[OFFICIAL] Global Force Wrestling; Jeff Jarrett's New Promotion

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by baken1942, Apr 7, 2014.

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    It is going to be a difficult task to recruit people who are willing to essentially put WWE hopes on hold (or gone) and people who won't make the product seem like time travel to TNA 5 years ago...

    With that said a few people who should go in spite of the TNA connection are obviously AJ Styles and Chris Sabin.

    I would also like to Shelton Benjamin in the mix as well.

    I feel pretty strongly that anyone who has a past with both TNA or WWE should be repackaged to some degree to not cause market confusion and to not seem like a re-hash of something that has been done before.

    For example, Jay Lethal is an amazing talent with a ton to offer, but if he is doing his Macho Man schtick all the time what makes GFW any different from old TNA tapes?

    I think they should also look to some international areas for talent and focus more on ring work than anything else, long compelling story lines need to develop once people are familiar with the product and in the beginning just stick to a strong work rate and good matches and fans will watch.

    I personally would love to see Jeff Jarrett have absolutely no on screen role at all because he just cannot help himself from building the entire company and world title around him and lets face it, he just isn't that good and really never has been that good. What Jeff Jarrett has the ability to do is raise money and have people believe in his vision, but that is where his talent begins and ends and he needs to let people who can perform to a high standard do it.
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    I think if Jarrett can get the right people to come in such as Sabin Styles Benjamin Carlito Lethal and Morrison they can make this a better product than TNA and feedback roster looks decent as well I think it can be a great promotion if the right procedures are done and hopefully Jarrett doesn't turn to his old ways and hog the title constantly or turn into a Dixie but be more of an MVP it could be a great promotion.
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    I would love to see CM PUNK in GFW..Also many veterans can always come to jarretts promotion any time..Also i would like to see AJ styles..John Morrison..Samoa joe..Jeff hardy..Chris Hero..Mason ryan..Matt hardy..etc...
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    I starting to see Global Force Wrestling as another front for Jarrett to pretend he is more important to the history of the business than he really is. He spent the early part of his career finding success behind his dad's name. He jumped ship back and forth through the ‘90s never elevating beyond a half ass mid carder. How many stars saw this guy as a joke and refused to put him over? When he did get a main event spot in the big leagues it was for a desperate dying promotion. He co-creates his own promotion where he continually put himself over as the top guy. Eventually that company gets sick of his act and lets him walk. Now we have the GFW. My best guess is this is all a rouse for him to go into a Hall of Fame.
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    I'm wondering if there will be a TV deal. If it starts off like TNA did with weekly PPV's, I doubt I can see it on the regular, but if it's online then maybe. As far as the supposed talent teases, I like the names, but nothing is written in stone. There's a lot of talent that is available, especially in ROH, that I'd love to see more frequently. Time will tell I guess.
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    Would love fir them to sign Morrison,,styles, Chris hero & Christian who i can see jumping just cos of the way hes being treated imagine that as a fatal 4 way plus a mid card roster of lethal , aries,carlito,sabin and Benjamin for a midcard title
    plus a tag division of the briscos, bad influence, and the reunion of the mcmg
    if people want to shit on Jeff Jarrett cos he's trying to make the wrestling world a bit more exciting than they cant be fans of wrestling i for one am very excited that another company is being created and if it. can be successful then it myt give wwe & tna a kick up the ass and start making a better product instead of coasting thru week by week
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    I am actually kind of impressed with who has been hinted at so far. And I don't think it is washouts signing up - look at how many guys go to wrestle in Japan. Tons of guys left wwf and wcw to go there and had great careers. Sometimes it is just a matter of not being able to find a spot at a company. I think there is a lot of talent out there that he could sign like Harry Smith who would be good - certainly not a washout by any means. I hope JJ succeeds at this - as much as I wanted it to succeed, TNA is pretty much stuck where they are. Hogan actually did more harm than good for them so I can't see them really growing into the threat that we all hoped they would be. If this can get some traction behind it, maybe it can shake things up a little.
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    The real question is how much money as Toby gave Jeff to work with, and is it going to air on CMT? Cause that's the only place I can think of that Jeff can get his show on. Also AJ is making a lot of money already in NJPW and the indies, to be playing around with Jeff.
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    Anyone who is discussing 'shaking up the market', or 'growing into a potential challenger'- especially as it relates to the WWE- STOP. The '90s are over. The WWE is no longer a road-touring carnival, they're a road-touring carnival that sits on top of a multimedia empire. They will be able to pay the best salaries, they will be able to afford the best production, they will be able to pay for more prominent advertising, they will be able to fund ventures like a subscription-based streaming service.

