My bold prediction for what is about to happen with John Cena and Wrestlemania!!!!

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  1. Great examination but it won't happen

  2. Dude you buggin', terrible examination and this ain't happening

  3. Great examination, I could see it happening too

  4. I just came here because I was bored and don't feel like answering this shit!!

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  1. Rocky84

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    Jan 28, 2013
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    Although Roman doesn't necessarily have to be holding the title in order to face Cena, I agree in that it would be best if he did. With that said, the time until the Rumble (January 24) is quite a bit...almost 3 1/2 months...that's almost a 1/3 of a year away. Plenty of time to have Rollins drop it to Reigns in the main event there.

    It might also be best to have Roman pull a page out of John Stewart's book, and play up the fact that he's not going to let Cena get that 16th title (tieing Flair) in order to win over the crowd. That, and (I can't stress this enough) playing an anti-hero with the volume turned way up and really going hard on Cena should certainly get the crowd on his side.

    Look at heel Lesnar...all the things he did to Cena...the crowd loved it. That's the easiest way to win them smack to him, cheap shot him, attack him in the back, beat him down and they'll love it. As long as creative works a lot with him on promo material, and he changes his style and tone to being more authentic, he could be an absolute great face/anti-hero.

    WWE really needs to take the chains off Reigns and let him be the badass beast he could/should he was in the begining with the Shield. He's way too restrained and Cena-fied by them's unnatural, and therefore "boring" as the crowd chants. If they let him loose it'd be huge.
  2. Mudlup50

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    While I like the idea you are suggesting in parts, this is just a glorified Cena heel turn thread.

    I disagree with a lot of what's said in this thread. Reigns not being ready? You still don't think he's ready? Let me ask, when would he ever be ready then? Lesnar was in the company for what 6 months before he was given the belt? I don't even think it was that long. Cena was in the company for what, 2 years? Now how about Roman Reigns? He'll be at 3 years come Survivor Series. How will you ever know if he's ready, if you keep pushing his chance back?

    My guess is the Royal Rumble winner will get booed out of the building regardless! Lets seriously face the facts, Batista got booed bad. The general thought was that he got booed because he was A: A veteran guy and B: He didn't need the Rumble victory. So the following year Reigns' wins and he gets booed out of the building...even though he's a younger guy who needed the Rumble victory to boost his resume. The only people who won't get booed out of the building would be: Bryan, Ziggler and Ambrose. And that's genuinely how I feel. Honestly, it drives me nuts to put it nicely.

    But I don't think it's that good an idea. I sincerely think they might as well keep the belt on Rollins till Mania to have the Shield Triple Threat. Let Ambrose win the Rumble so he can be established more and actually win a big time match. Or have Reigns' win it again just like Michaels and Austin did before they finally became the big stars they were destined to be.
  3. rge2010

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    a) Goldberg vs Lesnar was never a Main Event
    b) The heat they got was because both were leaving the company

    Completely different and a poor comparison.

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