Quentin Tarantino & Star Trek???

Discussion in 'The Media Hub' started by Jack-Hammer, Dec 7, 2017.

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    I literally laughed when I heard this just a little while ago: Quentin Tarantino is slated to direct the next Star Trek movie and said movie will be R rated.

    Allegedly, Tarantino has an idea for the movie that producer JJ Abrams and the big wigs at Paramount loved so he's on board. As of right now, screenwriter Mark L. Smith, who wrote the Revenant, is said to be in the lead for who ultimately co-writes the screenplay with Tarantino.

    I like Tarantino's movies, they have a lot of grit to them, frankly, they're known for interesting dialogue, graphic language and violence. So, it's kind of hard to imagine Tarantino directing Star Trek, though I'm intrigued. I also have to admit that I grinned like an idiot when an image just sorta popped into my head:

    Mr. Sulu: "Captain, two Klingon battlecruisers decloaking to port and starboard."*
    Captain Kirk: "Red alert, shields up! Lock phasers and arm photon torpedoes!"
    Mr. Spock: "Captain, may I remind you that our mission is purely diplomatic?"
    Captain Kirk" I know it's a goddamn diplomatic mission, Spock! I'm just lettin' these muthafuckas know that we ain't dickin' around. Now, lock on the goddamn phasers and power up the fuckin' photon torpedoes, *****!!"

    When I read that Tarantino was directing this, I just had this image of Samual L. Jackson as Kirk. I know he won't be Kirk but it's just hard to think of a Tarantino movie without Jackson in there somewhere.
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  2. Jeff Deliverer of Mail

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    This has to be a joke. As much as I like Quentins work and Star Trek, together it would just seem odd. Star Trek has always been presented with integrity and relatively clean content. I'd imagine an army of Trekkers boycotting every theatre that it plays. Personally I'd think it would be epic but I can't see it ever happening .
  3. Mitch Henessey

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    Tarantino is a self-indulgent filmmaker, but his dialogue is his greatest strength. Still, I'm having a hard time picturing Tarantino's style meshing with Star Trek.

    I remember reading an interview with Chris Pine, where he talked about how it's just not possible to make a more cerebral and smart Star Trek film in today's world. He talked about needing the explosions and the feel of a big action blockbuster to draw people to theaters in today's marketplace, and while I'm sure Tarantino could bring something different to the table, this is one of those cases where implementing radical change could backfire, when it's all said and done. I'm a big fan of Tarantino, but I just have a lot of doubts about this actually working out.

    And to add to what Jeff said, I'm sure a good amount of die hard Star Trek fans wouldn't be happy about Tarantino bringing his vision to Star Trek. I just think about how a lot Halloween fans hated Rob Zombie's Halloween films (especially H2 2009), because he strayed so far away from what John Carpenter and Debra Hill did with the first two films, and if this actually happens, I'm sure the floodgates for fake outrage will open up soon enough on Twitter and other places across the internet.
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    Tarantino's a natural fanboy so I have to believe that he'll bring a lot of love and care to the project, but who knows what he'll actually deliver.

    The thing about Star Trek is that, in my opinion at least, it should be a property that is always appropriate for any viewer. So as much as I like QT, I don't see any reason for us to get an R-rated Star Trek film.

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