    If you are thinking about GFW in relation to the WWE, you are cute. Maybe someday in the ambiguous future, but considering they've yet to put on their first card, maybe it's a bit early to talk about how they're going to take down the king.

    The real story here is the formation of GFW alongside the (reorganizing? disintegrating?) TNA, and to a lesser degree, ROH. It's no secret now that TNA has been slashing into their payroll. Considering company loyalty is something promoters sell to marks as branding, performers are going to go where they can find the best deal possible. Is that GWF, ROH, Japan, what have you? Time will tell.
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    I can't help but wonder if he'll try and talk Sting into coming on board like he with TNA...
  11. THTRobtaylor

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    Christian would be a big mistake if he went... Sure his career is pretty much done as 3 concussions in a year pretty much now means the end in WWE, but they will keep him around/employed as a trainer, agent or commentator for a very long time. As a new first time father he's not gonna risk himself for Jeff Jarrett money... he'll take the lesser regular money from Vince as long as it's there cos he will get the healthcare, the perks and the schedule that will let him maximise earning while spending time with his family, not travelling all the time.

    Those naysaying on GFW as a concept need to back the truck up a bit... it's the first time in 12 years someone has put their balls on the block and made an announcement, the last guy was also the same guy and whatever state it is now in TNA IS still here... no one believed it would have a shot when first announced in 2002.

    Jeff is a good guy for enthusing talent, he has a core of guys who will stick with him and others who will take a risk with him cos they trust him.

    In terms of who they CAN get... the interesting one would be Jim Ross of course, but it looks like WWE are "supergluing fences" with him to keep him from going there, while Carlito has been pictured I can see the E making another play for him too.

    The "pick-ups" are gonna be the TNA guys who don't want to take the worse money on principle, the Bubba's, the Roodes, the Daniels and Kazarians... they might not NEED as much, but they're not gonna take a paycut to stay on a sinking ship...they'll try the new one for less money with their buddy once more at the helm.

    One guy I can legit see joining them is Morrison. He's a guy they can build around as their "first champion" they don't even need to change much about what he did in WWE, maybe just the surname to McQueen or some other 60's "cool" surname.

    Shelton Benjamin is another who would benefit from their stage and certainly the recently left WWE guys like Big Zeke... You won't get A's like a Jericho but other former big names like Matt Hardy, Matt Morgan and D-Von could be options.

    WWE is now letting contracts lapse rather than releasing people so you will star to get a steady stream of guys who will be potentials, from your Zack Ryder/Curt Hawkins types to Evan Bourne to someone like Ziggler who I can see being released by the end of the year.

    The trick isn't to fill the roster with ex-WWE guys but to strategically pick guys from all over - the "500 guys" thing is basically every non WWE wrestler who has a non-exclusive deal in the PWI 500. It's not rocket science to approach guys on their merits, your title tourney would probably see a semi final of something like Morrison v Daniels and Matt Hardy v Matt Morgan.

    Those kind of names will star the ball rolling and then TV comes... then a bigger name, it happened with TNA when they first signed guys like R-Truth and made them champ... then a big name jumped in Christian and they started to build...

