard rail, which S.H.I.T promptly uses as a weapon by bouncing Flex's head off the metal. He proceeds to beat-down Flex whilst Alhazred whips Ramparte into an adjacent steel steps, knocking the top clean off. Alhazred looks out into the crowd, trying to pump them up. They respond with loud cheers as he turns back to Ramparte, sliding him into the ring. S.H.I.T brings Flex to the apron, smacking his head on it before shoving him into the ring. Alhazred & S.H.I.T enter the ring and Akiyama takes this rare opportunity to signal for the bell to officially start this match.


    Copeland: And we're under way!

    Cohen: To the challengers disadvantage.

    Flex & Ramparte both seek refuge in their own separate corners but S.H.I.T & Alhazred go after them with mudhole stomps, respectively. The crowd cheers the constant barrage of kicks before both members of HMP stop, look at each other and point to the other opposing team member. They run across the ring with S.H.I.T hitting a running headbutt on Ramparte whilst Alhazred hits a running fist drop right into Flex. The fans are on their feet as they see the champions firmly in control of the match. S.H.I.T plays guard in the ring, keeping Ramparte & Flex on the ground as Alhazred slides out, heading towards the van. He goes around the back, opening up the doors quickly and slipping in for a second. Alhazred returns with a number of kendo sticks, holding one high into the air.

    Connor: Straight into Alhazred's personal armoury.

    Alhazred throws them into the ring, keeping one to himself. S.H.I.T delivers a European uppercut, knocking down a recovering Ramparte, before picking up a kendo stick for himself. Flex looks to get up but sees both Alhazred & S.H.I.T with kendos in hand. Before he has time to react, Alhazred swings and catches Flex right in the stomach. S.H.I.T follows up with another right across the spine. Alhazred smacks Flex across the back of the knees, causing him to drop to the ground with S.H.I.T hitting another on the back. Flex holds his back in pain but leaves his head exposed, allowing Alhazred to smack him across the forehead. Flex drops to the ground as Ramparte tries to help his partner, grabbing a kendo stick of his own. He swings as S.H.I.T turns around, who blocks the shot with tremendous force, so much so that Ramparte lets go and shakes his hands in pain. S.H.I.T introduces Ramparte to his kendo stick across the arms with Alhazred coming in to work on the back of the legs. S.H.I.T & Alhazred get in position and simultaneously hit Ramparte on the head with some theatrics. The crowd goes wild as Alhazred & S.H.I.T hold up their damaged kendo sticks.

    Copeland: Hard Metal Penetration firmly in control for the entirety of this match thus far, not holding back in their assault.

    Flex begins to stir but Alhazred is right on the muscle man, coming up behind him with the kendo stick and wrapping around as if he was applying a sleeper hold. Flex tries fighting out of the submission but S.H.I.T stops him with a whack to the stomach, and another. He drops to his knees as Alhazred keeps the pressure locked on Flex, calling for the referee. Jurou Akiyama brings out a microphone and asks Flex the question. Before he can respond, Ramparte comes from out of nowhere and crash-tackles into Alhazred, breaking up the submission. He presses both hands across the throat of Alhazred, attempting to choke the life out of him. S.H.I.T is able to break up the choke with a strike across the back, causing Ramparte to retreat slightly before going in for the attack again. S.H.I.T ducks and hits Ramparte in the stomach before smacking him on the back once more.

    Ramparte drops to the ground, giving S.H.I.T the opportunity to set-up an unique submission. Alhazred clears Flex from the ring, kicking him out of the ring as S.H.I.T sets up for a Surfboard Stretch in the middle of the ring. Akiyama checks on Ramparte but he refuses, shaking his head. Alhazred comes over and taunting Ramparte with the kendo stick, causing the fans to cheer. Alhazred takes a swing at the exposed stomach of Ramparte, hitting him once... hitting him twice... and a third! Ramparte yells out in agony. Akiyama checks on him and Ramparte still says no, even if weakened. Alhazred isn't happy with the results and calls for S.H.I.T to stop, letting go of the submission. Alhazred & S.H.I.T talk for a second, pointing to the van.

