NXT WarGames - Kassius Ohno VS Lars Sullivan

Discussion in 'WWE NXT' started by Jack-Hammer, Nov 9, 2017.

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    Kassius Ohno strolled into William Regal's office on last night's episode of NXT and discussed how he's been getting himself back on track. He mentioned his matches with Hideo Itami, how he thinks he's ready for contention for the NXT Championship, etc. before mentioning that he'd like to have a match at TakeOver: WarGames against Lars Sullivan. Regal agreed to give Ohno the match, they shook hands and that was that.

    I'm assuming that they'll have some sort of interaction with each other on next week's go home show as this match is pretty random. However, so was Gargano vs. Almas at the last TakeOver and Bate vs. Dunne in Chicago and they turned out to be two of the top WWE matches of this year. I don't expect a performance like that, however, as this is the next logical step in Sullivan's evolution as the monster of NXT. Ohno is a really good test for Sullivan and while some may lament that Ohno isn't or hasn't been an NXT Championship contender since his return to NXT, I can't find too many reasons to complain overall. Maybe it's because his return to NXT just seemed to come out of nowhere coupled with his age and the fact that he's put on about a year or so before he came back, but I just have this feeling that Ohno will be retiring from the ring in the next year or to work with Triple H behind the scenes in NXT.

    Ohno should be able to provide a good bout and carry Sullivan through things with Sullivan ultimately coming out with the win.
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    This is definitely a match where Lars Sullivan is going to win easily. I see Lars a solid monster on Smackdown for the next 5-6 years.
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    I have almost zero interest in this match. Im going to be completely honest and say ive only seen Ohnos work since he returned to NXT and i dont see anything special with him. now befor ei get torn apart IM SURE hes had excellent matches in the bast when he was in far better shape but im too lazy and dont care enough to look them up. The coolest thing ive seen him do is wear a Cesaro shirt. (Yes i also know they used to tag) and Lars...meh.
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    They're trying way to hard to make fans care about Lars Sullivan in my opinion that's why I feel he will fail if he's called up. They're are trying to make him the nxt version of Braun strowman but the guy just don't have the charisma or presences to do the monster character. Kassius is just there to make Lars look like a million bucks by having him beat a nxt legend. That's been his role since coming back and he's good at it.

    In the end, this match is just an intermission match so that fans can go to the bathroom and get food in between the more important matches.

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