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    Discussed and mooted a few times and usually shot down by the smarks because they love their spot monkeys. Personally, I am not a Wrestling snob and I just look to be entertained with storytelling.

    So would an Old Skool PPV work as a network special? I think it would!!! The problem is with this is the last generation is not getting any younger and they seem to lose a few every year!

    So who is good to go and who isn't? My card is below - this would be perfect to reintroduce Hogan! And it is a bit of fun...

    Shawn Michaels

    He can't wrestle but he has to be there!

    DX (Triple H, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn & X-Pac) vs NWO (Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & Sting)

    DX vs NWO - we were treat to a sneak preview a few years ago at Mania. 4 on 4 takes the workload off the NWO who are not in as good shape as DX but I am sure that DX could carry the fight - it doesn't need any big bumps it could even be a street fight if needs must. This match sells and I dont give a fuck if it is horrible!

    Goldberg vs Booker T

    Both guys are in great shape and Booker recently called out Goldberg on social media. They could play off that and set up a match. Nice throw back to dubya c dubya.

    Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho

    For the wrasslin purists. Angle isn't what he was but he can still go and Jericho working him with take him to his limits.

    The Hardy Boys vs The Dudley Boys

    Two of the greatest tag teams of all time! All four men can carry this match without issue.

    Mick Foley vs RVD

    Foley has to be on the card and in hardcore fashion! RVD can carry this match.

    Those would be my focus - DDP, APA and others could be considered as fillers.
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    Personally I would love saying something like this on the network because I'm a big fan of watching the older stuff on the network and when you had those old school raw's way a couple of years back it always was my favorite episode of the year.

    You're card is also pretty good since you got something for everybody on the card. I would have mean gene or Sean Mooney for the interviews segment and use Jim Ross and Lawler on commentary. Also you would need to have stone cold involve somehow on the show because it Wouldn't be a show without him. I'm sure you could do some sort of tag match with Jake the snake and DDP again to other legends that can still go.

    The only problem I could see with this not being a success would be the fact that smart fans might shit all over this because the style is a bit slower then the current product. Their also the problem of Dave Meltzer who will probably give the show some bad publicity before it even happens and that might hurt to number of fans watching it live.

    But outside of that, I don't see why not do it, the old school raw's we're a success for them so I don't see why this wouldn't work.
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    I like your card and love the idea of an old school Pay Per View. I’d call it “Gold School”. I’d go for more of a WWF vs. WCW theme, without having the whole company wide Invasion angle to deal with. Not every match has to be WWF vs. WCW, but most should. Here’s my version of the main events of the card.

    6 man Tag Team match with Sean Waltman as the special guest referee
    New World Order – Hollywood Hulk Hogan, and the Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) w/ Ric Flair
    D-Generation X – Triple H, and the New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg Jesse James, and Bad @$$ Billy Gunn) w/ Shawn Michaels
    Having Sean Waltman as the special guest referee adds the “which side is he on” factor, since he was in both. Since both Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels are “retired”, I’d have them in the corners. I’d like to see a new version of the MSG Incident at the end of the match.

    Fatal Four Way match
    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock vs. Goldberg vs. Booker T.
    This would just be a really fun match. The comparisons between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg and the comparisons between the Rock and Booker T. can all be brought back.