    Cohen: They've taken a beating but Cerberus won't go down so easily.

    Copeland: Maybe it's time for them to bring out some heavy firepower.

    As Copeland says this, Alhazred is seen entering his van and pulling out something big out of the back. He calls for S.H.I.T's assistance who obliges, walking to the back. HMP pull out a bigger than normal table with fitted restraints, bringing it around the narrow gap between the barricade and the van. They slide it into the ring before going back into the van, grabbing more items. S.H.I.T brings out a ladder and leans it carefully on the van as Alhazred grabs his very old and dirty backpack. Alhazred places it underneath a turnbuckle corner before him & S.H.I.T re-enter the ring, setting up the table in the middle of the ring. Alhazred grabs his backpack and unloads a variety of small items such as a jar of old pickle juice and some very specific tools.

    Connor: Is that a torture table?

    Copeland: I think I saw a pair of pliers.

    S.H.I.T finishes up with the table and turns into a recovered Flex, who hits him with a knee strike to the gut. Flex quickly grabs one of the available kendo sticks and smacks S.H.I.T hard across the back. Alhazred is about to save his partner until Ramparte crawls over quickly and clutches on the leg of Alhazred, causing a distraction for Flex to take advantage by smacking Alhazred in the head. Flex turns around and does the same to S.H.I.T, knocking him down to a knee. Flex checks on Ramparte, telling Flex is he okay as he pushes the torture table over into an unused corner. Flex turns his attention to S.H.I.T and hits him with a barrage of shots from the kendo stick as Ramparte eventually does the same with Alhazred. Strike after strike from Cerberus, unrelenting in their attacks against HMP. They finish up with one more strike before taking a moment to breathe, checking on each other.

    They see S.H.I.T stirring first, looking to take care of the robot first. Flex gets S.H.I.T in a modified abdominal stretch using the kendo sticks for extra pressure as Ramparte stands their, slapping S.H.I.T across the face and talking trash to it. Akiyama comes over to see if S.H.I.T wants to give up but there is only a silent protest. Ramparte grabs a kendo stick, whacking Alhazred for good measure before going over to S.H.I.T in the submission, smacking S.H.I.T wherever he may be exposed: one in the stomach, one in the leg and one on the side of the head. Cerberus bark at the referee to check on S.H.I.T but still refuses.

    Copeland: No-one is even remotely close to giving up. Neither team will quit.

    Cohen: They are not giving up the chance to not only become the best tag team in the world but to publicly humiliate their enemies, Seabass.

    Ramparte shakes his head and goes for another shot but Alhazred comes from behind and clocks Ramparte right across the face with a strong right punch. Ramparte is knocked silly with Alhazred clutching his hand but he doesn't let up, grabbing the kendo stick off Ramparte. Alhazred jumps on his back and quickly wraps the kendo stick around the throat of Ramparte to hit a nasty White Russian legsweep. Ramparte holds his throat and rolls out of the ring as Flex lets go of his submission, looking to go after Alhazred. Thinking quick, Alhazred punches Flex in the heart, causing him to clench his chest in pain. Alhazred follows up with a massive Hadouken, knocking Flex to the ground. Alhazred looks over at S.H.I.T who is incapacitated for the moment before heading over to the torture table, setting it back up.

    Alhazred follows Flex and manages to bring him to the table, rolling him on top. Alhazred hits him with a stick shot for good measure as he straps him on the table, securing him on. Alhazred goes over to his bag of goodies and grabs a rusty hammer. Flex comes to and sees the position he is in, looking fearful of Alhazred approaching with a hammer. Alhazred smiles to Flex and shrugs to the audience as he holds up the hammer to them who cheer on. Alhazred lines up his shot and smacks Flex in the stomach with the hammer, causing a lot of pain and spluttering from Flex. Alhazred works his way to the head of Flex, turns the hammer the other way and hooks the hammer inside the nostrils of Flex. Alhazred slowly pulls back, wrenching the skin back on Flex who screams in pain as his eyes water... yet he refuses to give up.

