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    .. doesn't exist.

    First Money In The Bank in years that I really don't care about.

    How about you guys? Where do you stand? Are you looking forward to anything at the show? The only thing that interests me is the Men's Ladder match out of sheer excitement for the match itself rather than something else.
  2. Radical

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    Isn't it funny how a should-be big PPV like Money in the Bank lacks a certain amount of hype when you can't even build up a Universal Title match on the card, because it's not on the card. Not even a flippin #1 Contender's match. I know the MITB briefcase is KIND OF like a #1 Contendership but really not.

    WWE right now is just sailing with seemingly little interest in putting their best storylines and content on the show, or they are too delusional to think that what they are offering is enticing enough to be a significant draw.
  3. ShinChan

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    Sep 9, 2015
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    Well, I didn't see any build for NXT TakeOver Chicago II but was highly interested in the whole event.

    And I saw most of the build for Money In The Bank. And still ain't much interested in it.

    Even when most of my favourites are wrestling at Money In The Bank and some favourites are missing TakeOver, I'm more interested in TakeOver. Says a lot, no?

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