Pope Teases Third Man for BFG Announce Team; Not Mike Tenay

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by It's Damn Real!, Sep 26, 2015.

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    @DaBlackPope: BREAKING NEWS: 3rd person to join @realjoshmathews and Pope @IMPACTWRESTLING Bound For Glory! Any guess who???~PHS #BFG #3MBooth

    @DaBlackPope: Sure, this personality will be making his/her first PPV Appearance at the broadcast booth. ~PHS #WhoIsIt #TNA #BFG https://twitter.com/mufaddal_vohra/status/647604186729725952 …


    The fact this personality will be making his/her first PPV appearance at the broadcast booth effectively eliminates Tenay, who has served in this role a few times in the last little while.

    I wonder if this somehow ties into that loose rumor from weeks ago about a returning someone to the company? Someone like Bischoff, for example, I can't recall being part of the announce team for a PPV, even though he clearly worked with the company otherwise.

    So what's your guess? Remember the section you are posting in, too!
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    I hadn't heard this, that's interesting news. You already ruled out Tenay, and obviously Taz is out as well. Could it be Al Snow? I don't remember how many episodes of Impact he did with Josh, but I don't recall him announcing at any PPVs. Don't get me wrong - I'm not rooting for it to be Al...I didn't think he was horrible, but I didn't think he was fantastic either.

    Bischoff seems unlikely to me, but I would love to hear him back in an announcing position. Sleazy E probably has too many other things going on for him to come back in that capacity (even for one night). I seem to remember hearing Josh & Pope mentioning Good Ol' JR on the last episode of Impact a little bit. They only said that JR had said good things about some wrestler (can't remember who) on his podcast, or something like that - but his name did come up. I doubt it will be JR, but that would be amazing too...in fact, they could have just been using his name as a red herring - because they knew they would be teasing a new announcer for BFG.

    I can't really think of any current road agents (or producers, or whatever they call them) working for TNA that could step behind the desk for BFG, but that's probably likely. I'm trying to think of any other wrestlers that might be coming back soon from injury - or something like that. Putting a headset on a wrestler who is currently injured, or set to return soon could be a good idea too (à la CM Punk while he was injured, before his return and soon before "The Summer of Punk" started). I bet it's someone already employed by the company though, and probably not a complete "outsider". Hell, it could even be Billy Corgan. Wouldn't that be weird? Has he ever done commentary for anyone? Hmmm....
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    I've suggested it before and I'll say it again as it pertains to the subject. I think Mr. Anderson would a great personality and addition to any wrestling broadcast team. I haven't read any spoilers so I'm unaware of possible plans for him at the PPV. I know as of now he isn't advertised for in ring action.

    While I don't have a specific name I wouldn't be surprised to see a third possible broadcast partner be a female. It would be a way for TNA to beat WWE to the punch. I realize having a female in the booth isn't exactly groundbreaking but it's something TNA could hang their hats on over Raw & SD! during the Divas Revolution.
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    Hmmm, well despite everything else that's going on with TNA, I suppose this is as bright a spot as any. Can't really say who the new announced would be, but if it were female I'd say someone like So Cal Val, or, and I'm reaching here, Dixie. Far fetched I know, but aside from these two I highly doubt an active wrestler would join the announce team. However, it could be Angle. How much time is he gonna be recuperating?
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    With Pope actually saying "her". makes me wonder if it will be a woman but I don't know who they could bring in that would be a big deal. I don't see it being a Lita or Trish Stratus and while I like SoCal Val, I don't see her being on commentary.
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    Throwing one out there just because I think both would do a good job and work in well with Mathews and Pope........DDP/Del Rio.
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    Would be great if it were JR or Cornette but being TNA it might end being anyone from Scott Hudson to Rockstar Spud to Don West's evil identical twin Ron West.

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