    Connor: How is Flex not quitting? That's one hell of a pain threshold.

    Slightly frustrated, Alhazred chucks the hammer away before going to the bag and grabbing a jar of expired pickles. He holds them up in the air to let the fans see before setting them aside on the table. Flex tries his best to escape but it is no use. Alhazred opens up the jar and tries feeding Flex a stinky pickle. Flex closes his mouth but Alhazred pinches his nose, forcing him to open up for air. As Flex opens his mouth to breathe, Alhazred force-feeds Flex a pickle. Flex manages to spit it out but Alhazred promptly follows up by dropping the entire jar of pickles into his mouth, causing Flex to gargle and choke as Alhazred does his best to cover Flex's mouth.

    Copeland: Yuck!

    Ramparte slips into the ring and attacks Alhazred from behind, knocking him down before turning attention to his partner, helping him out of the restraints. Ramparte lifts Flex's head up as he spits out everything, almost gagging in the process. Alhazred is up and attacks Ramparte from behind, getting in a few good shots in until Ramparte manages a European uppercut. Flex, angry from what he suffered, grabs Alhazred and throws him onto the table like a ragdoll. He holds him down as Ramparte begins restraining Alhazred instead with relative ease. Flex delivers a few punches to the head as Ramparte notices S.H.I.T entering the ring. Ramparte goes over to S.H.I.T and pummels him with wild strikes, making sure he stays on the ground. Ramparte brings S.H.I.T into the corner, putting him in the tree of woe with little wiggle room to escape. Ramparte hits him with a multitude of kicks, making sure S.H.I.T is out.

    Flex goes over to his gym bag and pulls out a bottle of water, using it to wash out his mouth and gargle. He spits out the water directly at Alhazred who curses at Flex. Ramparte comes over and smacks him across the face before choking him with both hands to shut him up. Flex goes through his bag and brings out healthy protein bars. He grabs one and scoffs it down quickly to make himself feel better before going over to Alhazred. Flex smirks as he unwraps one and shoves it down the throat of Alhazred, choking him.

    Cohen: What goes around comes around, I guess. At least Flex was courteous enough to give him something healthy!

    Connor: What about this match makes you think Flex was being nice? It has been nothing but inflicting pain and torturing each other.

    Flex goes back to the gym bag and pulls out a massive tub of protein shake powder as well as some skim milk. He pours the milk into the tub and shakes it up, mixing the ingredients. Ramparte goes over to the still tied up S.H.I.T and kicks him a few times, making sure isn't able to do anything. Flex grabs a towel and passes it to Ramparte who drapes it over the head of Alhazred. Flex grabs his protein shake and pours it over the face of Alhazred, almost water-boarding Alhazred with a protein shake.

    Copeland: They're drowning Alhazred! Do these men know no bounds?

    After a few seconds, they let up and let Akiyama asks Alhazred if he is done. He shakes his head in defiance but Ramparte wraps the towel over with Flex pouring the shake once more. The gurgling and spluttering of Alhazred is almost sickening to hear but Cerberus are enjoying what is happening. Again, after a few seconds they let Alhazred have a break with Akiyama checking up on him. Alhazred still refuses to give up. Ramparte gets angry at his resilience and goes to choke out Alhazred but Flex stops his partner, pointing at S.H.I.T instead. Ramparte nods in agreement, freeing Alhazred from his restraints as Flex picks up S.H.I.T. Ramparte drags Alhazred over to the corner whilst Flex places S.H.I.T on the table. Ramparte puts Alhazred in the Tarantula hold, making him watch the events that are about to unfold. Flex places the towel on the head of S.H.I.T and slowly goes to pour the protein shake. Alhazred, realising what is happening, does his best to try and force his way out of Ramparte's grip but it is no use.

    Alhazred: You monsters! He's a robot! He can't take fluids!

    Flex: We know.

    Flex has a devilish smile on his face as he goes to pour the protein shake on S.H.I.T, staring directly at Alhazred. Alhazred looks on worried for his partner's life as Flex looks to tip the shake with drips coming from the top.