    It would be interesting to see what Kurt would do if TNA goes, cos the one thing the last 10 days in WWE has done is kill his chances of ever wrestling there again deader than the streak AND Warrior combined.
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    GFW Hiring Plus/Minus (based on selected names from the 55 name list posted earlier)

    Shelton Benjamin

    Plus: Recognized name, great athlete, willing to work on any level of the card, a guy that casual fans loved

    Minus: His age mixed with the fact that he never did reach a main event level in WWE despite his lengthy tenure there will be a detriment if he is pushed into a top spot right off the bat, he never seemed comfortable cutting promos but that may have been an inability to relate with his character

    Low Ki

    Plus: Breath taking style, somewhat recognizable to mainstream fans, looks and carries himself like a star, a legend in the indy scene with a huge catalog of amazing matches

    Minus: If he is remembered from WWE then its as a straight up jobber and his style is starting to catch up with his body

    Chris Hero

    Plus: Already been kicked out of WWE so no worries about him jumping ship, potential main event star with a hard hitting, methodical style, has a huge indy following

    Minus: To be as good as he is and to not make it past NXT could be a matter of WWE not appreciating his style/having nothing for him or a much bigger issue that could make him difficult to rely on


    Plus: Well known character, popular

    Minus: Has motivation issues and, despite being pushed hard from the start, he never even came close to being a main eventer in WWE

    Brian Kendrick

    Plus: Interesting style, untapped potential

    Minus: Inconsistent performances and questionable work ethic

    John Morrison

    Plus: Great style, looks like a main eventer, left WWE without too much damage being done to his character

    Minus: Has trouble catching on with the crowd even with a cool entrance and every possible advantage

    Matt Morgan

    Plus: Huge guy, a lot of praise from veterans about his attitude and work ethic

    Minus: Fans don't even notice him

    Paul London

    Plus: A star performer who was responsible for some of the greatest matches of Daniel Bryan's career, is absolutely hilarious since he lost his damn mind

    Minus: Work ethic plummeted along with his mind

    Ted DiBiase, Jr.

    Plus: Good look, still young, some good exposure in WWE despite his decline, could be a main eventer if he could get a gimmick that clicked

    Minus: Came off as bland in WWE and injury prone

    Harry Smith

    Plus: Rich family history, good look, minimal damage done when he left WWE

    Minus: Absolutely clueless about building a gimmick that people can connect to

    Elijah Burke

    Plus: Has a strange way of connecting to the crowd, a unique appearance that captures peoples attention

    Minus: After all these years he still blows spots and seems lost in the ring, an absolute liability during matches

    Luke Gallows

    Plus: Still young, a good head on his shoulders, a big man who is a hard worker

    Minus: Been treated like a "second string" worker his entire career and that is how fans perceive him

    Colt Cabana

    Plus: Possibly the hardest working man on the indy scene, famous connections and well liked

    Minus: Can he ever be taken seriously as anything other than a comedy act on a main stream level?

    Ken Shamrock

    Plus: Was a legit upper midcarder during the Attitude era, good submission style and genuinely intense aura

    Minus: Being demolished by Tito Ortiz and other UFC related issues have hurt his legacy which is the legacy his wrestling career was based on

    Chris Masters

    Plus: Still young, supposedly found a healthier way to maintain his impressive physique, people love the Masterlock

    Minus: History is already forgetting he existed and there is an over abundance of "big, strong guys" to choose from

    Renée Dupree

    Plus: Solid talent, young

    Minus: The changes to his look since leaving WWE have been for the worse and he is nearly impossible to take seriously

    Kenny Dykstra

    Plus: Young, was getting momentum in WWE when he was leading the Spirit Squad, seems to have a lot of potential

    Minus: His potential still hasn't grown and he would need a complete gimmick overhaul to be taken seriously


    Plus: Genius in the wrestling industry, greatly underappreciated for his contributions, could make a great commentator or manager

    Minus: His time as TNA World Champion was the end of the line in terms of his in-ring quality

    Matt Hardy

    Plus: One half of the most successful tag team not named the Road Warriors

    Minus: Injuries, poor life choices, and lack of professionalism make him a potential liability

    Justin Credible

    Plus: He has turned his life around in many ways and his YouTube shows give excellent advice, would make a great trainer

