NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia: Extreme Rules Match - Aleister Black VS Adam Cole

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    At the end of tonight's episode of NXT, William Regal announced that Adam Cole will face Aleister Black at TakeOver: Philadelphia in an Extreme Rules match. This all started when the Undisputed Era attacked Eric Young backstage before SAnitY's scheduled title shot tonight, so fellow UE victims Roderick Strong and Aleister Black united to challenge the UE for the titles. Late in the match, Cole interferes by dragging Black outside, only to be chased up into the crowd, whereby Strong is left alone and succumbs Fish & O'Reilly's finisher. Black re-enters the ring, begins taking out the tag champs only for Cole to attack him from behind; after taking fish & O'Reilly's finisher, Black is then given an AA onto a chair and while they were gloating on the stage, Regal made the announcement.

    The match should be a lot of fun and will provide a lot of protection for Black if he succumbs to his first 1 on 1 loss in NXT, which I think is the most likely outcome. Given that this is essentially a no DQ bout, there could be interference from Fish & O'Reilly, thereby leading to interference from SAnitY and/or Roderick Strong, so there are plenty of ways to protect Black. Cole needs the win more than Black does at this point, Black defeated him in a #1 contender's qualifying match already so losing to Cole in this environment won't cost him anything.
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    Cole is clearly winning this. The question is how.
    I think that as mention above they will have SaNity and The Undisputed Are interfere, and then out of the chaos I will have Cole do a quick roll up on Black for the win. That way you have Black protected as much as possible with the loss, and you give an important takeover victory for Adam Cole, heading into possibly a future NXT title program
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    I don't know if it is so clear. Cole has his whole NXT run still in front of him, while by all accounts Black is headed to the Main Roster after Mania. There are a myriad of booking directions that could be taken between now and Takeover New Orleans that could do things other than leaving Black looking hoodwinked over and over just prior to leaving the promotion.

    Cole will have PLENTY of run as possibly the longest reigning NXT champ ever by the time its all said and done, so no REAL need for him to go over here.

    Either way, I expect this match to be a blast and a MOTY contender.
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    This is the big one boys. The show stealer and the match I'm looking forward to the most. The two most promising prospects, athletically gifted wrestlers currently signed to an NXT contract. Throw an Extreme Rules stipulation in there and I'm filling the room with jizz. Black's match against The Velveteen Dream at the previous TakeOver has me fully invested into the character while Adam Cole has pretty much cemented himself as a staple in the NXT brand. Black can match anyone's style and Cole's matches in ROH can speak for themselves. This match has one winner and that winner is us.

    Realistically, Cole or Black could come out as the victor and I'd have absolutely no problem. With the stipulation, there's certainly alot of room for shenanigans and the odds seem to be in Cole's favor. But with Almas retaining, I'm guessing we finally give Aleister Black his well deserved coronation as NXT Champion at TakeOver: New Orleans so he needs this win a little more. Cole's first big singles victory can come later as he's probably in NXT a little while longer than Black. NXT does a good job at making these big matches unpredictable. Even the predictable ones are highly entertaining. Main roster should tame some notes.

    Hamler's Prediction: Aleister Black will defeat Adam Cole.BayBay!!

    But again, I really don't care one way or another.
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    I have to give it to them, they might have done some dumb spots during the match they will regret when they get older but this was a awesome match and I applaud them for what they did.

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