    Alhazred: Okay! I quit! I quit! Just don't pour it on him!

    Akiyama acknowledges the submission and calls for the elimination. Ramparte lets go of Alhazred who drops to the mat, holding his head in shame.

    Harrys: Alhazred has been eliminated!

    Copeland: Alhazred just quit in exchange for S.H.I.T's life. If Flex were to pour the protein shake onto S.H.I.T, it might have been the end of S.H.I.T as we know it.

    Cohen: You know S.H.I.T really isn't a robot, right?

    Copeland: Yes but S.H.I.T thinks he really is one and doing so would've probably shut off S.H.I.T's body permanently. Alhazred knows this and sacrificed himself to save S.H.I.T... but the problem now is that Hard Metal Penetration are down one member. It's S.H.I.T against both members of Cerberus.

    Connor: If S.H.I.T wants to retain those titles, he's going to have to find a way to avenge Alhazred and make a huge comeback.

    Flex lets out a hearty laugh in the ring, calling Alhazred "weak" and "pathetic." Akiyama goes to check on Alhazred but he pops up, running up to Flex and slapping the entire protein shake out of Flex's hand, making sure nothing else happens. He goes to take out Flex but Ramparte knocks him down from behind. Ramparte grabs a nearby kendo stick and wraps it around the neck of Alhazred, locking in a sleeper hold. Akiyama orders Ramparte to let go and let Alhazred leave but Ramparte looks directly at Akiyama and smirks, keeping the hold extremely tight. Alhazred holds his neck as Ramparte squeezes the life out of Alhazred, making sure he goes limp. Akiyama tries to admonish Ramparte but he doesn't listen. Eventually, Alhazred becomes completely limp and Ramparte tosses him to the ground. Akiyama checks on Alhazred, calling for some assistance. Akiyama gets in the face of Ramparte, warning him for his behaviour and could possibly risk forfeit. Ramparte backs away as the the officials check on Alhazred, eventually making the decision to take Alhazred to the back.

    Copeland: Alhazred had given up yet Cerberus felt the need to take him out anyway. What despicable humans these two are!

    Cohen: Alhazred's lucky he didn't get the match thrown out by Akiyama for interfering after he was eliminated. Ramparte was taking care of a nuisance rather than inflicting more punishment.

    The fans give a standing ovation for the efforts of Alhazred as he is helped carried to the back by multiple officials.
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    Everyone continues to give Alhazred respect for his efforts except for Flex & Ramparte who are laughing at him, watching on with glee.

    Connor: They mock him after they eliminate him and they call themselves gentleme-

    Copeland: Look at S.H.I.T! He's breaking out of the restraints!

    S.H.I.T rips himself free from one of the restraints unbeknownst to Cerberus. The fans cheer extremely loudly as S.H.I.T frees his other hand, sitting up on the table and surveying the situation. He sees that he is alone and looks directly at Cerberus, slowly getting off the table. He goes to Alhazred's backpack and pull out a steel pipe, readying it in hand as Cerberus continue celebrating.

    Cohen: Turn around Flex! Turn around Ramparte!

    Eventually, Ramparte turns around and is greeted with a steel pipe to the stomach by the machine. Flex hears Ramparte wincing in pain, turning around to get one pipe to the stomach himself. S.H.I.T goes back to Ramparte, smacking him once more before focusing on Flex. He hits him with a couple of shots, causing Flex to fall to the outside. Ramparte gets up, still hurt but wanting to attack S.H.I.T. He runs at S.H.I.T but the robot back body drops Ramparte over the top rope, crashing into his partner Flex below. The crowd is solidly behind S.H.I.T who looks at the turnbuckles, signalling that he is about to go high. He climbs the turnbuckles as Cerberus begins to stir, jumping off to loom for the Piston Chop using the Steel Pipe! Flex sees this happening and pushes Ramparte out of the way, taking the full brunt of the Piston Pipe Chop! Flex is practically knocked out cold on the outside. Ramparte recovers and sees what has happened, shocked at what his partner did.

