Revisiting the new blood vs millionnaire's club angle

Discussion in 'Old School Wrestling' started by Psykohurricane55, Sep 29, 2017.

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    I started listening to the Keep it 2000 podcast where Brian mann and nate milton review old WCW nitro episode from the year 2000 and they just started reviewing the new blood angle.

    It got me thinking, why this angle never had a chance to work and how they could have made it work if Russo would have thought thinks true instead of doing what he always does and that'S throw things to the wall to see if they stick.

    So let's start from the beginning. the relaunch of WCW in april 2000. That's we're you establish who is the good guys and who'S the bad guys. So have Russo already in the ring with the young talents, by that i means, No Scott Steiner or Jarrett. I would also included Brian Knobbs in the mix because while not a top talent he did make a lot of money as part of the nasty boyz so i consider him part of the millionaires club as well

    So you have these guys in the ring and since nobody really knows who Russo is you can try to have him bee the babyface leader of the group. Saying pretty much the same speech he said back then, but when he's interrupted by Bischoff, Bischoff Comes out with the millionaire's club and cuts one hell of a heel promo saying that it's true that these guys has held down the younger talents because they knew the the younger talents couldn't draw fly and that if they wanted to get opportunities, they need to earn them. Plus if you look at the guys behind me, they are all champions while you guys have pretty much nothing.

    So that way you have a factions war with 1 non wrestlers representing each group.

    Then you could start the first set of feud between the 2 groups.

    Sting vs Vampiro
    Booker T vs jarrett
    Douglas vs Flair
    Bagwell vs luger
    Awesome vs Hogan
    Just to name a few of the feud you could do that would be interesting.

    You can build this up until the august PPV with a big blow off match with the loser much disband match.

    That storyline was really backworth and you need the young guys to be the babyface for it to ork. The based idea was good but Russo didn't understand what he had and pretty much did what he always does and threw stuff on the wall to see if it stuck, the only problem was that nothing stuck because he screw up the based storyline so much that fans turn on the idea and even the horrible idea of turning goldberg heel couldn'T save the angle.
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    the millionaires club vs new blood would've been a lot more organic and a lot better received had it been done a year earlier under the guise of WCW vs nWo.

    The reunited Wolfpac had a lot of the MC members in there; Hogan, Nash, Hall, Luger. Add Steiner, Hennig and surprise member STING to the group and you have your millionaires club.

    The opposition would be Goldberg, Bagwell, Konnan, Rey Jr, Benoit, Malenko, Guerrerro and Booker T as the young crew with Ric Flair as benevolent mentor for the young guys.

    They already planted the seeds for this with Konnans split from the Wolfpac siding with Rey and the nWo taking Eddie out of action kayfabe wise as well as Goldberg and the Horsemen as main opposition for the nWo Elite. Bagwell could be booted for the same reasons as real life and by having Sting join you'd shift the underlying story to young vs new as well as give the tired nWo vs WCW story and Sting himself a huge new wrinkle and an exciting story moving forward that ends with the destruction of the nWo, the new big heel in Scott Steiner and several of the aforementioned younger guys moving to the forefront in the US and World title scenes.

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