    Jeri-Show Open Challenge Tag Team match
    Jeri-Show – Chris Jericho and Big Show vs. ?? and ??
    Chris Jericho, the first Undisputed WWF / WCW World Champion. Big Show, the only SuperStar to win the WWF, the WCW, the ECW, and the World Heavyweight (WWE) Championship Titles. Who in their right minds would challenge them??
    The Undertaker and Sting
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    Card is good except I'd have RVD wrestle someone else. Foley is too banged up and probably wouldn't pass the physical. Maybe have RVD face Tommy Dreamer or Rhyno. What about this for the card- Undertaker vs Kane The Final Battle? Oh and wrestlingmaster55, in the words of Bruce Prichard- Fuck Dave Meltzer! Speaking of Prichard, how about a Brother Love show segment on the show?
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    I would love to watch an old style show, They wouldn't have to fill up their regular TV programming with guys in their 50's if they held this kind of event, Maybe make it a once per year type event, The first ECW event was a huge success but an event combining classic wrestlers from the WWE/WCW and ECW I can't see why it wouldn't be an equal success, I for one would watch it. Even if they couldn't get the biggest names like Hogan, Sting or Goldberg to compete theres plenty of lower end talent who still competes on the independants. Seeing that was the era I grew up in I would go out my way to watch something like that.
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    If you're in the mood for nostalgia matches that ultimately don't mean anything, this would probably draw attention.

    Some of the matches of the OP's card aren't really feasible. DX vs. the nWo won't work as none of the nWo guys would pass a WWE physical. Hogan's knees, hips and back are held together with prayers, Nash's knees are so shot that he can hardly move, Hall is an unreliable drunk and Sting's neck injury coupled with his age guarantees he'll never wrestle in a WWE ring again.

    Considering how dominant WWE portrayed Goldberg as during his run last year, Booker T is far too much of a mismatch. MAYBE try Goldberg vs. Taker if Taker's up for it.

    Mick Foley most certainly cannot do a hardcore match anymore and if there's anyone who won't be able to pass the physical, it's Mick Foley.

    The show itself probably wouldn't make financial sense to WWE. Even if it's a throwaway show that doesn't take up much time or build, if any, on TV, some of these guys, even if they were physically able to go, would want a fortune just to show up.
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    the idea is decent, but the reality is far from it.

    That's just the simple truth.

    Why not actually use the WWE Network for what it can offer and just go back and watch your favorite "old school PPVs" with your favorite stars back when they were in their prime (or at least a lot closer to their prime)?

    Leave the past in the past. Go back, and enjoy it, for sure, but it's really asking a lot and maybe asking for disappointment for old stars to come back for an "old school PPV" and wrestle.

    Now, I'm not against stars of the past coming back in some forms or another into the current product as managers, advocates, hosts and other things like that.

    Maybe if they were going to do an "old school PPV" there's a few ways they could do it using stars of the past and still make it a reasonable draw.

    One idea would be to basically make it an old school King of the Ring PPV and in this one, a select number of Legends will PICK a current pro wrestler as their representative. So, kind of like the old (mostly terrible) NXT where their was a Pro with a Rookie... but this would be different in some ways:

    1.) This would all be for one big King of the Ring PPV Tournament event. It would be like the Cruiserweight Classic or Dusty Rhodes Classic where there is an ultimate winner but most everyone in the tournament usually gets a chance to shine and all those associated with the participants do as well.

    2.) Basically every Legend will make their pick of current pro wrestlers (they don't have to all be currently in WWE, they could be from indies), and they don't have to be super young or unaccomplished in WWE. So, a Legend could pick Seth Rollins or just as well could pick Daniel Bryan or Rusev or Sin Cara even. They just pick "their guy" and are in their corner.

    3.) So you can have all sorts of Legends be advocates or managers: Hogan, Nash, Hall, X-Pac, Sting, Mick Foley, RVD, Jericho, Dudley Boyz, Goldberg, etc. (I tried to leave out those who are well known current members of WWE staff/authority... but they could be used as well)

    This way, fans get to see top stars of the past, top Legends and a current pro wrestler who can go in the ring. Some Legends who can still move or take some bumps can get involved in certain matches in different ways like ref distractions, interference, involved physically with other managers, and so on.

    Fans can get that nostalgia pop if the Legends get to enter with their well known entrance music along with their pick.

    Also, the PPV can be decorated to look old school like an old school King of the Ring.

    If this was the idea, I would be in favor of it because it should still be an interest drawing Network Special with Legends but without expecting most Legends to do much or anything physical ... but they CAN pre-post and during the match if the situation allows itself.

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