    Cohen: And just like Alhazred did for S.H.I.T, Flex sacrificed himself for his partner!

    Connor: Flex is not moving!

    Enraged, Ramparte crash-tackles S.H.I.T to the ground, lighting him up with hay-maker after hay-maker. Ramparte gets up, trying to calm himself down by wiping his face as he paces around. He goes over to Flex, checking up on his partner and tries waking him up. Flex isn't responding too much, still slightly awake but completely out of this world. Ramparte sees S.H.I.T recovering and decides to finish the match by himself, hitting a knee to the gut of S.H.I.T before tossing him into the ring. Ramparte follows him in, grabbing the last undamaged kendo stick on the ground and ready to strike, waiting for S.H.I.T to get to his feet. Ramparte strikes, smacking S.H.I.T across the back and drops S.H.I.T. Ramparte begs S.H.I.T to get back up, hitting him across the chest as hard as he can. S.H.I.T goes to the ground again as Ramparte is almost salivating, wanting to hit him again. Ramparte goes to strike for the killing blow but S.H.I.T ducks, grabbing the kendo stick and transitioning it into the LEBELLE LOCK! S.H.I.T HAS THE LEBELLE LOCK USING THE KENDO STICK! Ramparte is flopping and flailing around as S.H.I.T keeps the hold on, choking the life out of Ramparte. The crowd cheers loudly as Ramparte is hurting! He crawls to the ropes, grabbing them but Akiyama tells him it doesn't stop the submission.

    Copeland: Ramparte has nowhere to go!

    Connor: This might be the opening S.H.I.T needs to even things out.

    S.H.I.T holds on the submission, keeping the pressure applied as Ramparte begins losing consciousness. Slowly, Ramparte fades away and eventually becomes weakened. S.H.I.T decides to let go before Ramparte fully knocks him out, realising he cannot make neither man quit if they are out. He gets up, leaving Ramparte's laying on the canvas and goes over to the backpack. S.H.I.T pulls out a set of cable ties, showing them to the crowd. He picks up Ramparte and puts him into the corner, wrapping his arms behind him and the handcuffing him with the cable ties in a way that Ramparte cannot move. Ramparte has yet to realise the situation yet as he is still groggy.

    S.H.I.T notices Flex is stirring on the outside, looking to use the apron to get up. He looks around before noticing the van and exits the ring. S.H.I.T approaches the van, moving the ladder out of the way and entering the van. He turns the van on, waiting for Flex to pull himself to his feet near the apron. S.H.I.T turns on the highbeams and revs the car.

    Cohen: He's going to run him over!

    S.H.I.T drives towards Flex slowly, trapping him between the hood of the van and the apron. Flex lets out a scream in pain as S.H.I.T wedges him enough to keep Flex tight. Flex tries getting out but it seems useless.

    Copeland: Flex is trapped! He can't get out.

    Connor: Clever thinking, isolating Ramparte.

    Cohen: Are you guys out of your mind? He nearly did a hit & run! That's a criminal offense!

    S.H.I.T exits the van and slides back in the ring, going over to Flex's gym bag and pulling out a water bottle. He throws the cold water onto Ramparte, waking him up. S.H.I.T slaps him across the face for good measure as Ramparte tries getting his bearings, realising the position he is in. S.H.I.T goes over to Alhazred's backpack, pulling out a black marker and a book entitled "How to dissect humans for prototypes." S.H.I.T opens it up and looks at it before going over to Ramparte, dropping the book in front of him. S.H.I.T begins making dotted markings on Ramparte, as if he was making a cutting line. After he is satisified, he backs away and points to the book. Ramparte looks down at the title before looking at his body with a horrified look on his face. S.H.I.T goes back to the van on the outside, pulling out his old friend.

    Cohen: He's got a chainsaw! S.H.I.T's got a chainsaw! Somebody take that thing off him! He's going to gut Ramparte!

