Report: James Storm Hasn't Signed With WWE Yet, TNA Makes Sizeable Offer

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by It's Damn Real!, Oct 9, 2015.

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    I don't understand how James Storm is acting like a "spoiled brat kid", as you said. I like TNA too, but how would returning to TNA (as opposed to signing with WWE/NXT) be showing more sportsmanship? Storm can't be a sportsman in NXT? I don't understand your, not at all. I don't know for sure, but it seems that he'd be better off financially (at least in the short-term) if he stayed in how is he seeking "profitship over sportsmanship" [sic] by going to NXT? I seriously don't understand if you're trolling or not here. If you're not, then please explain it to me - because it totally went over my head.

    Ever since The Revolution started, TNA has been using Storm as a heel to feud with international stars. First it was Sanada - then Storm recruited Sanada for The Revolution so that they could feud with The Great Muta and Tajiri (and have a tag match at BFG 2014 in Japan). Once the Muta/Tajiri feud ended, Shera was recruited to The Revolution...presumably so TNA could eventually book a Shera vs. Storm match in India. James Storm must be a little frustrated in that role, with no room for advancement (as it seems). TNA seemed comfortable merely using Storm as a guy to help out "the foreign guys" as it were. Not that it's a terrible role, just that Storm probably wants to do something else with his character...he's been doing it for over a year now; that's a long time if you're (presumably) unhappy with your character/company position.

    In NXT Storm will get a fresh start, and better yet - fresh opponents. Storm will probably be able to stretch his legs a little more (creatively, that is) as a member of the NXT roster. At Storm's age, why wouldn't he want a little more job security as well (as countless others have already made good points about in this very thread)?
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    Problem with NXT and guys like James Storm is that wwe has said in the past that they want to treat NXT as another brand and just because you are in NXT doesn't mean you will ever get called to the main roster. For some guys like Storm, NXT could be as far as they go. Storm isn't new or young anymore - he still had years left in him but is wwe going to put a big push behind someone for a 5 years run or behind someone where they can get a 10+ year run? I don't see them bringing him to the main roster and giving him a great push and the NXT money isn't great - he would make more at TNA. And I don't see them paying him more in NXT than they pay the others because that is going to cause them endless problems in the lockerroom. Best thing for him might to be sit out for a while, see what happens with TNA and see if they can give him a better deal than he had.

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