    Minus: His in-ring credibility died along with ECW

    Chavo Guerrero

    Plus: Great family history and top cruiserweight in his prime, recognizable name and likeable character

    Minus: He has never made it past the midcard and he has been misused for so long that he would really need to step up his in-ring work to be taken seriously again

    Lance Hoyt

    Plus: Hard worker, athletic big man, has likely learned a lot from his time in Japan and could be a completely different beast

    Minus: Has never connected with the crowd and his WWE run was unfortunate

    Spike Dudley

    Plus: The perfect example of how ANYONE can get over with the right gimmick, people still love seeing him pop up every now and again

    Minus: His heart is no longer in it and isn't going to be a long term player

    Matt Striker

    Plus: Intelligent, articulate, and seems to genuinely want to put in the hard work to help young stars get to the top

    Minus: He was kicked out of every position he had in the WWE, is he really that unbearable to work with?
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    I can honestly say I am going to be a huge fan of this promotion. As long as JJ stays out of the main event matches and title reigns, I believe it will go far. With Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, Daniels, Kazarian coming off contract really soon, they can get picked up and give credibility straight away. Also with such an improving array of talent in the independent scene, it's nothing but positive for what we shall be seeing from GFW.
  14. Rassling Fan 1974

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    Looking forward to this. A lot of talent out here right now to choice from. Jeff's parthership with AAA helps him greatly to get talent in the pool. I could maybe see Jeff doing cross promotion with NJPW and ROH in the future if he has the right TV deal. Which I assume there working on now. I'd say it may CMT that takes the bait on this upstart promotion. I'm hoping Jeff brings in Scott D'Amore to do creative. Don't know what his relasionship was with Scott backstage in TNA. If there's any bad blood. Maybe Jeff can smooth it over and bring him in. Since there partnering with AAA. Does this mean the return of the six sided riing
  15. MrHashasheen

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    Jeff Jarrett promo/recruiting stop will be Sunday at the Seibu Dome in Japan. New Japan reporting he'll be attending the G1 Climax Finals. Lots of good guys will be on display.
  17. BigBombB

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    GFW Hiring Plus/Minus (recently released talent and people I forgot to mention last time)

    AJ Styles

    Plus: He is still within his prime, was easily the top export TNA ever created, has a huge fan following, and is still one of the hardest workers in the world

    Minus: His promos will always hold him back a bit and his wrestling style has already forced him to begin slowing down

    Brodus Clay

    Plus: Defying all odds, he became a solid fan favorite, has grown into a decent big man, and seems to still have a lot of fan support

    Minus: It will be tough for him to transition from a comedy act into anything else, he was irrelevant before he became the Funkasaurus so the balance to make him a more serious character would be a difficult one to create

    Drew McIntyre

    Plus: Still young, a lot of WWE experience, his in-ring work keeps getting better and better, he is versatile in the ring, and has had a few flashes of stardom in his young career already

    Minus: WWE mercilessly jobbed him out and McIntyre just can't seem to find a gimmick that connects with the crowd

    Yoshi Tatsu

    Plus: A Japanese worker that has worked an American style for a long time, is open to any angles offered to him, and, despite barely speaking English, received loud pops

    Minus: I can't see much of a use for him in any promotion outside of Japan

    Evan Bourne

    Plus: Well known for his high flying style and reached a higher place in WWE than anyone would have dreamed

    Minus: The injury mixed with abysmal mic work make him more useful as a trainer than an on-screen talent


    Plus: He is a well established tag team guy with a solid character

    Minus: His entire singles run was jobbing and he has a tendency to share things on social media that make him a liability

    Curt Hawkins

    Plus: One of the most underrated talents in the world, a workhorse in the ring and can make anyone look good

    Minus: He is the forgotten Major Brother and THAT is really saying something


    Plus: He is still green but has been improving, his father was one of the greatest tough men in the business, and his best years may still be to come

    Minus: To be in WWE as long as he was and never make any impact isn't a good sign