    S.H.I.T shows Flex who is worried for his partners life, doing anything he can to escape his predicament. S.H.I.T slides into the ring and looks to start up the chainsaw. Ramparte looks for a way out but there doesn't seem to be one. S.H.I.T tugs at the chain a couple of times, trying to turn it on. Ramparte is scared and cannot take the pressure any more.

    Ramparte: I QUIT! I QUIT!

    Ramparte is almost in tears as Akiyama acknowledges the elimination. S.H.I.T then begins laughing, tugging the chain once more to reveal that the chainsaw is in fact not an actual chainsaw... but a candy dispenser! The look on Ramparte's face at this realisation is priceless. Flex yells out a loud "NO!" as he does his best to get out of his trap.

    Harrys: Ramparte has been eliminated!

    Connor: S.H.I.T just tricked Ramparte into thinking it was a real chainsaw. What a relief! I thought for a second S.H.I.T was actually going to use a real one.

    Copeland: These two want to make the other suffer, not commit manslaughter or murder.

    Akiyama tries to free Ramparte from his bindings, making sure S.H.I.T will not touch him. S.H.I.T tosses away the fake chainsaw and turns his attention to Flex, who has almost escaped his binds, pushing on the van enough for him slip out! S.H.I.T sees this and looks to go to the outside. As S.H.I.T looks to exit, Flex grabs the steel pipe off the ground and smacks S.H.I.T across the head, causing him to almost be knocked out, hanging out on the ropes. Flex takes this moment to recover as Akiyama manages to free Ramparte, who drops to his knees. Akiyama orders him to get out and go to the back. Ramparte slides out of the ring, holding his body as he walks over to Flex. He helps him up to his feet but Flex tells Ramparte to go as he has the match. Ramparte nods before spitting on S.H.I.T as he slowly leaves, having a lot of trouble.

    Connor: And we are down to a one-on-one situation. The odds are back to a level playing-field.

    Cohen: After that steel pipe shot though, I don't think it's all even for HMP.

    Copeland: Both men have dished out and received a lot of punishment. Now they are running off fumes and instinct. It really is down to the wire, Jack.

    Flex slowly gets to his feet, looking at the position and potential things he can do. He stumbles over to the side door, opening it up before grabbing the ladder on the ground. He places the ladder horizontally with one end inside the van and the other on the guard rails. He makes sure it is sturdy before he goes to the hood of the van, jumping on it. He gains his balances and grabs S.H.I.T, looking to hit the Full Body Fitness on the hood of the van. Flex turns 180 around, facing the wind-shield and goes to lift up S.H.I.T but the robot blocks the move. Flex tries again but he cannot lift S.H.I.T. Flex goes for a third but S.H.I.T counters, delivering a back body drop to Flex on the windshield. A sick thud is heard but the glass is tough, shattered but not broken. Flex clutches his back as he tries getting to his feet as best as possible. S.H.I.T gets to his feet and catches Flex with a Piston Chop, knocking him back down onto the wind-shield, still unbroken. S.H.I.T sees the situation and looks to capitalise, struggling to go over to the turnbuckles. He climbs to the top, eventually getting his balance before pointing at Flex.

    Cohen: What's he planning?

    S.H.I.T positions himself correctly on the turnbuckles and GOES FOR THE DIVING HEADBUTT... BUT FLEX MOVES, CAUSING S.H.I.T TO GO SMACK THE GLASS, SHATTERING IT! Flex drops to the ground on the outside, clutching his heart as he knows he narrowly escaped. The fans are on their feet, looking at the damage and cannot believe what has happened. S.H.I.T doesn't appear to be moving as Akiyama goes to check on him.

    Connor: S.H.I.T just went through the wind-shield of that van! That's got to be it. The match cannot continue.

    Copeland: I'm afraid Akiyama cannot do much. S.H.I.T has to mutter the words "I Quit" before this match is over.

    Connor: But what if he doesn't have the physical capacity to say it?

    Cohen: That's what Akiyama is checking on right now.

    Akiyama checks on S.H.I.T, looking if he is okay. It takes a moment, allowing Flex time to recover and get to his feet, but Akiyama still has no answer. Flex harasses Akiyama to signal for the bell but he tells Flex to back off, continuing to check S.H.I.T. He holds a microphone up to S.H.I.T and asks him. A few seconds pass until...

