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    Am I the only one who thinks that the belt suited him nicely, on many levels?

    Randy is a guy who has suffered from over exposure and has lost his "special something", that used to make him interesting. He's definately a draw, but not someone who you can give the world title at this point, especially as a face.

    Enter the US Championship. I always viewed the Intercontinental Championship as the workhorse championship, the title held by they guy with the most fire in him in the company, the most hungry wrestler. The US Championship always striked me as a different championship, something a more old-school type wrestler would hold. It has a different weight to it, a national prestige for the people of the USA. And Randy just seemed as the perfect guy for that role, cause he really strikes me as a more old-school type of wrestler and given the stage he's at right now, I'd say he would be a great US Champion, feuding with midcarders and elevating them.

    I thought his run was short lived and definatey deserved something more out of it and it's a shame nothing really came out of his short run.
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    Similar to when Cena had the title I could see Randy bringing some prestige to the title. Having such a big name holding the title could elevate it in some people's eyes.

    Not to say Jeff Hardy can't do the same, but Randy is more prominent in people's eyes and memory. Jeff has had his injury, was last doing tag team stuff and was in TNA for 8 years. Only hardcore fans would know what he's been doing.

    But regardless Jeff and Randy fighting over the US title like it's 2008 can definitely elevate the championship
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    You are all wrong. You cant compare to when Cena held the title to Ortons reign.

    Cenas brought no prestige to the title. His recent reign was nowhere near as good as when he held it before winning world championships. His most recent US title reign made him look more like a desperate veteran seeking attention then anything else.

    The same can be said for Orton. Him and Cena both future hall of famers. Yet currently all the WWE can seem to do is get them mid card title reigns. Both of them deserve to be contending for world titles.

    Where WWE screwed up is now they want to give them mid card title reigns that they should of gave them years ago. Having them hold the US title now after main eventing for years just makes them look bad.

    And having them hold mid card titles and saying its making them titles more prestigious will furthur ruin the company. Because now when a mid card talent wins either US or IC title in the future, fans will think they are main event worthy. Further so pushing out mid card talent and having WWE push them down our throat like they've done with Roman Reigns for years.

    They should of kept the status of them titles as they were. And if they dont have enough room for all the main eventers they should create a third main brand with another world title to evenly balance out all the main eventers they have.

    The two world titles arent enough clearly. They have so many good talented people that some have to be sent down to a lower level of competition just to even it out. Which actually decreases the chances of other superstars winning mid card titles or making a name for themselves in general.
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    I think the thing about Randy Orton is that he's been around for so long, has been such a major star for so long and has done everything that anything he does just feels kinda meh. Given a choice, I'll take Orton going after a mid-card title, or even a tag team title for that matter, any ol' day of the week over seeing him back in the main event slot.

    The thing about the prestige of the United States Championship is that it's a title that WWE has really sort of screwed around with the past few years. There's plenty of talent on the roster that could be used to elevate the title and, thereby, being elevated themselves but the problem is that there's such inconsistent booking and discipline on the main roster, most of which simply has to fall in the lap of Vince McMahon. For instance, everyone knows that he sometimes changes his mind at the drop of hat, sometimes multiple times a day on just one thing; he may start something, or at least it might look like it could be the start of something, only for him to lose interest. For instance, remember when Breezango beat the Bar a few weeks back? They're a fun team, they've got ability and they could be used well but what happened? Last night, they jobbed out to Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. For all we know, the B-Team, which is kinda clever, could be finished in a few weeks if Vince loses interest. Wouldn't really matter if the fans were digging it, it's all about what Vince wants, remember?

    As of right now, I think the best shot WWE has of getting the title back on track and to put it at a level similar to when Cena had it would be to eventually put the title on Daniel Bryan. If Bryan stays healthy, he will be back in the WWE Championship picture at some point and I think having a strong run with a mid-card title, the first title he actually won in WWE at that, could be fun way to "start over." Bryan fought long and hard about getting another chance, he has a blue collar background, he knows what it's like to have to fight from underneath and those qualities in themselves really, really resonate with fans, especially if the wrestler espousing them is US Champion.

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