[NWA Bracket] Round 1 Match 9: Terry Funk Vs Jerry 'The King' Lawler

Discussion in 'Legends Tournament 2009' started by Hyorinmaru, Nov 30, 2008.


Who is the bigger legend?

  1. Funk

  2. Lawler

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  1. Hyorinmaru

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    Terry Funk
    Mostly known for being hardcore he has also won the NWA World Title. He has influenced many pro wrestlers we know today most notably Mick Foley. He has won PWI's Wrestler of the Year award in 1976, Feud of the Year award in 1989 for his feud with Ric Flair and he was voted PWI's Most Inspirational Wrestler of the Year in 1997. he has been given 2 5-star matches by the WON 1 in 1984 and 1 in 1989, He was named best heel, best brawler and the best on interviews all in 1989. WON also named is 1989 feud with Ric Flair Feud of the year.

    Jerry The King Lawler
    Lawler has won a total of 129 titles in his career, including one reign as American Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Champion and 30 reigns as American Wrestling Association Southern Heavyweight Champion. Lawler held the latter championship another 13 times when the National Wrestling Alliance controlled it. He is also a 3 time World Class Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Champion (United States Wrestling Association Unified World Heavyweight Champion in the third case). He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007. He has also won numerous awards from both the PWI and WON.​
  2. klunderbunker

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    This is Funk all the way. Lawler may have won a ton of titles, but how many times was he either the owner or the booker when he won them? Go find the title history and you'll see they were all like 2-4 week long reigns. Funk held the title back in the 70s, when the title was far more valuable. He went from legit wrestling to the hardcore he's famous for, to ECW where he was one of the biggest reasons the company survived. Some of his stuff with Flair is great, and the three way dance at Barely Legal is just fun to watch, as is his victory over Raven.
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