    S.H.I.T: ... no.

    The crowd is split with one half roaring in approval and the courage of S.H.I.T whilst the other half are looking on, not wanting this to go on. Flex shakes his head as Akiyama tells him the match continues.

    Connor: What does Flex have to do to put away S.H.I.T?

    Flex wipes his face and signals that the match is going to be over. He pushes Akiyama out of the way, climbs up on the hood of the van and pulls S.H.I.T out of the wreckage. He picks up S.H.I.T and lifts him up into the BowFlex position but doesn't wrench on S.H.I.T, doing his best to climb up to the roof of the van with S.H.I.T on his shoulders.

    Copeland: What's he going to do to S.H.I.T up on the top of the van?

    Cohen: I think he wants to make S.H.I.T submit from a higher platform so the world has a better view of Cerberus' victory.

    Flex gets to the top of the van but S.H.I.T tries struggling out of the hold. Flex does his best to hold on but S.H.I.T manages to slip out, almost slipping off the top in the process. S.H.I.T hits Flex with a European uppercut, causing him to stumble. S.H.I.T gets in position for one last Piston Chop, looking to knock Flex off... but Flex ducks the attack! Flex hits a European uppercut of his own, a very nasty uppercut, before kick S.H.I.T in the stomach. Flex sets S.H.I.T up for the Full Body Fitness, positioning himself on the edge of the van, looking to deliver his finisher onto the set-up ladder down below. The crowd begs for S.H.I.T to escape but after a couple of seconds, Flex goes to execute.

    Copeland: Don't do it Flex!

    Flex lifts up S.H.I.T and he jumps off, DELIVERING THE FULL BODY FITNESS FROM THE TOP OF THE VAN DIRECTLY INTO THE LADDER BELOW, SNAPPING IT IN HALF! The sickening impact completely destroys the ladder as the two competitors hit the floor, both out of energy. Flex took a lot of the hit but it was S.H.I.T who took a majority of the impact, unable to move. Akiyama goes to check up on Flex, who waves him off despite being in a lot of pain. Akiyama goes over to S.H.I.T and checks on him, but the results aren't good.

    S.H.I.T: System... failing... shutting down...

    Akiyama gets closer to S.H.I.T, asking him once more the vital question.

    S.H.I.T: ... I... quit...

    The fans are in total shock as Akiyama nods his head, calling the final elimination of the night.

    Harrys: S.H.I.T has been eliminated!

    Akiyama signals for the bell, ending the match. The fans cannot believe what has occurred as the bell rings in what seems the distance. S.H.I.T isn't moving as Akiyama calls for assistance from medical staff. Flex is hardly moving himself.

    Harrys: Here are your winners and NEW WZCW World Tag Team Champions; Cerberus!

    Copeland: I can't believe he did it! Flex hit the Full Body Fitness from the top of the van right into the ladder. He might have completely broken S.H.I.T, if not himself as well! S.H.I.T is not moving at all. We need some EMT's out here... what a brutal match. Everyone here is in shock at what we have witnessed. I'm know sure if it's because Hard Metal Penetration lost or from the pain both teams put the other through. Either way, we've got new champions tonight. Cerberus are once again the WZCW World Tag Team Champions.

    Cohen: And rightfully deserved! They pulled out all the stops in this match to secure the victory, even if it meant Flex had to suffer the final blow alongside S.H.I.T. They both might be hurting but some of the pain will be relieved for Flex when he finally comprehends what has happened. He was the sole survivor and won the belts for his team. He did what he had to do to put down Hard Metal Penetration tonight and win back those titles.

    Connor: But we shouldn't write off S.H.I.T & Alhazred, neither. They kept themselves into the match and brought everything they had to take out Cerberus. However, it just wasn't their night. Cerberus came prepared to withstand the punishment. If I was Hard Metal Penetration, I wouldn't be ashamed of this loss.

