Rd. 2 Survivor Series Match - Team Canada (CAN) vs Team USA (USA)

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  1. Chris Jericho (CAN)

  2. Bret Hart (CAN)

  3. Chris Benoit (CAN)

  4. Edge (CAN)

  5. Hulk Hogan (USA)

  6. Kurt Angle (USA)

  7. Shawn Michaels (USA)

  8. Steve Austin (USA)

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  1. Барбоса

    Барбоса doesn't know REAL wrestling...

    Oct 7, 2007
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    To me for someone to think that all members of Team Canada would survive against a team with HBK, Angle, Austin and Hogan smacks of unrealistic "homer" voting.

    Even with that an American still received the most votes.
  2. cartman

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    Feb 24, 2010
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    I would have to say team Canada because they have 3 people that are strong submission guy's that would wear team USA out,along with the ultimate opportunist Edge who could pin a guy that's 10 times better than him out of nowhere. Yes team USA has the star power but along with that comes the big ego's. And there tag team accomplishment's were not the best unlike Jericho,Edge,and Hart.

    I see the match starting with Benoit and Angle starting out having a submission clinic going on for about ten minutes without a tag finally angle get's a tight ankle lock on looking like he's gonna tap out Benoit screaming in pain tag Edge in for the spear and Kurt is gone.

    Shawn Michaels come in with Edge for a good back and forth Edge tags in Jericho they go back and forth for a while Jericho looks like he's getting the upper hand and tries the lionsault, Michaels rolls away in time,and Jericho lands on his feet Shawn does Sweet chin music for the 123.

    Benoit comes in full of steam get's the the Crippler Crossface on but Shawn does a quick roll up and Benoit is out of there.

    Bret comes in to get Michaels, Michaels being so worn down tries to do a running closeline and misses.Hart does a body slam into the Sharpshooter and Shawn taps.

    Bret tags Edge in, it's Hogan vs Edge hogan is taking Edge to the cleaners. Bret being great at tag matches does a surprise tag with Edge,Hogan not knowing that does the atomic leg drop on Edge but Hart comes in and does the Sharp Shooter and passes out after a minute.

    Austin is the last member of team USA he is going against Bret.It's pretty back and forth until Austin get's a stunner out of nowhere Stone cold goes for a pin and it's a 123. Austin gloating on his knee's for a second thinking about what he had just done forgetting about Edge for a second.Edge realizes this and does a monster spear for the 123.

    It's over and the sole survivor is the ultimate opportunist Edge.

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