    Jinder Mahal

    Plus: Was doing well as a heel until the storyline was pulled out from beneath him, he managed to make the Great Khali seem interesting, and that might be one of the biggest compliments you can give anyone

    Minus: His time jobbing may very well have ruined any chance of him being a credible force in wrestling ever again


    Plus: Super hot

    Minus: Just about everything else

    Mickie James

    Plus: The top female wrestler not currently signed to a promotion, she has worked with a lot of female legends and been treated like a big deal everywhere she has gone, she is a natural babyface but really excels as a heel

    Minus: She can be tough to take seriously sometimes, her work ethic can wane when she isn't the center of attention


    Plus: For whatever reason TNA pushed him to the moon and he is still fairly green, he has a history of success that he could bring to any new promotion he joins

    Minus: No matter how hard he was pushed, no one could overlook how he was a charisma vacuum

    SoCal Val

    Plus: The centerpiece of TNA for a very long time despite not being a performer

    Minus: Did anyone even remember she existed until you read this?

    D'lo Brown

    Plus: His wrestling days may be done but his intelligence and charisma make him a valuable addition to any roster

    Minus: While he can be valuable, there are others who can likely fill his role with a lower asking price

    Christopher Daniels

    Plus: He is one of the few who came out of TNA with more star power than he went into the company with, he is a great talent with a credible style and a hard work ethic, an established tag team star but is much bigger as a singles star

    Minus: His age is the only issue that would hold him back these days

    Frankie Kazarian

    Plus: Is a great positional player that can work in a lot of situations, whether it be acting as part of a group or being tossed into a random high profile match, he has the unique ability to work in any situation

    Minus: He is only as good as those he is with as he has struggled his entire career to establish any sort of personality for himself


    Plus: If you need a strong, agile guy to make a highlight reel of crazy moves then there is no one better

    Minus: Limited charisma, terrible mic skills, and a career that has been very forgettable thus far
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    I hope they bring up Shazza Mackenzie from Australia, she would be a great face.
  19. rmp0012002

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    Is Jarrett's GFW a real organization or are they just promoting other groups show and throwing in a couple guys?
  20. SJ5522

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    apparently, here's the roster to date:
    Chael Sonnen.
    Karl Anderson
    Doc Gallows
    Lance Hoyt
    Davey Boy Smith Jr.
    Chris Masters
    PJ Black
    Lei'D Tapa
    Thea Trinidad

    Moose has got me excited tbh, although I hope he keeps wrestling with ROH as well. Although, I say I hope he doesn't leave ROH, from what i have seen moose could be absolutely phenomenal if handled well on WWE. Could be a biggie.
    Davey Boy Smith Jr is obviously good value, as is Hoyt. Ready made tag team and potential main eventers there
    Dunno about Masters, he never really made an impression on me in WWE, but neither did Lashley who debuted in WWE about the same time, was similarly built to Masters, but he's gone on and done well, so this one could go either way

    guys like Justin gabriel, not a clue
  21. SJ5522

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    as for some potential signings, i'd like to see basically any of these in the mix up:
    Shelton Benjamin
    Petey Williams
    Paul London

    I'm loving the "Global" idea, I hope they make the roster as international as possible.
  22. Txrebel1960

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    Wrestling needs more options. If we didn't have more option like in the early days there never would have been the Von Erics, The Freebirds, The Funk brothers, Stan Hansen, Ricky the Dragon Steamboat or the Junkyard Dog. The list goes on but it makes the point that there is a need for more options for wrestling. Just think about how many NWA legends came out of the Mid South.
  23. TWJC: The Beginning

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    Basically his company is running a series of shows in minor league baseball stadiums. Probably cheap to rent, can seat a lot of cheap tickets, but awful venues for wrestling.

    I'm not sure how serious we thought this company would be, but it's obvious it's not THAT serious.
  24. TDFG

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    Just from what I've read and heard it looks like GFW will be more WWA than TNA/ROH.

    Unless GFW gets a major investor then it would be better of as a development organisation in partnership with TNA or ROH.

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