NXT TakeOver: Chicago: WWE UK Championship - Tyler Bate VS Pete Dunne

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, May 8, 2017.

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    It was announced earlier today that the WWE United Kingdom Championship is to be defended in Chicago with Tyler Bate taking the man he defeated become the UK Champion early this year, Pete Dunne.

    The UK Championship has been defended at least once, maybe twice, on a few episodes of NXT and various UK wrestlers who were part of tournament to crown the first champion have also been on a few episodes and have toured with the NXT brand. I don't know if it will continue to play a limited role in NXT going forward, if it'll be expanded or if it'll be off on its own now that WWE has started filming the UK show in which the UK Championship is to be the centerpiece. Reports are that WWE filmed two episodes of said show, though I haven't read anything mentioning what the show's name will be, and they'll air sometime this month prior to TakeOver: Chicago.

    Ultimately, this match is pretty much a showcase for two of the standout talents from the UK tournament but it should still be incredibly entertaining nonetheless. Pete Dunne is a great heel, his persona is really a mean spirited ass who'll resort to anything to gain an upper hand. Tyler Bate is only 20 years old and was just 19 when he won the title, easily making him the youngest champion in WWE history, and he still seems a little bland when it comes to personality but the guy's literally just out of his teens so it's understandable if he hasn't "found himself" as of yet.

    I doubt the title will change in Chicago, though it's hard to say now that the UK filmed show has begun production.
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    The title needs to be corrected.

    As for the match, I don't know why but I think that Pete Dunne will win this match and thus the title. Pete Dunne is an awesome heel and I see him taking the win via unfair means thus gaining him even more heat and some sympathy for Tyler Bate.

    Nonetheless, it's a good decision to have a United Kingdom Championship defense at a NXT TakeOver.
  3. The Perfect Max

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    As a UK native I'm looking forward to this. Hopefully the Chicago crowd will appreciate what they can do as well, and I think they will. I'm doubtful of a title switch at this point only because I feel it would be a waste. Even if the crowd love the match and know who these guys are, which they likely will, I'm not sure that there is enough fan investment to justify a title switch to make it mean something. Tyler Bate keeping the gold for now will allow the guys to showcase what could come out of this UK show and keep the fans happy with the face winning. Pete Dunne has the potential to be a great heel, but we haven't seen enough of it on WWE programming yet, at least in my mind, to justify a title switch at THIS point. However, I have no doubt that Pete Dunne is a future WWE United Kingdom Champion.

    That's just my perspective though. Personally, I'll be invested, but understandably not everyone else will be. So if the switch does happen, and others would like for that to happen, I'm all for it.
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    They should showcase the UK talents on every Takeover event, certainly while the NXT roster is so shallow.
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    Well that was by far the match of the night. Bate and Dunne completely stole the show and even put on a better match then the one they had at the UK championship tournament. Both guys left it all in the ring and if there performance is anything to go by, then wwe are on to a winner if they do go ahead with a weekly uk show.
  6. Un-Bo-Lievable Jeff

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    Absolutely Match of the Night and a potential match of the year candidate. Felt the finish was slightly rushed but can't have everything.

    Really hope these guys are involved when NXT comes to the UK in a couple of weeks

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