    EMT's begin rushing to the side of S.H.I.T, pulling him out of the wreckage. Alhazred makes it out, hurt and limping to aid his partner back on the stretcher. He ignores Flex who does his best to get to his feet with the help of another EMT, more focused on his partner. Akiyama keeps an eye on the potential post-match brawl as Alhazred helps S.H.I.T onto the stretcher. The EMT's & Alhazred help S.H.I.T up the ramp with the crowd cheering loudly for the effort S.H.I.T gave. Alhazred doesn't seem to care that the other two members of Cerberus, Eve Taylor and Ramparte exit out of the curtain to head over to Flex. Eve is helping Ramparte walk, still hurt from the match.

    Copeland: Even after all they've put each other through, they let the other team pass by without any interference. Just like the battlegrounds of war, each side is allowing the other to collect their fallen.

    Eve lets Ramparte lean against the van as Eve helps pick up Flex, taking a moment to do so as he is completely out of it. Eve lets Flex lean entirely on her before going over to Ramparte, helping him along to the ring as well. It is a slow walk but Eve manages, getting them to the apron. The crowd applauds the efforts of both teams but they don't like the impending scene that is about to take place in the ring.

    Eve gets in the ring, slowly followed by Ramparte & Flex. Ramparte manages to get to his feet by himself whilst Eve helps Flex to his feet. When he is standing thanks to Eve, Akiyama comes over and presents the Tag Titles to the two men of Cerberus. Ramparte rips it off the referee, overcome with joy that he has his belt once more. He stares at it, looking at his own reflection as Flex merely accepts the belt, looking happy but weary he has them again. Flex is coming to and begins to celebrate as best as he can on wobbly legs. Eve applauds them as the Two heads of Cerberus congratulate each other.

    Connor: For the first time in Cerberus' history, all Three Heads are holding gold, all of which they won tonight at Revolution: New Year's Redemption. Eve Taylor took the Eurasian championship from Daddy Mack earlier in the evening and Flex & Ramparte still recovering from the "I Quit" match we just witnessed, re-capturing the Tag Titles. Like them or hate them, you have to give them a hand for achieving this feat. It must be an amazing feeling for those three competitors. Congratulations to Cerberus.

    Eve rallies the other members of Cerberus, telling them to stand in the middle of the ring. Eve grabs her championship off her waist and looks at the other two with a smile. All three heads lift up their gold in the middle of the ring, raising them high in the sky with the proudest of looks. All three put a hand over their heart and howl "Hail Cerberus" for the last time tonight as the crowd stands there watching the three members of Cerberus their moment.

    Copeland: This will go down in history for Cerberus as their best night ever in WZCW and this match will go down in history as one of the most brutal and painful. Congratulations to Cerberus for the victory and thank you to Hard Metal Penetration for their efforts... however, we are out of time here at Revolution: New Year's Redemption. We thank you everyone for tuning in tonight and experiencing this special event with us. We'll see you next time after the 4th Annual All-Stars event. Thank you everyone and goodnight!

    Revolution ends with all Three Heads of Cerberus still standing tall, holding their titles in the air.
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    Dave - Slaughter vs. Califa, Segments
    Dynamite - Elite X Title, Eurasian Title, Veejay vs. elegANT
    FalK - "I Quit" Tag Titles
    KJ - Opening, Constantine vs. Stormrage, Videos & Graphics, Segments
    Thriller - World Title
    Ty - Moral Support, Emptying the Alcohol Cache (we need more donations)
    Yaz - Howard vs. KO, Theron vs. Beard

    We know it's a little late but we hope you guys enjoy the efforts put in by us, especially Dynamite who wrote THREE matches and Killjoy who made those sick graphics & videos for the event + doing a lot of work for the show.

    All-Stars IV is up next and we should be back to regular rounds by mid-February.
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    Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is with a heavy heart that we're informing you. This is the final show on creative for the one and only Ty Burna. He ends his 3rd creative stint here. Yes, he will be sticking around. But as usual he was a major help to us and as usual, one to take charge. Give good ol' extra green rep because the man deserves it.
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