NXT TakeOver: Dallas - Austin Aries VS Baron Corbin

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, Mar 10, 2016.

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    NXT GM William Regal announced last night that Austin Aries will face off against Baron Corbin in Dallas as a result of Corbin jumping Aries from behind and "ruining" his debut in NXT.

    There's little chance of Aries losing to Corbin, especially if this turns out to be his very first match in NXT. Of course, it seemed unlikely that Apollo Crews would lose to Baron Corbin in London, yet it happened. At the same time, however, Aries is a much bigger name than Crews as he's a triple crown winner in NXT, the first 2 time ROH World Champion, etc. and there's simply more buzz about Aries outside of NXT than there was for Crews.

    That's still no guarantee, however, as I'm sure that Baron Corbin has fans among the upper WWE brass, which is the only real reason I can think of him going over the more polished and experienced Crews. If the word comes down from on high to Triple H, namely from Vince McMahon, that insists on putting someone else over, then Trips really has no alternative. So while Aries seems the likely winner, it's not impossible for Vince to make Trips book the result in the way he might personally want it.
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    Baron Corbin is the Jai Courtney of wrestling. Just give up already.

    Much like Joe, I don't really expect to see Aries on the main roster. He'll last longer than Rhino, but I think it'll be a relatively short run. 18 months tops.

    It's almost a shame that Aries has been overshadowed already.
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    DISAGREE Sam and Coco will be here any minute

    Anyways, im excited for this build. Should be a lot of meta-goodness given Corbin's background and Aries vanilla midget status.

    The plan is likely to be Corbin moving on after this, so he should put Aries over in Aries first big angle. Doesn't make sense to tout him as the next big signing and then have him lose his first feud.
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    I was really shocked by Baron Corbin going over Apollo Crews at last TakeOver and I hope that he doesn't go over Austin Aries in the latter's debut in WWE.

    He really needs to put over Aries in Dallas. Am also expecting a really good match between these two considering Aries' talent.

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    It's so cool to see Austin Aries in NXT regardless of whether his run more resembles Rhino's or Samoa Joe's. He such a talented all-around performer, and will be a huge asset in the development of the younger crops of wrestlers.

    But this one is more of a tossup to me than it seems to be to others. Of course, Aries needs a win in his debut to look like a legitimate player, but I'd wager that most NXT fans know his history and already view him in the upper echelon of wrestlers. A loss wouldn't be as hurtful if his main role will be to establish the next generation of NXT stars, but it would hurt if he is poised to challenge for the title later this year.

    On the other hand, though, is Baron Corbin, who is greatly improved and deserving of a main event NXT run (if he's not getting called up soon). His "indie hater" gimmick has been pure gold, and a win over Aries would only further establish that and make his case more legitimate. It could easily propel him into a title feud, which I'm surprised hasn't happened yet. But he's also the big bully who needs some comeuppance, and Aries' debut could be the way to give him that.

    Honestly, I feel like this is nearly impossible for me to predict either way, but it should be a good match that is different from a lot of the rest of the card.
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    Smh, a guy like Austin Aries, overshadowed by a guy who literally looks like a younger version of former Ministry of Darkness jobber Mideon, who does 2 moves and has very limited microphone skills, and has the charm of a Carrot and the personality of a Gnat.
  7. Uncle Sam

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    If that were true about Baron Corbin, you should have very little fear about a wrestler as talented as Austin Aries being "overshadowed" by him.

    In reality, Baron Corbin is probably the best bad guy - uh, baddest guy - that NXT has. Samoa Joe is still cheered by 90% of the audience and The Revival are two guys and thus disqualified. Corbin might bear an uncanny resemblance to Trigger from Only Fools & Horses but he's a valuable asset.

    The more fervent TNA fans among us (anyone?) might remember the match that Austin Aries had in suit trousers against "The Armbreaker" (before we knew who anyone in Aces and Eights was). I'd like to see a retelling of that (i.e. Austin Aries in a rage whooping the shit out of a much larger man and finishing things with a colossal brainbuster).

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