Presidential Dream Match

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    What would be a presidential dream match? For example, if Ronald Reagan faced FDR in the 1960 general election, who would have won? What factors would have influenced the result?

    What would be the most epic presidential election match-ups of all-time? Even if you don't want to discuss context, it would be cool to speculate on who would have won those campaigns.
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    George W Bush vs Donald Trump.

    It's safe to say now that Trumps Presidential Campaign will go in history as the most talked about one for all the wrong reasons. He was a big joke starting out and gained some big steam in popularity until the damage was done and the rednecks voted the man as President in a shocking conclusion.

    George W Bush. Talk about slimey? Here's a guy who rode to the White House and had his car pelted with eggs and garbage. Why? He lost the election, but still won after a shady Florida ballot count. Remember that fiasco?

    I'm sure after having the mega idiot Trump for a year plus that Americans are begging for George W Bush back by now. Lol.

    Winner: Who wins? . The slime throwing would be epic,

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